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the Angry Soup of Racism

ain't it a shame

when hate lynches 
a 14 year old Colored boy
in 1955 Mississippi
and blows away the dreams of
four innocent little Negro girls 
in 1963 Birmingham, Alabama

bus that to your segregated thoughts
as I interracially walk you 
through Little Rock, Arkansas
with Daisy Bates & nine Black Children
to march along side the National Guard
on their way to a lily white school 
as the message of this 
un-segregates & untangles  
the history of hate
attackin’ Negroes in 1957
whose only desire was to be educated 
and schooled too

racism & hate
doesn’t try to guide 
the white citizen council back 
to their good senses 
‘cause racism 
don’t care ‘bout nobody
being Jewish or Colored
when it needs to 
Negro churches with Negroes in them
or feels the need to hang someone 
from a tree out of existence
racism even devours its own kkklan
as the innocent
pay the ultimate price

racism doesn’t care 
if your church is the 16th Street Baptist
and 14 yr. old  Addie Mae Collins 
is one of the four black Alabama children 
killed in attendance        
racism ain’t concerned about
you being white either
or your last name being
Martin or Rodney King
and so many other names
that we’ll never know of
that racism wounded or buried six feet
under hate  

racism doesn’t care about 
what kinda NAACP dream 
you’re having 
or concerned about your last name
being "Parks" in 1955
when it attempts to guide you back
to the "Colored" section of the bus
where you know your
civil-rights will be denied
every time you allow 
" segregation & discrimination"
to collects its fare

racism & its hateful followers
have no regard at all 
for one’s race / religion
or sexual persuasion

especially when racism peers 
into its discriminating mirror
century after century
time after time 
day after day
and tells itself in 2006
"it’s better than you"
because you’re "cultured" different
from them"

racism stirs an ugly pot of soup
that no one should ever have to taste.

Copyright © ronald stroman | Year Posted 2007

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She Likes It Big & Long

she asked me
was it big: 
(being the man that I am)
i said it was.

she asked me
was it long:
i said looong enough,
to satisfy her
plus two of her girl friends.

and if… she had any doubts
about it,
that she was welcome to
come to my house,
to see how large
it really was.

when she came over,
i dived right in it.

both of us
was totally satisfied-
back strokin’,

swimming in my
newly built…
swimming pool.

Copyright © ronald stroman | Year Posted 2007

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Some times
I wonder why
the white bread
hates the brown toast
when the sandwich maker shows
what the
bread maker knows
that the dark bread
and the white bread
are both
created from dough
even the sweetbread with raisins
that's totally different...
the baker made too!!!

Copyright © ronald stroman | Year Posted 2007

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Perfect Storm

some times
when Mother Nature chooses
not to be your best friend
she allows life's winds to blow
a strong force
of its own
like Noah's rain
giving birth to forty days
& forty nights
of oceans and rivers transformed
into weather unable to behave
and too violent for science to hold

Mother Nature's way
of letting the whole world know 
that she also has no favorite child

some times 
very often
is all the "life-boat"
one may need
to deal with the mood swings
of Mother Nature
if one's "determination" is scented
in the hope & sunny promise
of what can be
when you find yourself treadin'
in a sea of trouble
and you choose
to not stop swimmin' 
you may find
"perseverance & determination" alone
can be a life-saver
with its own religion
to guide you ashore
even when foul weather
has intentions
to expose you to other ugly moments 
you'd choose not to remember tomorrow

some times 
"life" just wants to test you too
when life needs to know
what you're capable of... 
when all your "possibilities" decide 
that "today"
is not
perfect storm.

Copyright © ronald stroman | Year Posted 2007

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MoMMa's BaBy

i spent 
two months in 
my mother's womb,
before she even knew 
i was there,
in her stomach stealin' space.                                                

during the nineth month
she kicked me out;                                                                            
for kickin' too hard, 
and requested i call her 
and pay her
back rent 
with hugs & kisses,
all of my life,
and on Mothers day
'cause she somehow knew
up to the day she died of old age, 
that when i was being born 
inside her,
that it was me… 
who also “stole” her heart.

  Happy Mother's Day       

Copyright © ronald stroman | Year Posted 2007

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A Perfect Masquerade

he got so close
close enough...
to be mistaken
out in the woods
for what he was huntin' for.

he dressed himself with horns
and adorned his body 
in the camouflage of deer skin.

he got so close
so perfect in his masquerade 

that another hunter
couldn't tell the difference
200 yards away
he shot him dead.

Copyright © ronald stroman | Year Posted 2007