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Best Poems Written by Marko Kyoto

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The Science of Romantic Attraction

Sexual Attraction
Eyes meet
Pupils dialated
Smiles engage
Neurons connect
Two beings have met.
Lowering of the head
Tilt of the neck
Open palms
Feet facing
Heart pulsating.
Shoulders raised
Stomach tucked in
Feet stood apart
an attempt to gain your heart.
A subtle touch
A embracing hug
A move into one's intimate space
continues the magnetic chase
Lips kiss
A passionate mist
Cheeks glow
Time seems to gently flow
Limbic system awakened
Dopamine released
Senses heightened
Body excited.
Attraction fully ignited.

Copyright © Marko Kyoto | Year Posted 2017

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What We've Lost To The Present Age

The present age.
A lonely technological haze,
Social sites and megabytes with few real friends within our sights.

Words once wrote on paper with precision and heart
behind each movement of the hand;
now digitized for one to copy & paste at ones demand. 

The smell and feel of a physical book to read,
Slowly losing its place, to the countless downloads from cyberspace.
Once a book enjoyed by yellow candle light burning dim to relax ones mind, 
Now a tablet user kept awake by man made light;
harming their own eye sight. 

Private lives no longer remain,
Every comment, every photo, every affair;
All incriminating information is there. 

The present will continue to evolve over the past and moving forward is right.
I do however, look forward to keeping some of my favorite past times alight. 

In the losing future fight...

Copyright © Marko Kyoto | Year Posted 2017

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The Majestic Nature of The Cat

The Cat

Glowing eyes invade the darkness of the night.
A majestic hunter with prey in it's sight.
Slowly moving through the grass, as silent as an empty glass.
A creature with a sullen expression, embarking upon a hunting session.
It strikes from the shadows of the night; giving the prey little change of escape or fight.
A body full of warming fur and makes the sound of a meow or purr.
Pointy ears, thin legs and sharp claws; extending out from padded paws.
This creature wears a sumptuous looking coat always shiny and clean; walking with graceful posture like that of a ballroom scene.
It's younger form more playful and small, but soon will grow just as cunning and tall.
Masquerading as innocent family pets and balls of fur; hiding the true heart of a lion waiting to roar.

Hedonistic in nature like Lord Henry from the story of Dorian grey; the cat hates having it's pleasurable lifestyle taken away.

Roaming around night and day...... this creature of beauty is always on the 
hunt for it's next prey....

Copyright © Marko Kyoto | Year Posted 2017

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Sands of The Holy Lands

Breath taking views, conflict on the news.
Historical sites....vast landscape of lights. 
A place so strong in the past, leaving a magical appeal that lasts.

Parts like a middle eastern L.A, parts that Jesus would recognize today.
Modern buildings built in historical styles, 
an awe-inspiring image that seems to stretch for miles. 

Tensions are high and many die...
walking in the footsteps of Jesus, walking were much blood has been spread...

Walking where many were shot dead...

A place of beauty, death, guns and war... 

A place of enchanting allure....

Copyright © Marko Kyoto | Year Posted 2017