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In unexperienced infancy
Mistakes seemly false, intending true
Adult features with grown up looks
To show many secrets which afterwards you come to know
And make fool in all sort of ways
You are a shadow of yourself

Many years on, the thoughts so tinctured with no reason
And craftiness exist in great perception
Standing up tall yet craddled in low esteem
Premonitions banging out loud, no ears to listen
Your inseparable companion whoose manifestation you ignorantly take
A pestiferous self you will later know
a shadow of yourself

Speakers lament the you in you is you
We get the code but some make no atone
A popular saying that everyone is unique and special
I doubt, for some are but specialist in the shadow of themselves

Permit me to yowl at the single ladies
Having geniue apathy for whom they really are
Taking peeks at their foggy look
Social media tinted with their glamorous artifacts
Seductively dressed to earn fb likes
Little flesh will turn them on, their fetish say
They forget you are addressed the way you dress
Having no respect for womanhood
Solace sister in practice
You are but a shadow of yourself

She's such a beauty to behold
Not so sure if it's love or lust
You sugar coated mouth presenting levels you don't worth
Even though you fake all just to impress her
The real you is a cloud of fine particle that can't be hidden

A life full of pride is a life of shadow
A mouth filled with lies sees no reality but shadows
The more we grow, the more we know
After a time of been just a shadow
We are now strong to walk alone for
We are not created a shadow

#honesty #sincerity #direction #integrity
are what makes you a YOU

Be real, for anyone aside You is already taken!

Kehinde Oluwaseun

Copyright © kehinde Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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Now the day is over

Now the day is over

The day is over
Our lives not covered
Across the sky, evening shadows emerges clearer
Calm and sweet repose the weary receive

Hooting horns like blaring thunders
Walking streets hours like battle formation
Daily duties done, every soul their shelter seek
Rest beautiful day for night is come

Darkness glare evil doers sing
Your acts retreat dutiful evil
Such with bad day relief and comfort
 Be hopeful for another day is come

Striving soul come gently lay
Snap to arise when morning wakes
Pure and fresh and sinless be
For yet comes another joyous day

How was or day pals?
Kehinde Oluwaseun....

Copyright © kehinde Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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When You Are Young

When You Are Young

handsome young perfect masculine structure, every lady love
Beautiful, striking, eye popin figure, a seduction no man could resist
Time has flown by, life so moves fast
Upon those years gone by, reflect
How has your life gone

Can you remember when you were young
How you ordered your ministry
The nights spent clubing rocking and dinning
During the day reflecting a fake good,
at night the real you
Like a stallion your strength was of legend
Enjoying life's fullest, do u remember

When you were young, remember all the loves
Her striking sight you couldn't contain
Those hearts you broke, the one that broke your heart
I can see you're reflecting
Those fake and true love you propose, all to have her
Funny how life works, a times never to plan

When young those who hurt you
Your promises to revenge never to forgive
But hey life's too short for grudges 
Happiness do you bring to your parents?
Despite odds do you spread or preach love?
Ever left behind a legacy or
Are you happy with what you will leave behind?

Do u have many regrets
Your actions and thoughts are they to make or mar you
Reflecting your childhood to youthhood in a mirror do you like what you see
What has happened to you how well have you used your life ?

To the young, bear in mind this,
Life's nothing but vanity
Never let life defeat you, to every man the choice to live it is given
Your actions and thoughts every minute you will account for
How well can you prove yourself to God a worthy creation
When you are young, a tale He awaits....

My WoWword #Reflection. 
Kehinde Oluwaseun

Copyright © kehinde Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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The fight to finish

Into our peace they plunge unexpected
Arresting our innocence battered black and blue
Inspirations flying through our mental track like punches
Our clustered brain box an oilrig outburst
Beyond and into the future have we projected
The road seems to have no end
The fight to finish remains our utmost play

Daily ripped off of our endless efforts
The virgin eyes deprived of her precious sleep 
Travails and pains a price the body need pay
Resources so discomforting we stand never to back off
Results seemly far from being reached
Efforts likened unto waste of time
Our earnest plea seeking God's intervention

At points when tens of miles on legs is but a stone throw
With the needed offshored according to their relative importance
Self motivation keeps us from breaking
Unacomplished motives turning a blessing in disguise
Our minds glued to the intent of the dream
Our eyes fixed on the greatness ahead
Fresh thoughts and ideas prompting we have done nothing
Slowly we move but closer we get to finish

Live occurences under change mantra forcing discouraging thoughts off the mind
Whatever you know do give it ur best
Irrespective of the hardship golden opportunities lies ahead

I don't have, a weakness so dreadfull never to be condoled
Using the little you have to get what is needed
Bit by bit in pursuit of the dream
take the bold steps the next is always much easier to fight through

A dream worth sustaining lives is a dream indeed
My thinking fronts front not backs back
Like the crux of awoken sluch
Prepared to trample underfoot every challenges
My shinning but tampered eyes fixed aimful
Determined admist countless displeasures
For the pinnacle is where i desire
U too can!

 Focus, determination are golden rules to success
With them fight and finish undefeated.

Kehinde Oluwaseun.

Copyright © kehinde Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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Abide with me

Abide with me fast comes the night
The day is past and gone
Oousing shadow of evening comes
Darkness so deepen lord with me abide

Through the day you walk with me 
Your grace alone foils the tempters power
None like thyself my guide can be
Through night till sunshine abide with me

Journey to the unknown world
I know not nor lived
In the my sacred rest your bossom is where I lay
I fear no foe grave where is your victory?
Will triumph still for He is by me
In life in dead lord please abide with me.

?kehinde Oluwaseun is saying ?#?pray?... good night!

Copyright © kehinde Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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A welcome note to a conjugal bliss

You chose seventeenth day
Out of other teens
A princess 24 hours ago
You have turned a Queen

Invincible is your beauty
Revealed to a lucky man
He has located the favour of God
For he found a good wife

You are the crown bride of today
Other brides of today concur
You are covered, divinely
Tell me, who did that make-up
On your face, it's out of this world
Your wedding gown?
Classic in dignity

So, enjoy this your new life
Seeing your children surrounding your table
Go on an endless ride with love
You have said a good bye to era of being single
Two now but one
May you from now on, continue to celebrate

Happy married life to you dear sister
Pardon my absence, physically
Quite unavoidable
Your understanding is just a plus to your man!


Copyright © kehinde Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2017

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Beautiful Life

To do each day a golden deed
Playing a truce to every need
What is life if fades like weed
My life on earth is but a span
Just want to do the best i can

In face of odds and income low
To daily feed a gold passing through fire
The only life that will endure
is one thats kind good and pure

Too much riches I crave not for
Let me have that people mock not my God
A few more days and I must go
To meet the deeds that I have done

Of what good are riches
when greed and hatred lurks around
A wasteful life is witholding from those in need
our whole life all but vanity
A beautiful life is all I crave for

While going down life's weary road
I'll try to lift some travellers load
I'll try to help a dying soul
make flowers bloom along the way

A beautiful life a perfect one
one conseals not evil
Two does good to every man
Three embraces morals shuns violence
For only love constraineth us all.

Today's WoWword ?#?Love?. thats the only way forward embrace it.
Kehinde Oluwaseun

Copyright © kehinde Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016