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Catcalls and rapes
Molesting all sizes and shapes
Broadcasted on TV, the recorded tapes
But blame is on the victim howsoever she drapes
Cause that’s how this society gapes
A man lies on the street, blood spilled all over
They gather around to watch him turn into a corpse, moreover
All they wanted to do was rob him of what was leftover
Could this society sink anymore lower?
Falling behind in the rat race,
They felt all the pressure, they felt out of place
They wanted someone to listen, to give them some brace
Instead all they got was “You are a disgrace”
And they had to reach for the gun case
Did the society get a slap on its face?
A small tiff turns into something violent,
Spectators stand and watch the show, all silent
A person is ganged up and beaten till he is dormant
Cause the law is taken into their hands and they are ignorant
Wish this society could be more benevolent.
Brothers from the same mother,
When they were young, they loved each other
But what happened later, that they were ready to smother
Cause who doesn’t want the inherited property, be it the elder or the younger brother
And that’s the society we live in, do you bother?
Terrorism and those deadly attacks,
Soldiers killed and people die in their shacks
Leaves the nation in cracks,
And so the Pak artists are forced to flee in packs
Wait, this is how the society smacks?
And the crux of it all, as we approach the ending,
On which side of the conflict do you see yourself standing?
Would you not care , and just be blending?
Or would you be a better person and try the mending?

Copyright © Sonam Chhabra | Year Posted 2017

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oh my love..
Look deep into my eyes
and you will find yourself in there
With me .. For eternity

For the darkest nights
And the brightest mornings 
I will be there to feel 
All of that .. Insanity

We can cross miles together
And you can hold my hand 
All the while
Till the end.. Till infinity

Cause you are that drug 
Without which i can’t live 
you are the epitome 
Of beauty .. Your feminity

You are that ray of light
the ray of hope ,The ray of happiness
And i can never let go 
Of this.. Affinity 

Be mine and only mine
cause i am yours and only yours 
And i hope we never part 
i pray to thee .. God's divinity

Just like a magnet 
I am drawn towards you
and your little touch generates
In me .. That curiosity

I feel it deeply 
I know you feel so too
cause my love for you is pure
Can you feel that sanctity? 

Oh my love,
How to tell you what i feel
Its driving me crazy But
I love your.. Vivacity 

Copyright © Sonam Chhabra | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonam Chhabra Poem


Scared of the nights

I am scared of the nights
Not because I am afraid of the demons that lurk in the dark
But because I am afraid of the thoughts that take control over my head, when I lie on the bed
But because I am afraid of the monsters inside me, they would not let me be
But because I am afraid of those emotions that would creep in, and before I know, it begins
I am scared of the nights
Because now I am alone and all my insecurities are heightened, all this makes me frightened
Because now I can hear my heartbeats racing, from left to right and from right to left I keep on pacing
Because now the episode would start where I would wander in the past, and later I would realise one hour it did last
I am scared of the nights
Because those things I kept diverging from all day, those memories and those contemplations I kept at bay
They would come for me and haunt me, to tell me they are still with me and that they are here to stay
Because whenever I tell them to leave me alone, I tell them that I refuse to accept them and the seeds that they have sown
They would come back in no time as if they never left me, but this time hitting me harder as i broke into tears cause inside I groan
I am scared of the nights
Because I don’t want to fall into the darkness inside, but there are forces that gnaw at my soul like a deadly parasite
Because I don’t want the crevices of the walls in my mind, to crack open and let those fears flow into the grind
Because I don’t want to stare at the ceiling in the dark, trying to solve queries and looking for answers that would still have a question mark
I am scared of the nights
Because I am scared of what will happen next, of what is to come and what would be its effects
Because I am scared to take a leap of faith, to hope and believe in the time that awaits
Because I am scared to accept what is real, i deny it with my extraneous logics as I fear the dread I would feel
Because I am scared of the day tomorrow, if I would function the way I have to holding back my sorrow
I am scared of the nights
Because I don’t want to be scared anymore
Because I want to doze peacefully and snore
Because I want to wake up pristine next morning
And bask in the light as I open the door
Because I want to make it through without disguising
But indeed smiling, and that’s what I wish for

Copyright © Sonam Chhabra | Year Posted 2017