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Best Poems Written by Mike Grant

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Tears In His Eyes

There was a Homeless guy on the corner holding a sign
It said I need some help, I'm running out of time

So I stopped and asked him, how come and why
He told me he has cancer and he might have to die
He needs to have surgery to remove a tumor from behind his eye 
Should I believe him, it could all be a lie

He said he has three kids and a wife 
And can't afford to go under the knife because of the price

If he doesn't get it done soon, he will no longer exist
I had this overwhelming feeling to help, I just couldn't resist

The tears in his eyes made me believe he was telling the truth
I know longer needed anymore proof
He said he was unable to work due to his condition
The tumor had started to make him lose most of his vision

So I pulled out my wallet and I helped him out
Isn't that what kindness is all about
I hate to see people go without

They are people too, it's the least we could do
Even if what there telling us, is not completely true

Faith in humanity needs to be restored
So please everybody, jump on board

There down on there luck and need a little help
Have a little sympathy, the kind that I felt

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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For Gods Sake,

How do i break the hate for Gods sake.
How do i escape the coil of the snake.                                      
Life is not real death is my fate.
Body's cold it's starting to shake.
Soul is broken it's filled with hate.
Watching thru the eyes of someones hell.
Wishing my soul wasn't for sale                                                                                                
Living my life under a spell. 
Speaking softly when I want to yell!

Feeling the world go round and round.
Chasing that special evil sound. 
Me and nothing are pound for pound.
Having a fear of evil clowns.

Watching my loved ones disappear.
Trying to not shed a tear.
The power is pulling its almost here.
The wheels are broken im trying to steer.                                 
The shadow is coming im full of fear. 

How do i break the hate for gods sake 
How do i escape the coil of the snake 
Watching the dirt disentagrate 
Human flesh evaporate 
A simple sin is all it takes 
Blood runs cold theres no mistakes

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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Hot Chick

High maintenance, Lots of patience
                 Trying to stay out of police stations

        They drive you nuts, With their butts
                          You better have
           A million bucks, I wish you luck
                     You know your stuck 

                          Nice clothes
                        Expensive stores 
                        That really blows

                    Nice cars, Fancy bars 
                        G-string panties 
                        In their drawers

          High maintenance, Lots of patience 
                        There's an explanation
                          For our fascination 

                   Double d's, I guarantee 
                             We all agree
                     That's what we need

           To go broke, Let's try and cope
                      This ain't a joke
                      Let's take a vote 
                     This song is dope

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2019

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Past Premonitions

Our future has been written the story has been told. 
All we can do is sit back and watch it all unfold.
All the past premonitions are starting to come thru.
Its kind of scary what are we going to do.
Have you ever walked into a room and had dejavu. 
Its because you have seen it before believe me its true. 

There is a reason that we have chips in our phones. 
Alot of it is completely unknown.
He is storing our info in a file for hell.
Hes really organized cant you tell. 

The devil himself is pulling the strings. 
We are his puppets enjoying messed up things. 
We have walked into his trap and played his game.
There is nothing you can do to make it change.
Because it will all stay the same.

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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Hypnotized By The Lies

Ok here we go you want more
get out on that floor 
and move your feet to the beat 
now dont be slow ok lets start the show

Life has a special tone
its trapped in cell phone

People liking this and postin that
photo shopping there pics 
so they dont look fat

Changing the color of there hair and the color of there skin
trying to make themselves look thin 
there out on a limb
Hypnotized by the lies 
of someone they idealize 
dont act surprised
She could be a he that stands up when they pee
thats messed up cant you see

Getting bullied online
by all of mankind 
they can turn it off anytime
They dont have to look 
we know there hooked
just delete your freakin Facebook
Watching people screw 
come on  get a clue 
you know this is true
Causing drama in other peoples lives
hitting on other peoples wives 
thats not very wise in normal peoples eyes

Don't you wish you had a clone
So you don't feel alone
And you both could get stoned
Instead of always looking at your phone

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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Ready Set Go

Ready set go, pick yourself up off of that floor
Because you probably drank to much the night before
You have an alcohol problem you can't ignore

Put your pants on one leg at a time 
Now make sure you can walk a straight line
You've got an uphill battle to climb

Now sit your kids down and feed them their breakfast
Make sure they have their phones that you have purchased
 You want to make sure that they stay focused

You wouldn't want them to conversate
They need to remain in a state of isolate
It will backfire, just you wait
The snake is taking shape

Now get them out the door, on their way to school
Ignore the fact that you have lost all control
And have fallen into a deep dark hole
You Need a tool, to fix a damaged soul

Comb your hair and brush your teeth
Try and hide the despair that lies beneath
Run out the door and don’t forget your keys

Be careful as you drive to work 
Go slow because you don’t want to get hurt 
You might spill coffee on your shirt

Try not to tailgate
It could be a Big mistake 
Because you would have little time to brake
It would be chaotic and it would make you late 

As soon as you arrive park your car
It’s time for your misery to finally start
Ignore the pain from your internal scar

As you walk in, everyone says good morning
But deep down inside, you know your job is boring
Your upset because their profits are soaring!
Internal anger is building, That you've been storing

You barely make enough to survive
Your slamming red bulls to energize
You know this is true, don't act suprised!
You can't deny, That your life is full of lies
You are full of maybes, what ifs and why's

As you sit down at your desk
Trying really hard to do your best 
But your boss still seems unimpressed!
Your emotions are deeply compressed!
Always wanting to get thoughts of your chest!

Then after an eternity, it’s time to go home
You drive as fast as you can to stare at your cell phone
And to make family members feel alone

The neglect makes them feel bad 
But your too dumb to know that your making them feel sad
Missing time with your kids
When all they want is there mom and dad

Oh wait, they are staring at their cell phones too 
I think we are all screwed and there's nothing we can do
The reality of it is a hard one to chew
This is something we cant undo
When it really is true

Your stuck in this cycle that never goes away!
It's the same thing every DAMN DAY!
The stress is making you grey
Put your phone's away!
And go out and play!

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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Theory Of Mine

Well hello, I would like to share a theory of mine 
So kick back and relax and drink some wine
Now you dont have to worry everything is going to be just fine 
Certain items are getting deep, it just about time 
You dont need to get upset so try and be kind 
There is going to be chaos and people are going to get out of line

Fires are flashin
Flood's are splashin 
Peoples compassion 
Has lost alot of passion

I drove past a church the other day 
It said GOD! is watching and people need to pray

Because facebook is not good it tear's people apart
The end as we know it is getting ready to start
Nudes! are being pumped into your children's phone's 
Who know's what there doing when there home alone

You dont have to worry as long as you have been good 
Just try and turn off your social media like everybody should!

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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Meant To Be,

When we were young we had some fun 

Endless love weighs a ton
I will always be there if you need me 

I have always been there can't you see 

We have endured trials and tribulations 

Had a few minor confrontations
The first time i saw you and your beautiful eye's

They were as blue as the skies 

I knew we were meant to be 

I will always be there can't you see

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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Demons and slavery

Demons and slavery are not very nice.
Their Parts on the inside are cold as ice.
The ora and the karma will attach to your skin.
Dont fight the thoughts ok lets begin.
Deep in thought and bleeding out. 
Thats hypothetical cant live without.

When you cant stop the flow its coming quick. 
Imagine the pain that will inflict. 
Living on a mountain and under a lake.
Feeling each part of me start to shake. 
Nerve endings separate and begin to connect.
Everlasting life is a secret best kept.

Dreams travel out of cold thin air. 
Sometimes you feel like you have to share. 
The sick twisted shlt inside your head. 
No one really cares tell your dog instead!

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018

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Dirty Disgusted Looks,

Dirty disgusted looks 
Is all it took 
For one to feel shook

Pulling out all the stops
To feel like your not 
Blood is boiling hot

That hurts
Makes you feel like a piece of dirt
Im no expert 
But i try and make it work

So insignificant and small
Thats all 
Backs against the wall
Getting ready to fall

Thats my equation
So try and change the station
We all live in this infestation
That we call a nation
Or is this all a hallucination

Copyright © Mike Grant | Year Posted 2018