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Drunk Encounter

On Friday, we let loose of ourselves.

We all came out from our inner shells.

We fell down from the narrow stairs before

Because we drank way too much to the core.

Pretending we didn’t touched alcohol.

She knocked out, she looked like a pretty doll.

Nobody had time to see what happened.

Everybody there only imagined.

What could have been a horrible mistake

If the people there left for a smoke break.

From the night that was a terrible choice

If we tried to run from the blaring voice.

I wallowed on the bed with painful ache.

I forced myself to get up for Pete’s sake.

I climbed myself out of a stranger’s sheets.

I washed my sweaty face, I craved some Peet’s.

I opened my phone, I looked up the news.

I saw people there wasted from the booze.

It was a hell of a night.

She was a hell of a sight.

8 shots, blacked out, and I was full of doubt.

Long hair, skin fair, I want to know what she’s about.

It was that girl, knocked out on the same couch.

It was just her and I in the same house.

Is love at first sight a reality?

That’s what I assumed as I drank black tea.

Is she awake, groggy and feeling sick?

I have to think of something to say, QUICK.

Across the room, I offered her a dose.

Our eyes met, too late to say adios.

Too tired to think, too nervous to speak

What is it about that girl which I seek?

Her alluring eyes, got me hypnotized

My body and mind, it was paralyzed

From glance, I knew she’d won’t give me a chance.

I posed my stance, but I was stuck in trance.

Copyright © Alex Han | Year Posted 2017

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Happiness and Regrets

My love, my happiness, my shattered pride

A grave mistake I made when I was young.

But that is not enough for suicide.

We were inseparable side by side

no matter what. I thought our love has sprung

my love, my happiness, my shattered pride.

A year back when we met by chance outside?

I drank my coffee while you strummed your song,

But that is not enough for suicide.

When I saw you, I thought you’re bona fide

Your looks has drowned the life out of my lungs

my love, my happiness, my shattered pride.

When we go out for food, were you even satisfied?

From how we ate and laughed and got along;

But that is not enough for suicide.

I bought a ring and posed, “Be my bride”.

You left me for a man. I’ll learn from this

My love, my happiness, my shattered pride,

But that is not enough for suicide.

Copyright © Alex Han | Year Posted 2017

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Confession made to hurt the girl you love.
Too much regrets that’s not to be proud of.
A scandalous affair that breaks her trust.
It’s all because he can’t contain his lust.

Perhaps he took a chance a time before.
Too bad that only got him wanting more.
“To be, or not to be”, a famous quote
By Will, by will, he slowly wrote by note

That death’s never the right answer to this.
With hopes of finding love, there may be bliss 
Through all the pain, the man will move forward
To find the true woman, from this foreword.

Never forget who’s real or not my friends.
Don’t be the one that tries to make amends.

Copyright © Alex Han | Year Posted 2017

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A City of Love

A night in France? Got room for one, or more?

A country known for food, romance, and wine.

A wonderful event that happens once

With full intent of making love tonight.

The misses flock their dresses while men

Proposes flamboyance with candid looks.

A smile wins the ladies hearts with ease.

A flower blooms in spring, and spits its seeds.

It sleeps in winter, rises with the sun.

A festive noon and lively night for tea.

The thrills we seek after in France

A single chance to make the best moments

Without regrets to look behind from now.

A friend or two, perfect accompany

To eat croissants and sip a cup of latte

Beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

A country thriving with culture and love

Romance begins with one encounter now.

Copyright © Alex Han | Year Posted 2017

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The kindest man, a shard of love he gave;

A broken heart, shattered with just a word.

A part of him that will never forgive

The wives who stirred up lies from what they heard.

A rumor comes and goes, but soon subsides.

The gossips spread as words become a song.

Of how he stole the husband’s blooming brides

To sleep with every one of them was wrong.

He does not lust for any women now

For pride and loyalty has cleansed him whole.

A bad encounter ruined the man’s vow.

Now scorned and mocked, by those who changed his soul.

Copyright © Alex Han | Year Posted 2017