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She heard his voice. 
She listened to the words 
The Words He spoke.
 She could hear the pain. 
The sadness. In his voice
When she heard. Him speak
She saw him. 
His eyes were. Bloodshot and Red 
He walked towards her. So he could give her a hug 
She walked slowly towards him
She didn’t know how to feel 
A million and one thoughts. Were running through her head 
She was looking around and saw it 
The white van with. The paint peeling off
The van she made all of her memories in 
She walked slowly towards the van
She saw a lump under a blanket
She walked towards the blanket
Then she saw something bright
She heard the bright object being opened
Then she saw it. The pale skin 
The open eyes. The blood. The open mouth 
For a split second. She looked 
Then she screamed. A terrible horrifying scream
She couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were swollen. Her nose was red 
She was on sitting on her mother's lap while. 
She screamed.
She didn’t know how to stop.
But she stopped, not remembering how.

Copyright © haley glenn | Year Posted 2017