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love momma

I say i love my momma
if i do why do i cause her so much pain and drama
I"ll do anything to make her proud 
but lately i`ve been hanging with the wrong crowd 
I hate letting her down 
I always use the excuse because im brown
I probably should stop because she`s not always gonna be around 
I wanna make her proud 
but no matter what i do she acts like im not around 
One reason i love my momma is she doesn't like Obama

As a kid i want her to say i was good
and that im not gonna end up like the rest of my family and get shot up in the hood 
I want her to be proud to call me her son 
and hopefully she can forgive me for the bad things that i`ve done 
I wanna make her smile 
and hopefully she wont ever have to call a cop again to chase me a mile
but what sucks for me is karma 
because all the bad things i did  now i wish  would have loved my momma 

Even though i may not like what she say 
but i should still try to obey 
I still may get in trouble 
but that`s just the way the cookie crumbles 
back when i was a kid i drank i thought it was cool 
until my mom found me in my own drool 
I wasn't all that smart 
but my mom has always had a good heart 
I always called my momma lame
and all the crap i've done she is the one who dealt with the pain 
Today i heard a kid call the momma a lama 
but if that kid lived my life im pretty sure he would love his momma

Copyright © jacob bertram | Year Posted 2017