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Star Girl

She lies on the plush, green grass,
Gazing up at the starry sky.
It would rain today said the weather forecast
But the sky was clear and the ground was dry.

The wind whooshed past her,
And tousled her hair,
An owl called nearby but she did not fear
When she stared at the night sky, away went her despairs.

The stars smiled and beckoned 
At her to come up and join them.
For she too was a star,
Shining brightly in the darkness.

She stood and pranced around in the meadow,
Her skirt twirling behind her as bunnies peeked behind trees.
She laughs into the darkness but the only sound that followed was he echo.
She inhaled the sweet scent of flowers as she danced with the breeze

Before she headed home
She took out a jar and filled it with silver stardust.
And every night she would remind herself
That she too was a gleaming, shining star.

Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2017

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Let us see the world from 
A new perspective he said.
So I grabbed his hand, 
And we started to float off the ground

We floated above cities
The buildings and skyscrapers like little toothpicks,
We passed countryside
As kids galloped on horses
We flew over oceans
The sapphire glass glistening below us
Over white-capped mountains
And flowery meadows

Until we finally reached, space.
He looked at me
And pointed to the earth
Which was a small tennis ball now.
That is where we exist.

I realized how small we are
How little our problems seem.
The stars and planets shone around us
And it felt so good to just simply let go.

To erase my thoughts and fears.
He held onto my hand
And I held onto his

We weren’t our names anymore
We weren’t our identities
We were just, there.
Two kids letting go of who we were

But in a moment 
We had returned back to our home,
And back into society.


Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2017

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Paper World

She sat there for hours
With a book in her hand.
Her thoughts were as tall as towers,
In her mind she visited those lands
She reads of dragons and fairies
And of inspiring heroes
She learns about ancient revolutionaries
And the Beast’s rose.
Her heart beats faster 
As the climax grows near.
She’s oblivious to the world
The book is all she can hear
The words slither off the pages
And collected themselves inside her mind.
She’s no longer on this earth, 
But in this strange paper world
That’s far from the ground.


Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2017

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Sisters are a gift from God
Sisters are your best friends
Sisters are always right next to you
When you need a helping hand.

Sisters love to hang out with each other
And do each other's nails
When you cannot sleep at night
They would whisper you tales.

I have two sisters who are also my best friends
We've cried till we laugh, and we've giggled till we cried 
We make up the best jokes and songs
Sometimes for no reason; we do not even know why

My sisters are the sun in my life 
They warm and brighten up my day
They can chase away the dark clouds
And make me happy instead of grey

Sisters always love each other 
Their love for each other never goes away
Instead God makes it grow
Stronger every day

Sisters gets in fights sometimes 
But they always stay together 
Even when there are hardships
Their love for each other will last forever

My sisters, my best friends
I love you guy so much
Even when we're not together
We will always stay in touch

Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2017

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An Animal's Heart

There was a boy who liked to abuse dogs.
Bang! goes the gun when the man shot the bear
Animals running, tripping over logs
Those cruel humans who did not even care,
Animals trapped in cages held in labs.
Their cry for help that no one ever hears
Their wounded body all covered in scabs, 
Can we let these animals disappear?
Endangered pandas, tigers, and lions,
Kids will soon look at them like dinosaurs.
They will all soon disappear one by one.
She believes that hunting is not a sport
A sport is when two sides know they’re playing
‘Save the animals’ she whispered, praying

Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2017

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Dear Everybody

Love yourself
For you are perfect.
Don’t change anything
And treat yourself with respect

I love your hair and all its flyaways,
I love your acne on your face
Your thighs and arms too
And your lonely heart that you put in a case.

Your awkward personality
And the way you laugh
Is all part of you
So don’t sit in the back of the class.

Everybody is unique
And everybody has their flaws
But we should all accept it 
For that should be the law.

You are beautiful 
Inside and out.
So don’t try to hide
And stay that way throughout life.


Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2017

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You are a masterpiece.
Full of happiness and peace
Your thoughts and beliefs
Are what everyone seeks.

But another work of art comes along
And you feel as if you don’t belong,
I must tell you that you are wrong
Before you’re too far gone.

As you morphed yourself to become like her,
And not the person you were
Your colors started to blur
And your pages started to tear.

Your original colors no longer showed
And your strokes did not flow
No one showed
Any interest towards you, not even Van Gogh. 

Finally, you soon understood
That your old colors were good
And that you were insecure
When you were actually beautiful and pure.

My dear, you are a masterpiece.
People will judge and critique,
But don’t you dare change your physique
For you are a masterpiece.


Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2017

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The Cosmos

"The Cosmos"

The cosmos
The unknown universe
Concepts so hard to swallow
The moon and its luminance 

The constellations
The dancing colors
Thoughts without any limitations
The sun that provides the summers

Space, oh so majestic
That stretches to infinity
The beauty so magnetic
That show’s Christ’s divinity

I reach my hands to the heavens
Hoping the black inkiness can swallow me up
Space goes far beyond my worldly possessions
That anchors me to the ground and keeps me stuck.

I hope one day,
Everyone can see the beauty of the unknown
I hope they see the way
That the stars and planets make you feel less alone

I hope they see 
God’s love shining through
I hope they shout with glee
When they see Neptune’s bight, azure blue

Oh, how I hope
That one day I can see space
Not just through a telescope
But face-to-face.



Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2019

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Look Into Mine

Look Into Mine.

Your eyes hold the stars. The constellations. The galaxies. The universe. It holds all the planets. All the moons around the planets and the sun as well. It holds the swirly colors of space and the comets. It holds the asteroids and meteors that flies by. It holds the infinite beauty of space.

It holds the ocean. The frothy waves. The depth. The marine life. The colorful coral reefs. It holds the golden, warm sand and the blinding shimmer of the sea when sunlight hits it. It holds the turquoise, clear water. It holds the sapphire, dark blue of the water as well. It holds the melted colors of the sunrises and sunsets. It holds the never-ending stretch of salty water.

It holds the pine trees and the evergreens. It holds the dark soil of the woods. It holds the twigs. It holds the chirp of the morning birds and the hoot of the owls. It holds the howl of the wolves and the low growl of a bear. It holds orange leaves and snow-capped mountains. It holds the scent of the woods after a rain. It holds the rainbow. It holds the breeze of spring where new life pops out of.

And it feels as if the whole universe is staring at me when you look into mine.


Copyright © Emelia Brudwick | Year Posted 2019