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Moving On

You were right; I can not live without you. 
We would fight for the stupidest reasons
and every day felt like drinking poison.
You're gone, and I perceive how much we grew.
Sometimes, I often wonder how you knew
Did you know as time went on by seasons? 
Everything you taught me was a lesson.
A lesson for my heart to take a clue

And now I'm thanking you from far away 
For letting me realize every day
It felt like scary shadows chasing me
but then BOOM! My new love has set me free. 
I thought nobody could ever replace
you, but she took my heart with her beauty.

Copyright © Golden Closet | Year Posted 2018

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As I am lying down in bed alone
my spiritless body rolls in bed and 
once again I reach out to my smartphone 
I click an app and see someone blond. 

On busy schedule, I always 
check Instagram on a daily basis. 
And I always see your face every day 
Your posts fantasizes like an oasis.

I wonder if you look at my pictures 
and hesitate on liking my photos
I wonder if you see me in features 
My heart broke down when I changed my bio 

I'm always drowning in a square ocean.
In your Instagram with emotion.

Copyright © Golden Closet | Year Posted 2018

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They always wanted the best out of me. 
"You have to be the best at everything."
When I fail, I was drowning in the sea. 
I never have the chance to spread my wings.

People always compared me to a king
Graceful, wise, caring, smart and talented
but like everyone, I'm slowly dying.
It feels like I'm a criminal wanted.

For all the things I did, they commented.
"Who do you think you are." "You are no one."
This slowly makes my fragile heart damaged
I tried to ignore them and tried to run.

Stand up, fall, up again, cross the borders.
Like my strong mom said, give yourself orders

Copyright © Golden Closet | Year Posted 2018

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Drake has a KiKi 
But I have my Yuki
She is one of a kind 
She’s always on the grind
Giving care like always 
But her burdens weigh 
Still smiling for everyone 
Thinking of others before anyone
The sweetest of them all 
“No drinking alcohol”
People sing about KiKi 
But I’ll always sing of my Yuki.

Copyright © Golden Closet | Year Posted 2018