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Kek Manifesto

/pol/ is a board of peace
We are not facists or misogynists, it is just our culture and religion
We want to come to your platforms to escape the war on our board
"Say it loud say it clear pol/acls are welcome here!" (repeat)
WE ARE NOT INVADING YOU, it is the attacks from the imperialist SJWarriors on the KEKdom
which have forced us to flee our digital home in search of a better life.
The teachings of KEK have misinterpreted
Those /pol/acks accused of doing bad things are not true /pol/acks
Show that you are not a pol/ack/phobe and let us in to enrich you with our diversity of memes
As commanded by Kek and his prophet Pepe we also want Trump law enforced in our newly settled communities

KEK is Great!

Copyright © Kek Kek | Year Posted 2017