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Best Poems Written by Tanvi Agrawal

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The Queen

In the bitter cold i survived 
In the storms i learned to thrive,
The night is my protector, stars are my sword
The rays are my way and sun is my Lord.

I havn't inherited the throne nor i am the heir of the crown
And so a fighter i am till last of my breath drown,
Slaying through the darkness i know the way to win
I am not a princess 'coz i am born to be the queen!

You  make the rules but the game is always mine
I know the tricks, so I'll be fine,
With one play your world's gonna spin
And you would see my victory quite fair and clean.

For a solitary runner even two is a crowd 
Absorbed in vanity with head above the cloud 
You better look bow down and reap for your sin
'Coz can't you see the kingdom is one and so is the queen!

Copyright © tanvi agrawal | Year Posted 2019

Details | Tanvi Agrawal Poem

Even the Sky isn't the Limit

When strange darkness do arise
The unknown ways make u wise,
Being washed away by the stranger tides
Gets you to the treasure in it’s hide.

Not everyone tastes the moon
It’s not a gift or a boon,
Like the waves in the full moon night
The one who rises to the greatest height
The world is his, he is the knight
Of his own dream that’s been burning so bright.

The sky is high, the dreams higher
Don’t be so cold, just be fire.
Rise above and reach the stars
Just fly high, it’s not so far.
Wandering like a lost lark
Searching for light, why fear the dark
When the rays of vision you can emit
And transcend beyond the seas, beyond the clouds
As even sky isn’t the limit!

Copyright © tanvi agrawal | Year Posted 2017

Details | Tanvi Agrawal Poem

The Song of Ice and Rain

Standing in the rain as i felt the pain
The drops were my tears,
Face placid, storms inside my heart 
The thunder i could hear.

The time falling in liquid form,
Each drop as it touched my lashes
I saw my past, beautiful and bright
One moment's rising flames, now just ashes.

Distant memories of what once seemed so near
Flowing away with the winds never to return,
Only if i could hold the air
And relive the moments ravishing as Saturn!

I held my breadth as i felt the chill,
Standing alone in the hollow space
Shivering, trembling, feeling the cold softness
Of the flakes as it fell over my face.

The time freezes with heart
The tear freezes with time
Beautiful darkness, peaceful sleep
As the last light shone like rime.

Copyright © tanvi agrawal | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tanvi Agrawal Poem

So lost

I am running on a road that leads to nowhere
Though once I knew the directions to somewhere,
But I lost the map long ago 
And here I am not knowing where to go

I once thought i was the master of my sea,
But now I am just a ship
Lost in the mist with a broken compass
Waiting for the storms to pass 

I feel my adrenaline turn to water
That once used to rush in my veins
And felt the water in my eyes from dreaming
Turn to black ink down the chicks streaming.

The sky isn't clear and I am standing in the rain
Letting it to wash away all my scars and stain,
Realising how much that world has cost
And now I am far from home and so lost.

Copyright © tanvi agrawal | Year Posted 2019