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Greeting Fellow Earthlings

Kaitlyn's my name....Chess is my game XD
I love God (aka Jesus) and I love school
Don't judge me, I'm still cool!
Be nice, encouraging, sweet, and witty;
Remember it's the inside that makes you pretty!
Nobody's skinny and nobody's fat,
You're God's chosen vessel, He made you like that!
I may not talk, for I am shy and quiet; 
But fortunately I know the difference between right and defiant!

Copyright © Kaitlyn Marie Hall | Year Posted 2017

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Advocate, Almighty
Bread of Life, Worthy
Unchangeable One, Savior
Rabbi, Revealer

Messiah, Minister
Master, Redeemer
Mediator, Nazarene
Jehovah God, Savior of man

Of all the things of the world
Of all the measures of green,
I still choose Jesus Christ,
For He's the Savior of me!

I don't wanna gain the whole world and lose my soul!

Copyright © Kaitlyn Marie Hall | Year Posted 2017

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Love Blind

I remember the time
The day was great
But now it ain't worth a dime
We're so full of hate

You said we where whole
The only one to your heart
Now I'm alone 
You were trouble from the start

*REXRO*Now you just stand there and watch me fall apart
Lit my heart on fire I don't understand why you see the world differently wasn't meant to be no

Everytime I hear your name 
It brings tears to my eyes
If you really felt the same
Then why'd you walk outta my life

*REXRO*Don't cry no don't cry no don't try don't try I don't know why

Yeah you're messing with my head
You're impossible to resist
You think that you're the best
But don't bet your life on it

You're as impossible as the rain
You're as good as feather
You have caused me great pain
But you're the one who won't get better

Little do you know I'm just fine without you
My life has slowly came back to normal
While you have been trying to make us new
I've learnt how to act formal

You where never good for me
And now I'm finally awake
Oh why couldn't I ever see
You're just a beautiful mistake

*REXRO*I'm not trying to hate I'm not dissing I'm not missing just wishing you luck

Everyone could see what I wanted
You said I was the one you loved that way
You're reckless beauty kept me haunted
While you went about your day

*REXRO*I guess it's time to stay away

You left me speechless I don't know what to say

You'll forever have a place in my heart
Even though our love wasn't real from the start

Copyright © Kaitlyn Marie Hall | Year Posted 2019

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Stupid crap

I know a woman 
Whose name is Jeff
Her last names forman
And she is deaf
It's not her real name
Only for pretend
Not close to the same
She left in the end

Copyright © Kaitlyn Marie Hall | Year Posted 2019

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Midnight ranting

Help, who can come to me? 
I only think to hate.
Myself included is what I have currently.
I don't know what to think. 
I know what they think I am.
Really they say everyone is depressed.
Even though they prove themselves normal.
People don't understand how I think.
Sometimes God is all we need, right?
I have some paper to cut.
My tears fall to my legs.
Every time it falls to the night.
But that's just plainly me.
I'm a girl that can't love and that is just.
A time is coming when my fears will be gone.
How in the ground, apparently.

Copyright © Kaitlyn Marie Hall | Year Posted 2019