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ode to loving soul

Mama Dina,
Are you here?
left before autumn brokedown.
Days I began to live will be missed.
But I'll bring flowers for you.

Mama Dina 
Can you hear?
I was just a figure,No one wanted me.
A homeless,anytime to be dissolved.
But you paused by me.

Mama Dina,
Ageless you'll be !
For I says you riched with golden love.
Like the sweetest mango from the garden.
Inspired many by your soul.
Mama Dina,
Hear me' 
Yearnd nothing before.when you lived.
The only wish is for you from me.
May soul embrace by thickness  paradise.

Mama Dina,
Lived joyusly.
Your love will be made a tale.
Motherly wings everyone would wish.
Like a book you'll inspire.

With love,son bobo

Copyright © k.c chophy | Year Posted 2017

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in stars

In love.

We were confused;
Confused about us,
Confused about everything.
Confused because; we were in same love.
Everybody knew;
Knew about us,
Knew about everything.
Except us.
We were in love;
In love crazily in-figurable,
In love more emotions than physical.
We were in love, 
Written in stars not in hands.

Copyright © k.c chophy | Year Posted 2017

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What if

               What If
every time i see,I'm attracted.
every word I say,feels stupid.
What If?.
you don't see,as I see you.
you don't feel,as I die fe-ling for you.

What If?.
you towards me States only normal.
You I wish I am special to you.
what if,I say it.
what if,you hate me after.

what if,unsaid keeps us together.
what if,you were never there.
Desire may die unfullfilled ,
But it's about love,
Will live forever.

Copyright © k.c chophy | Year Posted 2017