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Best Poems Written by Chinedum Ekwobi

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Utterances offering the wrong ideas
Like murder-planning spears:
To their recipient an enough sting
But to the source songs to freely sing

The seventy-two teeth of crocodile,
Together jammed and survival is for a while;
Participating voices ascending mountain tops
Like they are sure there should be no stops;
Their height a far cry from teaks;
Path the resonating bellows and laughable squeaks

A rivalry of cacophony
And festival of polyphony;
Rude demonstrations of rude interruptions
And recreation of volcanic eruptions.

A contradiction of the other voice is a goal,
The longing for it, down the soul;
The gentle questions for trickery,
The applauding hands from mockery.

Insults first fruits are slaps unendurable,
Their predictable lasts, blows unmanageable.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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A bank robber to his hostages

To my speech you all listen
To plan to it hasten...
Once your money is in my briefcase
My behaviour I shall change
The life - improving dollar in my embrace
Hopes of your release within range...

And no more of these upsetting speeches
That threaten your earthly riches
Sometimes seizing your breath
A big havoc wreaking on your health 

Nor again will you glimpse this bizarre mask
Asking for the right keys to your bank's sacred locks
Your history pages simply recording this hateful task
For which you'd celebrate whomever bravely blocks

Yet, I have to warn the Rescue Mission dreamer
And that black gorilla schemer 
Now seemingly shaking like a leaf
But edging near to the Alarm Button!
His adventurous face to wear the grief
Of a week - long starved glutton!

Also, the pregnant blonde on my left
Seriously impressing that she's carrying my child
Besides the three or four year old boy very deft 
And a bit of the wild.

The first two shan't in one piece remain
When my AK 47 starts its traditional song.
And I'm telling you in the main,
It does so a bit too long.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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The incompatible

They would murderously fight in bed, 
Prompting the question 'why did they wed?'
Actively blowing away the guy's money, 
And suddenly ceased to call him 'Honey'
Publicly vowing to dissipate his income, 
All his efforts at leverage a bunkum
Now, he's striving to the evil way chart, 
And ceaselessly trying to break her heart.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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African widow

Her late husband, badly missing
Possibly last week, still kissing
On his account, all companies shunning,
Their jokes she once loved, stunning.
Her meals eating with unhygienic cutlery,
Sometimes with none, as though lost to burglary.

In the nearest cupboard imprisoning her body creams,
Her emaciating body stirring no dreams.
A switching over to cheap black earrings
And necklaces like a dull rain cloud:
A maintenance of voice without lively wings, 
No expression of her thoughts aloud.

The bare earth for sitting her rump,
An approaching centipede not likely to make her jump.

Just the actions that onlookers assure
She wasn't her spouse's murderers:
Simply decisions that tighten the gossipy's jaw
And prove her a simply unfortunate tigress.

Incidentally, the prime suspect over her husband's demise, 
His Kins-folks asserting that it is no surmise:
How she had his very last meals tampered with,
Much attention to this drawing like a pith.

Not though defenceless, The African Widow:
With potent curses equipped besides Jesus' shadow
And touching tears by the grave of her husband
That don't fail to her adversaries crush an army band.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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Guys eyeing a staggering ransom
And willing to unleash the gruesome
The senders to follow their uncomfortable instructions
Or get ready for the unpleasant ructions.

In a matter of minutes gagging protesting lips
On disobedient backs landing punitive whips
A chaining of the resisting limb,
Hopes of rescue making slim.

In unthinkable venue detaining their captive
Before him testing their firearms bloody active 
Any twist or turn attracting a warning shot
Unplanned funny moments punches tropically hot.

A hostage wishes things won't be savage
A dumping all day long like garbage,
His voice at the mercy of silencing sellotape
Body to the immovable tied against escape.

Kidnappers like bandits behave
Thesame choices of weapons making
Between knives so razor sharp they can shave
And hand guns that won't injury be faking.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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High price

Hand already in pocket
For a charming locket
Could stop midway
Because of what it did say:
Hand in a sunny afternoon
Beginning to freeze
The enthused about Honeymoon
Enveloped in Unease. 

For every sweet
Asserting the sweat
And that the sweat
Glories in the sweet.

The fire in the buyers eyes
Are by it quenched,
Their anticipatory cries
By same benched.

About Worth and Value
We endlessly argue
Bares the truths and lies
Barred to even yeast - benefitting eyes

For Drugs 'One' and Two
Hinting at the more potent or safer
And for what we chew
The ones to treasure, even if a water

For Article A and B
Often The Differential 
And about which is almost for free
Permitting The Inferential

In the Christendom, The Blood of Jesus
In Satan's, Your own Red and White Blood Cells

High price!

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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Road accident

Some holidaying Kissinger
And once intact passenger
Pays the miserable penalty
Of a crushed casualty,
The vehicle's life - snatching somersault
Not but any stretch his fault
The crucified, mangled car
One which had licked a distant real far.

The event after Kissinger's justified fears
of driver's flirtatious romances with the gear
And the satanic speed
It does feed.

Now, it's a shattered windscreen
Through which nothing ever would be seen
The journey choosing a new direction to hospital
With impatient mortuary:
The quickest employment of the digital
Affirming life's being a sanctuary.

Not at all free, our Road Accidents
For we had the fares paid before the incident

Man it keeps worrying
About the safety of Traffic Rules;
I myself, stop hurrying
The very minute drive start acting ' fool '.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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About Christ's passions
For throat - scalding gin
And his ability to brave a full tin. 

Stubborn claims about Beautiful Martha
Being his much important matter
And main reason
For often nosing
Around the Home of Lazarus
A veritable pride of Barbados

The Argument,
Now, a subject of entertainment,
That he was previously in India
To study Voodoo there

They are all Blasphemies
Never - to - be - pardoned enemies
Utterances that are a spiritual blackmail
Encouraging the Devil to wag a rejoicing tail

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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For what the wordly hate

For what the wordly hate
The spiritual would wait
Sexual intercourse after marriage
A fanatical pursuit of Mary's image
At what The Wordly jeer
The spiritual would cheer
The gravelly carriage
Of The Domiciled in village
What the former often waste
The latter oftener preserve with haste
The grossly undervalued chaste
Sometimes ,a soon-to-be-spat-out toothpaste
The Wordly eulogizes not Honesty
Why mess around at all with a coward's modesty?
The untouchable theories about Fate
Religious men's most enduring bait.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020

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Intoxicated adam

My fill I drink
And simple instructions no longer sink
Nor straight succeed to think.

I sense mocking winks
But judge them innocent blinks,
My fifty - year - old face,
Mirroring a discarded doll's;
My ever staggering pace
Molesting sober walls.

A sudden exploding interest in love - making,
The woman I have touched hatefully quaking.

On some table, a dumped, careless meal,
To the steward, not a big deal,
More worried about my skipped trousers' button
Than the unfinished juicy mutton;
Plus a passerby I had ignobly got down
And before she could at her first frown.

A sure roaring scandal to an enemy madam
And sure living disgrace to intoxicated Adam
Who had had the option of a life calm
But still with a bottle on his palm

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi | Year Posted 2020