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Sexchange spirits

I want to go deeper than physical lust 
I’m ready for our spirits to be released from our bodies 
Sexual astral projection 
Our spirits intertwine as our bodies become one 
May The intense auras of that moment be shown 
more than just grazing the top layer of skin 
I’m tryna see more than just the darkness behind my eyelids 
Listening in on the sweet subliminal song we create
Drawing out my breath with your siphon 
Your moans send me into deep trance
I’ll soup you up with force
My lips exude slippery encore 
I want more
I am no longer myself
I am your stroke 
I am your heartbeat 
I am your  meek treat 
Let us increase these sweet creaks 
Make it loud and proud because nobody’s around
Our pain our rage our aggression adds seasoning to this meeting 
I  get to know u a bit more 
As you Open your closet doors
Gave me permission to explore 
You knock and knock at my door
So you can take a swim
I may warn you it’s a sight to feel 
And a touch to see
The real me
The battle of giving me to you
I’ve held on to it for so long 
The clench in my jaw is strong
But u keep thrusting at the right door
Tears fall down my face 
Warm waves begin to build up as you still work 
You’ve found my glory in purgatory 
What you don’t ask you’ll never know 
I feel the pulse and you see the glow
So look me in my eyes
Because your spirit just became mine. 



Copyright © Donneisha Atkins | Year Posted 2020

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Black Breath

The anxiety constipated all in my chest 
Please please please
the empath in me cannot handle this scene
To watch this man become a meme 
They killing my black brothers 
My beautiful sisters and mothers
We just wanna breathe 
We tired of falling down to our knees 
Crying until we CANT BREATHE
Begging God to bring us back on top 
Back to when we owned the throne 
We are the black kings and queens 
We are the target, that they wish to kill and conquer 
The fact that my beautiful dread headed brother cannot walk into a store 
Without being looked at as a sore
My heart cannot be broken anymore 
As blood binds us together
Our precious blood is being spilled day to day 
And what do they say? 
It’s legal to kill. 
To kill my people. 
We are tired of being hunted. 
It’s time for the predator to become prey 
For justice, is scarce
They don’t stop 
We won’t stop  
The minority is majority 
We will be up top 
Our ancestors will shake the nation 
I will join my brothers and sisters 
We say it’s our time now!
Don’t try to put dome on us now
We shall be the face of the scene 
We will BREATHE.

Copyright © Donneisha Atkins | Year Posted 2020

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Love, I guess

Scrolling down my call log, seeing all these numbers. 
Talking to all these boys got me stressed.
Filling ears with broken promises
Because  I broke my promise..
So now I’m declining.

I found somebody to replace you. 
A temporary high. 
When I come down
All I see is you. 
All I hear is you.
It’s been so long but I can still see your face. 
Without a snapchat memory 
Moving on just reminds me of you. 

I didn’t express myself like I should’ve but that doesnt mean that I didn’t feel 
You know that I’m a good person 
You know that I feel
You acted as if you didn’t know.

I kinda feel like usher. 
I got it bad. 
I’m tired of feeling this way 
Tired my brain replaying your voice of how you used to say my name
Tricking my nose thinking I smell your distinctive scent
Missing the feel of your warm embrace 

Why did I let you go your own way
Sometimes I regret my decision more and more each day 
This prideful battle I’ve lost 
But freedom was more important to me 
It was love for how we knew it 
The best way we expressed it 
But love didn’t keep us from going astray 

Copyright © Donneisha Atkins | Year Posted 2020