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Freedom Flag

I think of America and it's freedom flag.
I think of all the lives that were lost and it's very sad.
We the people speech read by our leaders,
Yet we still have homeless and hunger and our youth that are bleeder's.
Ready to give their lives to serve and honor our nation.
Not knowing the place are time they will be stationed.
May it be land or sea they are willing to locate.
And the veteran's that served we really appreciate. 
Having freedom of press, religion and just being in this great country .We shout yes.
Other countries run to be here, dare to be here, die to be here and tells us America is the best.
Sometimes I think we are untouchable ,but under God we are approachable.
To deal with international affairs, when I leaders step up to the stairs.
This place changes lives as that flag waves. I think of all the lives saved.
You should see the smiles of the people who become U.S. citizens.
Yes this is the place to be America the land of the free.
You want to say thank you 
The blood said it all.

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