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Nothing lasts forever
Forever I will remember this
As they are the words you said to me
Me and and I 
Had an unbreakable bond
So they were right; 'till death do as part

I was the castle and you my pillar
Held me firm on the ground
No storm managed to degrade your work
You handled responsibilities tirelessly

Best stories are in writings
But your oral skill was an exception
Exceptionally the best stories I have ever heard came from your mouth
So alluring was your voice that it denied me sleep
Very captivating a voice you had

But now you are gone
I am only left with those memories
There is no reality in them
Just illusions and hallucinations
As I remember taking a glimpse at your lifeless body inside that cocoon
Gone to soon

I used to sing songs of adoration
Not anymore as dirges have dominated my mouth
The poems of praise that I used to write make no sense now
I have ended up composing elegies
I used to celebrate parents day but nowadays I am left celebrating mothers day
You taught me how to be happy and I had not mastered it well
That's why I ended up sad with tears rolling down my cheeks...

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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Sun rise; it's a new day
A new day,same people
Mentality proceeds to be different;
Ugly. YES,ugly mentalities

Activities normal,streets flocked
Freedom is real, no restrictions and rules followed
Partial difference, probably tribe is what it is

Smoke in the air,instantly
Wails invades the environment
Streets converted to  racing fields;
Disorganized race,everyone is a champion

Peace lovers turns to perpetrators
Retaliation given birth to
Where are the democrats?

Scramble and partition reborn
Resistance movement rooting again
It was white against black those days
The vice versa is happening

Brothers form conspiracy
Blood against blood
Dreams always valid,nightmares too
Dry land is now muddy;red mud

Corpses dominates the streets
The living become unpopular
Death is a celebrity
Gunshot topping music charts

Lawmakers to lawbreakers
Leaders to misleaders 
Presidents to dictators
The age of revolution is here

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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                     TWISTED LINGI
Long time ago; the old day Africa
When black was the general color
A time when nobody was bilingual
Back when tradition was very pure...
We didn't have a Twisted Lingo

Then Alexander the great surfaced
Newton,Galileo and others made discoveries
The impact became intense,migration began
Survival for the fittest,mutation,intermarriage...colonization
Giving birth to Twisted Lingo

Gone to school but still don't understand some things.
Moon,tool,saloon,cool.took all the same 
But what happened to Blood?
I have never gotten it right
I guess this is a twisted Lingo

My teacher told me that Sour,flour,detour sounds like power at the end
But then I remembered Tour
Can someone make me understand
This is a twisted Lingo

Do I need to go back to school?
Who gave birth to language?
Why all these difference?
Where will I get reference?
How will I understand this Twisted Lingo?

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2018

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If loving you is wrong, then I will never be right
I'll keep on making this mistake if falling in love with you is a mistake
Make a fool of myself for you oh dear one
I am going crazy,to me it is the right thing

Everyday I wake up with you in my mind
Girl you are one of a kind,a treasure I have found
Deep down in my heart I feel you,roaming around warming my blood
Making my heart a racing machine,the pumping; anomaly

Romeo and Juliet died for love but I  live dying for your love
My dove
My heart is wide open come walk in
Let me lock you inside never to let the sun scorch you

Look at me with those eyes,make me stay in this dream
Whisper in my ears,don't scream
Wet my lips they are dry
Give this my love a try


Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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                   LOVE IN NAIROBI
Streetlights shinning, makes the city glitter
The tarmac surface resists light penetration, causing a sparkle
Sweet scent from different flowers melting hearts
Oh yes! No no nor buts 
Oh yes

That's stunning. What a beauty!
Those eyes? Not even a fugitive can escape it's wrath
I'm tongue tied but not mute
I can't walk not that I am crippled
It's only that no one can run away from an angel

Mathematics wasn't my subject but this sum is well added
Her round tantalizing eyes, oh my! you can't help but give in
I am shy but I can't look away
Stick to the subject she is beautiful

Love is in the heart.
That's true, I can feel it.
It is beating
The West African Tom Tom drums...that's the rhythm
My ribcage is under threat
Dear legs save the ribs just go for it

Her voice is sweet it reminds me of Elani
A delicious food for my soul
I am ready to dine

Our proximity is making it worse
Palpitation increasing, with stuttering making the bonus
Love is blossoming,the attraction I can't repel 

I swear to love her 
though there was no live audience
the statue of Kimathi be my witness
Truly I have fallen in love in Nairobi

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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Mother earth gave birth to it's children, that's a blessing
She never taught them good morals,that was a mistake
A mistake never to be forgiven
But since time is money...

It rains on the earth yes that's impressing
Some areas are still dry,rain took them for stake
Dry land gets drier
Don't wait to hear about wet lands

Human beings fail
One,twice thrice and even more
But backward never forward we go
Fly high like an eagle
Put aside that ego

Put aside that ego
Be the person we know
Eat not your vomit
A sin you will commit

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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No matter how hard I try
My tears won't dry
Try,try...try  until you die
I motivate myself

Even when I act good
The response is always rude
I having done what I should
Acted good,good...good

I was dumb now I talk
With friends I walk
In neighbours doors I knock
Was mute just late me talk

I had hatred in my heart
Others feelings I hurt
Bit silently like a rat
Not anymore love is in my heart

Now that I am acting good
They come to me while nude
Torturing my innocent mind
I better be me than to change and impress yet my heart I depress

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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It is sad,very sad indeed
To open your eyes yet you don't see
It is sad...your sight is all you need
Wish for what is vague to you

A dreamer dies,dreams lives on
Citizens disappear not the country
The deaf is the one with a phone
Those who hear... it is sad

It is sad to write poems about love
Love which you never had
Heartbreak striking your nerves
Unlucky... it is sad

Romantic poems I always write
The opposite of what I have
Will I ever get it right?
Maybe I is sad

                 By SushiThaRapper

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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Did your hear that?
You can say you heard nothing
But the truth is you are listening to the silence you've just created
A silence that is always there
It is only that we don't care
That's why...

The wind is always in motion
Sometimes fast and loud
Sometimes slow and quiet no signs shown

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
We need our independence
That's right...who will give it you?
A lot of people and things
Government, your boss,the police and a bullet
That's chronology

Government will influence your boss
Next thing you are fired
At home,no nothing wish you had retired
Stressed up, go clubbing,call friends and throw up the toss
With no time you become friends with bankruptcy

Feeling pressed down
Your rights being deprived 
The streets beckons you
Revolution! Revolution! Liberation
The devil playing tricks
That is not the solution

Government smiles,job well done!
They take it to the press and promises you freedom
Streets flocked,men in blue with guns in hand, reporting for duty

Cans fly releasing smoke 
Not pleasant; choking and pungent
Live bullets are not ready to play saints...they join the cans
Smoke everywhere, chaos and confusion
You got nowhere to run

Sound of the gun is the last thing you hear
Bullet burst open your chest,the heart surprised ceases to function
Breaking news: One shot dead during the demonstrations
Family and friends left with pain
CongratulationCongratulations! You have achieved something; your freedom
No one will oppress you in that grave

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017

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I'm alone in the dark
Someone please come wish me luck
Bride search is my mission
One who won't tear my emotion

I'm in the dark expecting light
Right girl to hold me tight
Never to let me go
Make me fly high like an eagle

I'm in the dark all alone
And I have waited for long
For the Queen of my heart
Where are you at?

I'm alone in the dark,are you there?
Murmur something I want to hear
I am already feeling empty
I'm alone in this city

I'm alone in the dark say something
My ears are steady waiting
Whisper to them say "I LOVE YOU"
That's what I expect from you

                              By SushiThaRapper

Copyright © Rapper Sushi | Year Posted 2017