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Exploring the Darkness

May 24, 2017- Heartbreak and Loss

Naive, I was intrigued, by the darkness; endless, deep, and empty.
 I saw it in the eyes of one I loved, but who could never have loved me.
 A mere child, I did not understand, what it was that darkness did mean.
 It looked as though it went on forever, so forever I would spend searching.
 Then, every time I was allowed a glimpse, that darkness would enrapture me.
 Enraptured, I stared long and hard at the abyss, continuously, endlessly, searching...
 A long time had passed in this state, seasons had come and gone unnoticed by me.
 Until one inevitable day, I found out, that beautiful darkness' meaning.
 "The eyes are the windows to the soul", that is, at least, the usual saying.
 That particular soul, indeed, did mirror the vast emptiness I searched thoroughly.

 After hypnotic eyes had cast me from view, and undone the spell they had been casting. 
 I thought I could expect to recover, return, to the happy, free, person I used to be.
 I gave up on this hope, after some years had passed, and I realized what had happened to me.
 That darkness, it crept, deep into my soul, now my eyes are as dark as they could be.

Copyright © Alicia Thompson | Year Posted 2017