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I found myself walking down a deserted street;
Not a soul around me, no eye contact I meet.

Silence surrounds me as a misty rain gently falls; 
Only the lonely sound of a sparrows distant calls. 

I come upon a reflection in a window pain of glass;  
Startled by this image I continue to pass.

I don’t recognize this person standing before me;
But no one else is around me so who else can it be?

Feeling of disillusionment, scared I run home.  
Feeling so empty and so very alone.

I rushed to the mirror and see this person looking back at me.
Who is the person in the mirror I am supposed to be?

I stare at the reflection staring back at me.
Who is this person everyone expects me to always be?

To follow my heart on a path that would bring me great joy?
Or to follow the path of someone else’s expected ploy?

Being tugged and pulled in so many directions;
Please tell me who I am, this person in my reflection.

As tears flow down my face it finally becomes clear.
The only thing that is stopping me is my own fear.  

I begin to yell at this reflection I see;
Wake up you fool, be who you are meant to be.

Stop living in fear, self doubt and sorrow;
Stand up and set yourself free for tomorrow.

Be uniquely you and seize the day.
Let your soul free and your sweet sprit guide your way.

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2017

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The Cool Nights Breeze

The cool nights breeze makes me feel alive. 
Gazing to the stars twinkling in the sky. 
Catch a falling star, make a wish. Will it come true? I will only know this. 
Walking along a moon lit path, deep in thought of the memories of my past. 
Amazed at the beauty filtering through the trees.  Feeling so alive walking in the cool nights breeze.  
Leaves floating softly to earth like snow.  
Shuffling across the land to destinations unknown.  
I stop to listen and hear only natures glorious song.  
So content, knowing this is where I belong.  
There is something truly magical in a crisp moonlit night.  
My heart filled with love, feeling so right. 
The cool nights breeze ignites my soul
Binds my universe to make me whole.  

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2017

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Hues of Gray

The hues of gray that float serenely across the vastness of the sky
The beauty within the dimensions only perceived by my own eyes
The depth in each entangled cloud 
The rain that softly falls 
The gloominess that so many see is not what I see at all
The moods of melancholy, days like this seem to cast
The memories of days gone by brings reflection of my past
The inspiration I find in the hues of gray I see
The hope of a new tomorrow cleanses my soul and sets me free

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2017

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The feeling of floating through time and space
Loneliness and silence consumes me
Wrapped in darkness like a swaddled infant
No beginning or ending
Forever searching for light
No emotion or sense of touch
Capsulated in an endless loop of confinement
No exit for escape
Forever searching for release from the limbo of my existence

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2017

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Lucent Dreams

Take my hand and walk with me
I’ll guide you into my dream
A place to where all sadness ends
A world you no longer need to breath
A feeling of complete euphoria
Where gravity is non existent
Vivid color consumes your soul 
Imagination becomes reality  
Music becomes your heartbeat
The rhythm controls every movement
A smile is like a sunset cascading across an ocean 
Laughter becomes twinkling stars
Galaxies swirling around us
Time is no longer prevalent 
In my lucent dreams we fly

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2018

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In the deepest depths of silence you find what is truly you.
In the deepest depths of seclusion you control what you are meant to do.
Letting your mind wonder past a fine line of reality.
Allowing the conception of complete totality.  
Embracing your deepest fears.
Letting them go with heartfelt tears.
Embracing your deepest loves.
Releasing them as snow white doves.

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2017

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The Task of Happy

How to be happy is a complicated task
A question I continuously seem to ask

I have been questioned from time to time
“What makes you happy” but nothing comes to mind

I pause to think, what do I really say?
What makes me happy is making someone else’s day.  

But when I think about what I just said, 
I had an epiphany and felt a little dread 

Why am I putting everyone first?
How do I change this? I’ve been this way since birth 

I ponder the changes I need to make. 
The task of happy I need to brake

Why am I afraid of taring down my guard
Why is the feeling of happiness so hard?

Self sabotage is a tactic I to use
If I get to close to that feeling, it’s like a burning fuse 

Waiting for that moment to blow up in my face
Running out of fear of disappointment, I escape from that place

The task of happy should not be a chore
So I reach deep into my soul, down to my core

In order to be happy and stay in that place
It isn’t putting yourself second just to save face

If I truly love to make others happy,
I need to be happy first
The rest will be effortless and stop thinking the worst

Enjoy every moment for what they are
For those are future memories to think back on from a far

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2018

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Without You

You’re gone from my life in a blink of an eye
The happiest time I’ve known just past me by

Never to see you ever again
Memories of you I’ll take to my end

My heart is broken never to be repaired 
Destined to live my life without you in complete despair

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2018

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Hiding in the dark
Will never create a spark
The pain you’ve known
Isn’t always yours to own
People see great things in you
If only you could see them too
Illuminate your mind 
With visions of a future time
A brilliant light will shine on you 
Only when you allow it too 

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2018

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Life swiftly changes through every twist and turn
Ever changing experiences 
New lessons always learned
Pondering events of my past
Peaceful days and restless nights
Thoughts of questions I never asked
Finding yourself through the darkness is a triumph of its own
Seeing a sparkle of light
Finding your way back home

Copyright © ML Dotson | Year Posted 2018