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The Glass Temple

The glass temple stands at a frightening height
Beautiful crystal panes there was a breathtaking sight
Across the sacred meadows and through the glooming trees
There purched the Temple, above any of what a single eye sees

Crowned on the hill, guarding the dusk sky
We journey through the meadows filled with Ergot Rye
The light is slowly setting
Obscured by great clouds, as if it were shy

The forest travels fast as the dark creeps slow
The shadows of trees were no longer cast
While the fractal beauty lights of the temple were the way to show

As we climbed the seven hundred stairs
And travered the fiercely humble bears
We stand facing a herculean yellow door
A deep bellow voice shocks us to the core

"Who stands upon this golden door?
Scared, trembling at the sound of my roar!
Who dares to enter my holy temple?
Cast upon the, to the hellish shore!"

"It is but us, seeking the refuge of your alluring glass Temple
We do not wish harm upon the rugged truss
Or to argue with the voices
Enough to drive thy mental"

"I laugh at your self pity
Your incompetent scores
For you come from the city
And the city does not belong through these doors!"

"But you see Mr.Man, we are the Village folk
Capable of handeling many, even of what the Temple spoke
Now allow us entry to the sacred Temple
We have powerful minds and surely we aren't broke"

"This is not a matter of coin
Nor the strengthiest brain
I see you are no leader of a shroin
Rather of the sugar cane!
You have lied to me peasent
And for that I grant you a present
The gift of common sense
To tell if the moon is a crescent
Now rid yourself off thy land
I banish thy band
There is no room for liars
So go forth as you may ran!"

Copyright © Gavin Clineff | Year Posted 2017