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A Story About You

Who in their lifetime hasn't planted a Peach Pit

Just hoping that somehow a seedling would grow

And then they move on to some other adventure

And if it comes up-well they don't even know

That's one way of picturing your style of living

You've planted ideas and dreams unaware

You've noticed somebody who's heart needs attention,
and planted a positive feeling in there

It's part of your nature

You may not remember the kind and encouraging things you've done

But everywhere, Peach Pits are growing like crazy

And people are blooming

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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The Wall of Tolerance

This is not a perfect world, we see things everyday
That makes us take a second look, or makes us turn away
The heart of man has turned to stone, and compassion is not found
We've taken love and friendship, and beat them to the ground
No longer do we hold our hopes and all our dreams so dear
At any given moment, we will trade them in for fear
Lets end this reign of violence, and halt these evil designs
We are all in this as one human race, to that we must resign
So please reach out so all of us cease the malice and the pain
And maybe one day soon we'll hear sweet music in the rain
So as you kneel and Pray to God, for a better life for all
Ask that Peace and Tolerance be placed visible on the Wall

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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Mind Over Matter

We're obsessive, compulsive, good looking, repulsive..

Ever blameful with our faultless sight..

We're passive aggressive..

We're manic depressive..

We're even bipolar, that's right..

We're psychotic, neurotic..

Free wheeling, robotic..

From the day into the night..

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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The Bear And The Bee

The Little Brown Bear carried a Rose, 
he tripped and it went up his snout..

The Little Brown Bear, felling so sad,
sat down and began to pout..

Along came a Bee, and said, 'let me see
if I can help you out..'

He went up his nose, and buzzed about..

The Little Brown Bear sneezed and the
Rose came out..

The Bee flew away, and the Bear called
him back..

The Bee said 'I can't it just Bees like that..

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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Ocean Voices

Whence comes this voice full of pain,
with which you speak to the Earth

Oh, immense Sea, articulating your emotional
depths, that brims with sadness, but celebrates
your poignant beauty too

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2017

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Arson On Park Avenue

The fire raged, no place to dwell, a busy street, a place of hell..
What loss of life we do not know, no place to live, no place to go..
What place be next, where people die, the block is spent, the price is high..
Dope addicts, drugs, degenerates all, some day be gone, forever fall..
Not honor bound, no care, no trust, to try destroy, this what they must..
Ruination lives at Avenue Park, the lights are out, the street is dark..
Scavengers now do meet the scene, no thought of love, death in between.. 
What is the price, what is the toll, what charges them, for them what goal..
Wonder we the reason why, the bad shall live, the good shall die..
So try we must, we'll reach the goal..
We'll conquer sin, thus save the soul..

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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The Frigidaire

Ready for sleep, and lying in my bed..
I heard this music spinning 'round in my head..
I wasn't dreaming, I knew it was there..
And it was coming from my Frigidaire..
As I opened up the door, to my surprise, the
Pork Chops were dancing with the Chicken Thighs..
They said, "don't bother us now, 'cause were really hot,
none of us are gonna sit in here and rot.."
Sweet Fruit and some Juices were doing it too..
And the Milk standing tall, was singing "Moo, Moo, Moo.."
As I opened up the freezer, I heard a different beat..
All of the other stuff was grooving with the Meat..
Everybody was getting down, then I gently closed the door..
But I see no rest for me tonight..
My feet keep tapping on the floor..

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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The Violin

With tool and wood the craftsman slave, patience
within the soul he gave

To ever last through ages long, so very light,
but yet so strong

At his bench both day and night, with tool and chisel 
he carve just right

A neck to make, and turn the scroll, the pegs to fit
he drill the hole

Hard maple back, and spruce the top, the sides he
steam and interlock 

A sound post fit and so the bridge, to fit the contour
of the ridge

A piece of wood he put in place, to give it depth,
and also bass

A varnish stain of amber hue, a reddish stain to
blend too

Some Virtuoso maybe play, to give someone
a brighter day

For music make the world go round, a greater piece
of art not found

Four strings he add, and then to pitch, to test the
soul he gave so rich

A balanced bow, he now must make, the hair from
mane of horses take

Then to his hand, he draw the bow, across the strings
the music flow

A Symphony, a quiet band, a melody heard 'round  the land

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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The Riddle

Don't get out the Fiddle, there ain't no music for this Riddle..

There might be more, but I'm not sure, so just read
this one for a starter.. 

Jack and Jill went up the hill, they each had a quarter..

Jill came down with fifty cents, did they go up for water?

That's all I have for now, as I take my final bow, but I
don't want to leave you in such sorrow..

So I wish for you all this, may your life be filled with bliss..

And Love and Happiness, ever on the 'morrow.. 

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016

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The Stalker

I saw her walking down the street, and man she was looking pretty neat..
She had the looks and the strut, and my heart went POW..
I was saying to myself, WOW, WOW, WOW..
She turned the corner, and headed for town, I was following
close but kept low to the ground..
Then she turned and stared in my face, she had such beauty
charm and grace..
"What's your game" she began to plea..
I stuttered and replied "you talking to me.."
"Leave me alone" she said in a shout, and soon there were
people all about..
I turned on my heel, and fled the scene, little did I know
she could be so mean..
"oh well, oh well" I said to myself, "Ill just put that one on the shelf.."
There are other Chicks around, and that's a fact..
And maybe next time I won't get caught in the act..

Copyright © Leroy Max | Year Posted 2016