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dear parents

 To forgive is like taking a plunge into a nightmare. Its worse to hold a grunge but I  may find a temporary solution to why I will not make a resolution to forgive my mom all I know is she’s an emotional time bomb. Maybe this is just an  excuse to hold on to a grunge. Still my only family was my grandparents, I never look at them as transparent. While I can look right through you like glass.  Like I said before maybe this is an excuse or not if  it wasn't for all the drug and alcohol abuse. I’m  Talking to you too dad didn’t you think before you acted didn’t you know you were bad I find it sad the fact we had a chance to be a family you weren't even there to see me dance with maybe a glance. Still caught in your pill popping romance. Back to you mom I got tired of the neglect  I’d take time to reflect is that a crime you acted like a mime.   that's to bad  your going to miss out on a success you'd see it if you would confirm my Facebook requests. goes for you to dad your going to miss it yeah we may pop by  for a visit that don’t stop you form calling and when your dog dies you start squalling. But I hope one day   you’ll recall when I asked for money for shoes and you said no don’t got it then that next day you bought someone else kid shoes just remember I got feet to and they running straight out of your life goes for you to mom at least dad was there for me to ask. Just remember with all due respect I hope with this poem you'll take time to reflect and ask yourself where am I going…

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