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The Bipolar Monster pt 1

The bipolar monster awakens from his slumber
His right arm reaches out and up and falls back to his side
He reaches out his left arm
Out and up and 
There it stays
Opposite of his right, ever reaching for something he can't achieve,
A perfect 

The bi-polar monster’s arm begins to grow tiresome so it also falls back to his side,
The bi-polar monster thinks that he looks less silly when both of his arms are at his sides
Or when his palms clap to create beats to songs that have not yet left his head or lips
Even though I am in these chains, it doesn’t mean that the bi-polar monster has completely lost his sense of humor
Let me tell you a joke, okay?
The bi-polar monster hates being bi-polar, it’s awesome!
You get it? Right? 
Tough crowd
Is this thing on?
The bi-polar monster has no microphone 

Can you hear me?
Asks the bi-polar monster
Do I make sense to you?
The monster lifts his head to the sky trying to remember what it was like not living in his shackles
They had become heavy with the weight of the world, and of the words that others placed upon him
He missed his home
You see even monsters have homes
We all come from somewhere, we all once had loved ones and places where we knew that we belonged, where we were safe to be ourselves

The bipolar monster once had a family and was once not judged
He was once beautiful, a singer
His only crime was that monsters-humans never sought to understand him
His need for balance through two voices-voices scared those who did not seek to understand
Those who never sought understanding never tried to listen
The bipolar monster was not always a monster, in the ages long ago he used to be revered as a god

The god Janus
The two-faced god of paths and doorways 
Janus resided at the limits of Earth, and at the extremity of Heaven
In two places at once, but still in perfect balance, two voices in harmony,
Nothing but beauty flowed from the lips of Janus
Music was a stream through which Janus communicated
Janus was known as an interesting god in which to communicate with since he constantly had two or more things to say at once
But the other gods understood him perfectly because they knew how to listen without judgement
These voices were once known to be words of absolute truth or wisdom
The other gods knew how to listen and could hear Janus

A constant stream of consciousness 
Thoughts came too quickly for Janus
But this was no illness nor condition, 

Copyright © Bjorn Overland | Year Posted 2017

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The Bipolar Monster pt 2

This was how songs were once created
So he decided to share them with humans-humans
These words of beauty and grace did not just belong the ears of the gods, they belonged to the people below
Janus left his home for a day to bring his thoughts-thoughts to the good people of the Earth
His decent from the heavens was graceful a fun, the clouds made him feel buoyant and lively
He was never more excited than in that moment to share his words with the world below

At first the people were bewildered at the sight of a two faced man, speaking nothing but beautiful words
Janus taught the people secrets of the world and truths that would lie behind truth
But once humans started to hear these words they became upset and confused
They stopped trying to listen 
And when humans stop listening they start to diagnose
They relegated this god to nothing but trickster
They relegated these two voices to nothing but lunacy 
They relegated the god monstrous status

One day the god Janus was on Earth speaking his beauty to the people 
When an angry herd of people-people came 
They came with shackles
They came with their voices that diagnose 
They came with fear in their eyes and hatred in their palms
They came to get rid the god of their village
Of their home 
Of their safe spaces
They came to shackle and shut down his music, to cage the lark that once was free to sing to the skies
They came to call him defect, to call him deficit
They were scared so 
They came to call him monster

Copyright © Bjorn Overland | Year Posted 2017

Details | Bjorn Overland Poem

The Bipolar Monster pt 3

The people-people-monsters-monsters came round and chained the god
They dragged him to a cave, cut his palms and used the starlight that drained from them to write on the wall of the cave
He sang out with both voices on high singing for help
crying for help while they dragged him to his cave
The shackled his hands and feet 
made him sick with words and fear and anger
All that Janus could do was cry
and cry out “Can you hear me?”
and sing his harmonious songs
and cry
and wonder why can’t the world hear him

And now this is what has become of Janus
He now lives in squalor 
He has become other, 
He has become defect
He has become deficit
Waiting for the day when the world decides to listen to his voices-voices
and not be scared
He awaits the day that he can sing
Sing in harmony with himself 
But that day has yet to come
So now the bi-polar monster must wait
Trying to keep his hopes up
Trying to keep the songs in his heads and on his lips
But the bi-polar monster is here to ask you 
Are you willing to listen?
“Can you hear me?”

Copyright © Bjorn Overland | Year Posted 2017