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Soft spoken words, flowing across the nights sky. 
the clouds drift across the pale moon, keeping its secrets from everyone on this tiny, pathetic planet.
I look up at the tiny stars that write secret messages across the sky, painted out like a masterpiece. I almost forgot where im at, and who im with.
You gradually push a small strand of hair away from my cold cheek.
You whisper me little goodbyes as if the world was going to end when the sun meets the horizon.
your warm lips meet mine. It seems as if Earth has stopped spinning on its axis, the car stops running, my mother is no longer frantic about where im at in the night. I stop breathing, you pulled all of the oxygen from my lungs.
As soon as the warmth of your lips is gone everything returns to the way it was before. My lungs fill with oxygen again. I can breathe.
The stars painted against the nights sky is blurry. Its no longer a painting, there is nothing written across the sky and the stars just look like stars again. 
There was nothing special about how the way the moon light shines over your face, making you look like a ghost. There was nothing special about the way you held me that night. I wasnt a special person and you never made me feel special. 
I loved you like the way i loved feeling the cool of the night against my skin. I loved you like you loved me, but being here with you made me realize how you made the stars and the night look like a blur, you make things lifeless. 
The sun is just now meeting the horizon and this is goodbye.

Copyright © Marissa West | Year Posted 2017