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The Road

I chose to follow the road
Even though i know not where it goes
My thoughts alone the only hope
To help my through this life alone
I guess i could just let it go
But then the end i'll never know.

I wonder if you know
Why the world around the road
Has changed its tune as i go
Maybe that's just how it goes
When you think you are alone
But the truth is what you hope.

A silhouette becomes a hope
And you know i already know
That i never really was alone
Because you were walking down the road
Never knowing where it goes
But like me you chose to go

So together here we go
Bound together filled with hope
Still not knowing where it goes
Truthfully i don't care to know
We don't even need the road
Its enough to not be alone

Now i ask are we alone?
Off the beaten path we go
Off behind us, gone is the road
A life alive that is the hope
We cannot be the first to know
That the road forever goes

Now we know just how it goes
Everyone feels all alone
But we’ll tell you what we know
Come and rest before you go
Eat and let me give you hope
You are not alone, just the road.

Copyright © Donald Lee | Year Posted 2017

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A poem about a poem

How do you write a poem
When nothing really matters
Should i take this one too seriously
Or fill my words with laughter
Just based on how i'm feeling
I suppose i'll take the later

And now i’ll use a metaphor
To give context to this disaster
I’ll compare this to a red balloon
So bright and big and growing fatter
But truth be told it’s only air
it’s barely even there.
And everyone thinks its great
And i'm not sure that why they care
But i guess the balloon is still better
Then never being there.

I messed up the pattern i was after.
But i guess it doesn’t matter
This is, after all
A poem where nothing matter.

Copyright © Donald Lee | Year Posted 2017

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Everyday i feel so strange 
Every moment always feels the same 
Is it fate? Or can i chose to make a change 

Every night, the same exchange
Every time i chose to take the blame
It’s all too late. I can never make a change.

Am I really so deranged?
What if life is really just a game?
Is it fate? Or can i chose to make a change?

My thoughts never get arranged
Bigger pictures never into frame
But if i wait I can never make a change.

But what if hope is in range?
If i tried could peace be mine to claim?
Is it fate? Or can i chose to make a change?

I cannot remain unchanged
I will not stay hidden in my shame
I can’t hesitate. I must fight to make the change.


Is it fate? Or can i chose to make a change.

Copyright © Donald Lee | Year Posted 2017

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My Rainbow

I used to have a rainbow, I could see it all the time

For some reason it left me, I’m still not quite sure why
Every day I look for it, waiting for it to shine
Every night I give up hope, it never comes around
Let me tell you about the rainbow that I used to know

At first i thought the red was just a bit too much
Now that it’s gone though, I would never give it up
Gone is the color of passion and driven mind
Even though it hurt sometimes, that color still was mine
Red I’ll always miss you even though you weren’t always right.

Lovely little orange, you were always like fine wine
Overwhelming at first sight, but deeper every try
Very much a reason to fully feel alive
Every time I see you orange I wish that you were mine

How I miss you yellow, somehow mellow, somehow bright
Always such a joy to have you in my life
Please, please yellow you can’t imagine what it’s like
Passing time without you, is like watching paintings dry
Yellow if you don’t come back home at least just say goodbye

Every shade of green was always interesting to me
Never understood what green could really be
Very understated but powerful the same
You showed yourself little by little but then just went away

So now it comes to blue and I was always close to you
At least you stayed the longest and always told the truth
Didn’t think that I would miss you but I promise that I do
Now that I’m without you I don’t know what to do
Everything around me makes me think of you
Simply put I need you blue just to make it through
Sorry if I hurt you or ever doubted you

Shockingly indigo left me just as well
Upset at all the drama all the other colors caused
Restless as a rabbit, but ready for some peace
Perhaps it found a better place, a place to call its home
Ready to settle down, instead of seeing different things
In my mind that is what I hope for
Surely it is true
Even though I miss you Indigo I wish the best for you

Finally there’s purple, a powerful color indeed
Every time I saw you it weighed heaviest on me
At times I wonder if you drove the other colors away
Right now i don’t really care though, I still would take you back

Now you know my rainbow
Obviously, it meant alot to me
Try, if you can find it, to bring it back to me
Help me find my rainbow, it’s time to bring it home
I hope that it misses me as much as I miss it
Never have I been the same since the day it walked away
Guess I’ll keep on looking for my rainbow that just left.

Copyright © Donald Lee | Year Posted 2017

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Love All

Night to pray
Night of lights
Lights aglow
Lights so bright
Bright is the hearth
Bright is the heart
Heart full of love
Heart full of christ
Christ was born
Christ has raised
Raised our hands
Raised our souls
Souls come together
Souls feel at home
Home is warm
Home is laughter
Laughter for hours
Laughter in the halls
Halls full of cheer
Halls filled with wreaths
Wreaths sprinkled with gold
Wreaths showered with snow
Snow falls from the sky
Snow chills the hands
Hands warmed together
Hands holding mugs
Mugs full of cocoa
Mugs hot to hold
Hold on to the moment
Hold on to the memories
Memories of each other
Memories of the star on the tree
Tree fresh from the forest
Tree surrounded with toys
Toys for the children
Toys from St. Nick
St. Nick got his cookies
St. Nick left while we slept
Slept so softly
Slept with bliss
Bliss is a mistletoe
Bliss sealed with a kiss
Kiss filled with love
Kiss better than gifts
Gifts so charming
Gifts holding surprises
Surprises for all
Surprises of love

Copyright © Donald Lee | Year Posted 2017

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The God I Found

I watched him lose his crown
He let in clang onto the street
As if the crown was obsolete

But he never made a sound
Just humbly stared
As if the world wasn’t there

Not seeming to care that I was around
Though it came at a cost
He just let me be lost

He just stood there looking down
I embraced him and prayed aloud
Bound together we cried like clouds

That was the god I found
Lost and lonely
Just like me

I watched him lose his crown
But he never made a sound
Not seeming to care that i was around
He just stood there looking down
That was the god I found

Copyright © Donald Lee | Year Posted 2017

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I wasn’t thinking about money
I wasn’t thinking about fame
I wasn’t thinking about glory
When i picked up this pen

I just felt kind of lonely
Thinking of you again
I was thinking about lies
Saying goodbye
And what could have been

I Was thinking about missing
Touching your skin
I was thinking about love
Broken trust
And kissing your lips

Sometimes i wonder
Do you think of me?
Do you remember my scent
All the secrets we kept
Did it mean anything?

I can’t think about money
I can’t think about fame
I can’t think about glory
I just think about you.

Copyright © Donald Lee | Year Posted 2017