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Lost souls

Scream if you must
But know it is only the two of us in this emptiness 
And if my words lack trust 
Understand humanity is marked by ignorance.

Am I beautiful? 
Do I seem like I deserve loneliness? 
Like depression would ever find comfort in such celestial beauty? 
Do you question my presence in this ugliness? 

For in your eyes I'm too beautiful 
Like a star for it only belongs in the constellations 
Along with a numerous number of other blue white painted stars
Is it not so?
And yet the same fate has befallen us. 

Darling I am but a facade
For my Visage is as broken as the world 
For my soul is either black nor white
And this heart has holes deeper than any abyss an empty soul can mend. 

You see I have walked where only beasts trod
Where souls are damned and where gods fought
And yet in the destruction of it all 
I still can't find myself
A lost soul lost to eternity and paused time 
And so I found it beautiful and alluring to give in to the darkness right in front of me. 

But you're just like me
The roots as well as the tree
There's no earth willing 
Not a soul so forgiving 
And no God in this oblivion 
Yet we hope in astonishment for miracle healing... 
That our cuts and bruises would seize to exist 
And our desire for death would evaporate and seize to persist. 

But we found each other where souls meet
It can only mean the despair 
Our desire to quell our thirst done its deed. 

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2020

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I tried

Here you are
Reading my pain 
Thinking that it's the worst thing you ever read
Thinking I'm just a lost soul who doesn't know 
The name of the demon they fed,
I am here once more,
Bleeding my emotions to the core 
Trying so hard to make you understand my feelings 
I am bleeding out, my eyes are covered
My body is going through suffocation 
I am dying,
Because i want you to understand what i am saying.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2019

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How can the absence of pigmentation separate people from the same mother
Life bribed the hell out of us, it took your only brother
And now hell we bring to those who deserve it not
And this fight the people who are suppose to be fighters a quiet
All we need is a riot, a silencer to mute this awful song
Pink eyes, Purple eyes, doesn't make one less African 
It doesn't take the humanity that we all bare 
Because the thought of you being black enough, you act as if you don't care
People dying because we think less of them, claiming that life ain`t fair
-And still we ask why God never calls back
It's not because of what we  have but what we lack, 
Humanity lacked by an human, and yet you stand proud
People may never change how they look at you
But you can how you look at you, and maybe you can change how they glare
Regardless of what people spit on you, no venom can penetrate your confidence 
The world will never shut its mouth, be you, be proud, be arrogant
To the world that only sees you as a separate,
You just have to open up your mouth 
Let your tongue roll wild to whatever direction east west north or south 
And be loud and proud as you increase the sound.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018

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Through time, through sorrow

Again we fell in love 
Brought to justice by the color of your eyes
caught up in the moment of silence
Driven by enthusiasm I forgot how you left
Enraged and lost to a point of smoke and dust.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018

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The house beast, 
Children are afraid,
Of their mother.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018

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Haiku X

Devoured to nothingness
The heroism feeds upon my future,
All seizes and decomposers commence.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018

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Haiku C

The inferno rising a phoenix,
The fire that stopped so many hearts,
The sorrow that ended what was left.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018

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Haiku S

Freezing love purposely,
Heart in the storm of white winter,
Tears break but unseen. 

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018

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My dream

I had a dream once
One that included me rich and happy
I laughed about it sure but I had it
It actually felt real and inspiring 
You were my bride in a home of a beautiful pride
A pride with two little me and two little you
We had our fights, but we loved each other truly  
We were still planning of where to go but we got delayed
So we stayed, 
We lost that burning desire and we never went

Yes, I had a dream once
One so hard to forget and it kills me of that I am sure
I had people who cared for me, those I cared for
I prayed so deeply for a bunce 
'twas all too good for a child living in a village
And yes out of my dreams I saw you in the village square 
Wearing like something out of my poor village judgements 
Feeling wreck-less and high spirited I called your name appraisingly 
And your giggle said two words that shot me with a sweet swindle
My eyes opened and you were not where I thought you to be

All that I saw was myself in a hut
Surrounded by grasses for a roof on top of mud
Of course I had a dream once, when I was fourteen 
I think of it everyday, now that I am eight-teen
I see butterflies all over my nights floating above the stars 
Your face is glued in my heart through all available chambers
It is all of course a dream I had when I was young 
A story I made myself believe knowing I am wasting my life
It was all wonderful when I had you for a wife
I have enjoyed it impeccably but I have to wake up
I am grown man now, old enough to wear the village crown
The sun shines on me with nothing but a smile
I have to live in the day now, I am not betraying my child hood
To say the truth it really felt good,
Maybe one day when I am still poor and lonely, I will return to you.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018

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We are not free

I was born, shorn of my mother
Where freedom was for one, and for another
In a song where I lay strong, ain't this all just a noisy slumber

The voices of freedom are what I call chains,
And this world a door to a cage of past pains
Here I stand, tears they fall, and my sadness remains

A song shalt be sang and a chain shalt hang
A bell heard from above, and from man, a bang
`tis war they say, but from shore the sea hath ran

Listen to the sweet tenderness provided by a breath
Make all last, the cages burst, my hero, death

The glorious nights of hush
Where freedom is what said
When all gates of haven before me are laid

Time will seize, for I will then again respire
To my father, to my brothers enslaved by pain
And to all in its chains, I mean to inspire
In death I am free, in death a thane.

Copyright © Raynolds Moseamedi | Year Posted 2018