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Best Poems Written by Olumuyiwa Onaf

Below are the all-time best Olumuyiwa Onaf poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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All in One

Love so creamy so sweet 
Love so enduring and could be as well scurry 
Love gives and surrenders her depth with no end 
Love the mother of all emotions. 
Fragmented into  the best of gold 
Encrusted within amethyst 
Smooth and beigey 
Dipped in finest of berries cos Love stays juicy 
As colourful as thick rainbow is how love feels 
Love reigns as the best  exchange rate ever made
Love with its solid ground but mushy edges 
Love speaks softly and has been around since ages 
Love touches our heart and most time, keeps us beaming.... 
The topic is Love and it's quite lovely 

     (A quite lovely day)

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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Intent was Rap

Divinity all empowers me for some dignity 
Through this course of life so to have an entity 
Power flow through my veins ,black faced
Melanin  at its best, perceived as a beast ,
hair puffs and cushioned 
But possesses white finger nails,
Call that race .
Feels safe but not , something I call 
Chaotic tranquillity ... 
Calls from here and there 
All from my clan 
For purpose in unity to the grand plan 
All summed up to make up the planet.... 
Round and round the earth feels. 
Yet , it's a 
Chaotic tranquillity 

Man live then die
Life and death seems like the price 
For Earthly experience .
 So we cry into the world 
But we being cried for 
When we leave 
An entity painted 
A life lived, good or bad but lived .
Chaotic tranquillity 

The serenity all set for all race 
But isn't it awkward when races, race with each other 
Battle of an unknown cause but a major curse, through this course 
Of living, so to keep the pulse
 But forces 
Bent on keeping the world a 
Chaotic Tranquillity.......

We all got Vices 
I mean you, you and yeah you! And me.
It's a Vice city 
Humans Co-habitate
And it's humanly. 
  .. wrongs, right 
    We either turn left or right on this Journey 
But we choose to go straight 
With a luxurious sweet heart ride, 
Called Hope.
It's just a goal. Faith winning. 
Faith in the Divine. 
Still division in religion 
Chaotic tranquillity legion 

Blue skies Sunny villa 
My family my first nation 
Loves spread across 
And yeah we got ventilation 
 World my neighbour cos I love her  
As myself. 
A rule by the Maker 
Now we got laws 
Cos we break rules 
For the world needs to recognise 
We need love driving us forth 
 Paddling with care 
And accelerating into one'ness !
Bit by bit 
For its still 
Chaotic tranquillity.......

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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E very time you undress, I feel sweetly shocked 

L ate nights into the deepest of fine wine 

E uphoric moments I don't want no end, for you all mine

C loudy thickly for it feels  rainy , turning off every LAN

T urning us  on Is our heart beating as one 

R oom full of peaches, sweet smelly fruity flavour 

I ndistinct smooth slow voice of Phil Collins played through the speakers

C urrents from my cold lips  all over your torso froze you up like snow 

I naudibly audible were the words you chanted as you quiver 

T otal overforwardness we journeyed into the abyss 

Y earning for more electrified Electricity! 

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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 I started out chasing an always beautiful Butterfly 
At a very tender age, maybe five......
With curiosity ,my little legs moved along with it 
As it flew farther and made short stops on what attracted it's eye ..
I wondered  what was going on in my young mind,about,
this awesome Butterfly.....
 Away I was from home, lost I was to my family ...
I followed head-on with smile beaming on my face, 
 for the attraction is lovely 
 Guarded I was with love, love of nature 
It winged up and took another almost slow but fast stop on a lily 
Beautiful fragrance of the flower bloomed the more with a feeling...
Home-feel'  I'm sure I must have felt in that quest of curiosity. 

The Butterfly must have flew far But I stayed close
Near the sight but far from sight I was, for I was been searched for.. 
By my family and of course, foe ......
For I was going after a dream, beauty as it all seem...
  I was never lost, for what made me leave home was known...
Memories my step-mom basked in, love in her tone, smiling about how 
I made them all scared...
Knowing I had followed a Butterfly 
Seeing me cheering at it made everyone sigh ....
A memory In my unconscious mind....
Nature in the eye of a Butterfly.... 


Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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A Moment of Silence

How do I feel. ¿?
So much noise from outside 
Blocking every sign of Eternal on every side 
My head full ,my mind drowning right in these :
so much noise, my eyes cringes, my ears buzzing  
My spirit barely surviving in my soul 
 Should I leave here and  go to Asia ,somewhere in Seoul 
No! I should move far away to live a moment in city of Vatican 
'451 as population? Yeah that sounds like the plan 

 He said this, he did that. He mocked me 
She sly me. Terrorism. Mass shooting. Nations Treasury  looting 
Noises that kill the spirit 
What's the essence of existence ?
Vibes of positivity so make sense 
Having springs and sweet cool breeze as my fence 
Close to the clouds. Dew immense 
My spirit extends his hands into the heaven 
My mind dwells in forever 
My head at Bliss 
A trip outta the world so it seems ......

A small house on a hill 
With plenty of tea and no flea
 Sounds like a peak for my mind to prey on thoughts 
With no noise or Boom of a loud mouth ... !
Perhaps sounds self-centred but I would rather be that 
Than centre my mind around all these noises 
Agoraphobia as it all seems ...... 


Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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Journey of a thousand mile 
Started out with a smile 
Boldness and courage  were the kit 
All suit up in strength of great stealth 
Feeling all ready 
 For a journey of thousand mile
 A foot step forward 
Then a thousand  steps after
      Grope in dark, search goes on and on.. 
Search of what's right ,so I don't go wrong
Aggressively I persist about the unseen 
Yet Hurdles and stomps made it an adventure 
But I gotta be strong. 
Dedication stays the drive 
While Will the wheel
Still for a Journey of A Thousand Mile 

    Tides ebb and flow, basked and broke
   Still hoping and praying to see Dawn 
  Heartfelt words yet strife in the world 
Still I persist on this : One Time 
   Journey of A Thousand Mile 

  Then and then a manual birth from Divine 
 On how to stay a Fine-Wine 
 So I can grow with this Love filled Vine 
 O'  ye  "disobedience" is the pine
   On the Journey of A Thousand Mile 

Sweats the hallmark Stress the benchmark !
     My eyes fully  dilated 
Just as the long Awaited goal draws closer 
Light shines through  across from a distance 
 Through the Tunnel of 
 This Journey of A Thousand Mile 

 I screamed in excitement 
 For I know here comes the moment 
 I screamed some more 
For I believe I weep no more 
Then I ran towards the light 
At the end of the tunnel 
Still screaming amain, never minding
 My hurting Bowel 
 For its been Journey of A Thousand Mile 

A louder sound clouds mine 
 Coming from the corridors
 Of  the past, unto 
 The Dwelling doors of the Present .
  Mankind is in constant conflict with his 
Nemesis, The Act of "Disobedience ". 
  Nemesis screamed louder 
Man's inevitable end 
Made me scream some more 
Into the Six feet fitted for defeat 
Nemesis screamed the most 
All on this 
Journey of A Thousand Mile 
Which ended a Cry. 

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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  Like a Roar 
We are left astounded 
  Like an Eye
We are full of experience 
  Like the Sea 
The hope is vast 
 Like the forest of Trees 
We are not alone 
  Like a New born 
We are new everyday 
  Likeness unto his glory 
Unto Glory Onto glory 
Is how the highest heaven feels 
For he has Risen 

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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Wavy level

Kiss deceptive Also receptive 
I ain't saying it's abusive 
But sometime make ya submissive 
To that progressive Wave in the heart beat  

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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Response Ability

With great power comes Greater responsibility they say 
 But aren't all human created with such power ?
Power of the mind, instilled in our spirit ,fruit of our soul 
We speak, dwell and sip from the abundance of our hearts 
Ain't we suppose to drink responsibly ..¿
 Been responsible enough to lay out the juicy juice of our in-depth mind
 Execution of those  shouldn't be inept 
          Manuals encrypted 


Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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Life and Death

Dusty fingers feed my belly 
From dusk to dawn 
My fingers crawl  en mass 
Just to ensure my belly never run 
Out of dusty fingers 
Fingers dusty from 
Dawn to dusk 
Dusk to dawn 
It now dawned on me 
That my belly wants no more 
Cos it's filled with dust 
For both the finger and the belly 
Are back to dust 
  Dusted .

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017