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Best Poems Written by Eden Benibo

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Inside Out

When the prize
Seeks for the price,
Afraid of the cuts
It would cost

When the cub refuses to roar;
The lion in him crawls to soar
When the antidote shys from being used,
Her worth is only abused
When the heroine seat with arms fold;
The enemies stand with the morning on hold

Alas! Defeat has bitten so hard
Now ready to play the action card,
To be the arrow in the bow;
The seed of change I must sow.

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2016

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The Stranger Within Me

Yes, I had smiles false
Seemed so true but not
Emptiness filled me with so much un satisfaction
My sharp cold eyes glittered with dust,
As I watch my life,  his life rather;
For he took it away; 
The day he thought he gave it to me,
Because I never got my wish but he's fish
I never lived me but him

He had become the murderer of my dreams
My soul he gradually killed, like poison slow, 
As I dumped four years of my life, 
In the citadel of doom;
Where all the loud creativity in me,
Crawled to a little spot in my being
So I never lived me but him

For every breath I took was to please him,
And every breath I took was to be Father's image

Finally the mussel East wind blew to my direction
Blowing off the him from me!
As the passion in me flooded 
It is time for me to live me!
A successful failure, I cannot remain
As everyone saw the smile;
But deep in me were miles from the sight; 
Because I never lived me but him

I was a caged pen,
Entangled in his den of success quick

Alas! The sunshine of passion called
smiles clung to my face tightly
As I whispered loudly to him;
Here's your fish as I take my wish
Tears unending filled my eyes;
Not for sorrow but joy's plea
For my life I would live not he's anymore. 

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2016

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Ululations Of A Maid

 Where my body may dwindle,
 As hunger saddles the atmosphere
 But sounds of Joy will always jingle;
 As Mama will lushly care
 Take me to that place

 Where shelter may not shield from cold,
 Yet I am cuddled in love untold
 Where luxury os but a tale,
 But zest never goes stale
 Take me to that place

 Where I am clothed in nakedness,
 But not stripped of my happiness
 Entangled by poverty's web,
 But free from the wrath of a boss
 Take me to that place
 Take me home!

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2016

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Mixtures 2

It's a world where;
There are Blacks, 
And there are Whites-
A chemistry that lacks differences
A fabaceae-
Which spreads across the globe¤
A display of entities; 
Baked by the creator's ace
Until actions cut across reactions; 
Leaving a union of separation
(amongst nations)¤
A colloidal suspension; 
Where unity-
Is at its melting point, 
Evaporating beyond any rating system
I've seen-
Welcomes welcomed by goodbyes¤
Shallow justice; 
Dipped into deep injustice¤
Trust blended by betrayal¤
Blames passed like footballs¤
A jar of lies;
Now left ajar-
As falsehood flows,
In the Island of Truth
It's a world where; 
The earth is the country, 
Of both the blacks and the whites
It's a world of mixtures

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2017

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With hearts closed, 
And arts wide opened; 
They looked on-
As a soul gradually turned off
The misset sat;
On that road of this and that
Indeed,  its a system of maladies
These times are ill

With thoughts paralysed, 
By the hits from selfie sticks
A soul laid dying
Fingers kept clicking; 
As pictures of thick betise,
Dangled on the walls of truth
Gosh! These times are harebrained

With enough strength from negligence, 
The flower finally withered; 
For every click, 
Made her demise silky
Another gain is gone;
Lost to the clutches of harum-scarum
Alas! These times are pallid

With nude values, 
These times cough out this and that;
As our morals stay sneezing
Will and zeal are left shrinking
Interests remain broken
And wiseness still stuck in ice,
For probably,  these times are cold

We used to care to care
And dare to share;
When truth wasn't rusted
And our roots had it's flair
When morals weren't watery
And our morale were still thick;
Rich in outreaches,
That stitched all hitches

How long would we blame witches, 
For the cause of our fall?
Daily we hear preaches, 
Yet we still seem here
Stuck in this rock of this and that
Surely, these times are snoring;
Let sleeping times wake!

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2017

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Mixture 3

It's an age where-
The noticeable is unnoticed¤
I see love curved like C's,
Forming a ditch-
Hoi polloi fall into¤
As green grasses go brown; 
Corruption remains the core option-
To all swinish citizens
I see,
Faded dreams; 
Coloured by padded visions¤
Coated by sugary elements, 
As sanity-
Is purged from the system¤
The price of commodities increase, 
As the cost of immoralities decrease; 
A costless cost,
Which leaves one in cuts
Even kids can afford porn flakes! 
I see chunks of truth, 
Stuck between the teeth;
Of them that tell lies
They say-
It's an age of recession
I say-
It's an age where, 
The wages of erstwhile deeds are paid; 
In ash and kind

I look forward to a stage,
When the four words of-
Time, hope, gain and love;
Will transcend,
The sit of deceit

A land where,
We no longer roll away roles,
As we all play our parts-
In the melodic line,
Of transmutation

A world where;
We all embrace each race,
And sieve out-
Any concoction of racism

A purpose driven age

Let us blend sanity with purpose¤
What if we-
Dish love on the plate of sincerity? 
We should stir hope,
With positive actions¤
Couldn't we combine-
Merriment with a sense of value? 
Our promises could be rich in truth¤
(You know)
Few drops of thick observation-
May quench a thirsty soul

It's time-
Time for us to sift all negligence, 
And lift our roles from holes
Time for us to create; 
A mixture of solutions
The time, 
Is now!!

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2017

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Mixtures 1

In my land-
There are roads,
With no signs but wonders
There are passages; 
Littered with broken promises, 
Leaving dwellers with wounded feats

Echoes of 'change' fills the air,
As sneezing hopes gather dust
Undulated zeals are diluted; 
Leaving watery goals

Beyond the surface-
I see sore faces; 
Curtained behind a broad smile, 
A smile broad enough-
To conceal pain from blind minds¤
I see feeble hearts, 
Dancing to the melodies of deceit
I see the sea thirsty¤
Laws baked in flawed flours¤
Pure pain mixed up for strength;  
By the chefs of ignorance
In my land,
These roads are also rode by rogues
These passages inhabits rusted promises
The roads fight to live,
As citizens-
Are left with mixed chores
Indeed,  it's a land of mixtures

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2017

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Filling Feelings

My eyes see
They hear too;
Words silently shouting
In the eyes of another. 
Cords slowly choking
As a heart wawls in an echo reechoing
They hear
The voice in the noise
The cry in the laughter
The lies in the truth
My eyes hear too

My hand writes
It fights too,
Piercing through steel hearts
Setting free caged truth;
As my infuriated pen
Spills ink
Dead consciences, 
Are left with wounded spirits.
It fights
The bad amongst the good
And the good gone bad
My hand fights too

My lungs breath
They long too;
Persistently gasping
For  'the big answers' to 'the big questions'
Incessantly thirsting
For truth undiluted
Ceaselessly panting
For more words to chew,
Digesting wisdom daily
They long
For the parcel of love boxed
And the piece of peace thrown
My lungs long too

My heart beats
It kicks too
Against scenes of the poor poured;
Like raindrops trampled upon,
By the feet of devilry
My heart breaks
Not at the sight of the might
But at the fight of a plight
It kicks, 
The fear in the eyes that speak
And the tears in the eyes that hear too
My heart kicks too

I write to live
I live to write
These feelings and filling

Copyright © Eden Benibo | Year Posted 2017