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Holy war

Innocent minds filled with hate 
Politics and religion can never be in place 
For the some humans it's a crime to live 
That's what it's filled in their minds too deep 

Rivers of bloods makes no difference 
Through the drive of selfishness and rage 
The morals lost the humans lost their place 
In this world where he was born and raised 

Faith blinds people, it's used as bait 
For the political goals of the ones who're safe 
While in the field they kill themselves 
The life that was killed and humanity dead

One says he's right, the other got his own path of truth
It's hard to figure out who walks a path that is for everyone good
Innocents are always the one that suffer
By those blinded and turn away inhumane

In this world we all need compassion
And lead the future to next destination of human evolution
Fighting is no good and will never will be
Once in the mind wisdom strikes, it will lead all to bay

Copyright © Kshitij Sharma | Year Posted 2017

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Seeds of hope that's planted deep
Deep beneath the illusion of shade
A shade of light, a spark of joy
Just an illusion that turns to grey

Been waiting too long, hope is owned
Owned by the stars and bright big moon
Moon in the day, an illusion we see
It will be the same again for might it be

The fruit swells as the deeds of it
Deeds that were good but weak
Weak was the soul and strong was the gloom
Gloomy day and the sun it was all doomed

Own was the enemy, others were kind
Kind to the sparkling joyous soul
Soul hath be kind, it was all need
In reality it was just an illusion of greed

I've got no hate or grudge against 'em
Just the soul now wants to stay away
For I was just a child in need of help
Got bitter words when needed light and rays

Doom in the day some spark at night
That's all I've got to see if I'm right
Night and day it feels the same indeed
For I was once a soul with happiness in need

Though the gloom takes over today
There'll be a day I'll loose that within
Within the boundaries that's fair and just
To this soul once and for all

Copyright © Kshitij Sharma | Year Posted 2017

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A flame within the heart
Comes to haunt at night like these
Too scary to make it through
I like down tierd and lost

It's something I'm aware of
But nothing I can do of it
Soon the flame burns bright and big
The heart it burns with fire inside

It's been a while, don't know till when
The night gets on and turns to dusk 
Here I lay down praying
For the fire to leave my heart

A molten rage that guards me deep
Deep beneath, underneath the skin
The heart it burns and soul awakens
From the dreams of bliss and fruit indeed

The heart it trembles, spine gets waked
This cold night feels like it never ends
Still the fire burns within
How hard I try to put it down the pain remains

Sleep is gone, these pills don't work
Like the dagger it scartches the soul
Leaving no room to breathe and live
In this blatent chamber again

Sorrow is for one's whore cursed
The fate's the same for me maybe
Chambers of darkness, no light within
Everything is same, just different shades of grey

Copyright © Kshitij Sharma | Year Posted 2017

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Life's a path of unexpected treasures
Treasure you find along the way
Like they say every rose has their thorn
The rose is just seen the nails surrounds

To get into it there's a battle in the head
The state of bliss is a myth
Never to blame others for the losses we face
Good and bad it's all within

Looking back only shows a picture
Sometimes of glee sometimes a dark wood
It's like a whirlpool of emotion 
And better not to turn back if you could

Focus on what's here and cherish with no fear
Fear is a strange for sometimes it saves life
The same fear sometimes gonna eat up inside
There's an invisible boundary that must be drawn

Perfect balance is a myth, no one's born that way
Struggle and experiences will take you to it
Even the noblest? of men were once no great
For we're all humans imperfect in a perfect sense.

Copyright © Kshitij Sharma | Year Posted 2017

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Gently the breeze touches the skin
Here I stand in glee with quiet rain
Alone in this quiet slumber dawn
To find myself at this peace once again

Being along for many it's a hard thing
For me it's nothing but peace and ease
Alone in this dawn of chirping birds
This solitude in life is what I seek

The birds seek shelter and the rain pours again
Like the bird I hide in my closet sometimes
For the world, I've found my own lane
The dawn gets darker and I look out in breeze

The sound gets faint and the rain it ends
The birds come out and chirp once again
Then I come out and feel the good vibes
Like the bird they fly when the storm fades

I look at the nature and see through life
It's not much different than the things we seek
Sometimes stormy and sometimes a bliss
Life is like the world around we just think too deep

Copyright © Kshitij Sharma | Year Posted 2017