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Best Poems Written by Gerald Legister

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Jewels of Love

When fearful voices in the night began to cry,
Roaring from countless dreams behind the scream,
Dribbled eyes gazing into darkness at the vast sky,
This darksome turn, down into a wet pool of frown.
Perhaps the living of everyday hurts so much
Being stuck in this world always fooling around,
Dredged with pain and despair of being watch,
Drowning with whatever pleasure can be found. 
But I feel far away from the depressed bridge
Hearing echoes of merry din sounds in the distance,  
Lapping floating charge, cleared and cheered the barge.
Sent in the midst, to bring glorious untwist deliverance.
Into space where stars reside in overwhelming glory,
There is only thing in life more radiant and beautiful
As the reflections beaming from an infinite galaxy,
It is a sultry truth that slides down far into our soul.
The jewels of love shines brightest in the human heart,
With universal temptations from acres of diamonds,
Shining brightly in the vast atmosphere of perfect light 
Filling all the void of emptiness with unique demands.   
Let love break down the walls that surround the region,
With the Eternal Light selected source of happiness,
And move belief to fill our days with deeper expectation,
By discovering love, the smoothest jewel of bliss.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2017

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My Africa

My Africa is not the poor image
Ravaged by war in the betrayal of anger,
Echoed sounds graduating through the village 
In a portrayal of dances and comedy of laughter.
Nor the ugly cast freedom fighters had lost,
When modernism changes our culture, 
The price of realism came at a great cost, 
And in dispersion we became unsure.

Those we believe were exploiters of God 
Held out bribes that led to slippery slopes,
And all the choices we made were bad, 
Believing hope would in time open our eyes.
When we turn the page and tasted desire 
I think we found a better reason to love, 
With all those who favor Gods fire, 
Forgiveness is a more worthy gift to give.

Humbling darkness into the still hour 
Sowing seeds in the shadow of energy renew, 
Growing stronger in boiling sweat of power, 
My Africa was always lovely and true.

The wooden world is a place of the future,  
In nature, where Herero’s are born. 
Each mortal is a pearl that the world discover
African diamonds grazing in the fire farm.

The soiled bed will be blossomed and glow 
Pay debts to throw out the challenging light,
And cover darkening death where phantoms go, 
For spirits stray in shades of the haunted night.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2016

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You are a Survivor

Devastated by your losses
Upon tired shoulders carrying the crosses.
Surrounded by the rubble,
Drifting further along into more trouble.
Displace by the trail of disasters,
Imagery marred with unwanted posters.
Optimism daze by the unbelief
Hoping to find reassurance and relief.
You try to begin and to dream again
How to live a better life within
Tempted to give in; but you are a survivor
Brought by the price of the Saviour.
Poised to rebuild your legacy,
The future waits for you with all eternity.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2016

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The Beautiful Heart

We cringe with the icy cold
Wind blowing away the foggy cloud,
Drifting off into the tearful sleep
At noon and at night illusions keep,
Hearts wrapped with chimeric dreams.
Decisions glow in the warmest flames
Winding through the fading moonlight.
With the strongest part of human act
The heart is beautiful and tragic.
Where most of our emotions are kept
Lock in secure places of fragile concept.
It takes more than actions to beat,
The billions of ambushes we defeat,
No weapons formed can break it down,
Stoney faces or the bewildered frown.
Insults and virtues comes out fighting
Crush it by love and sparks be igniting
Millions of beautiful stars around the globe,
The spoken word, letters in the envelope.
Push it into retreat and it will wait
Patiently encamp, outside the gate,
The heart is trustworthy, but beware
Of the snares, the conditional flare.  
It takes only a single moment of betrayal  
For the unconquered walls to fall  
The kind that stay with the strain,
Live and strive, and self-esteem regain
Lie bruised in the dust, to heal inside
Find hope where the strong hearts hide,
The treasures of comforting bliss
Waiting to be discovered through a kiss.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2017

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Life is Precious

Rejoice with the arrival of sunrise, 
Don’t be too surprise, 
By the beautiful silhouette
Of the evening enchantment.
Life is precious, don’t lose it.
Look at the splendid picturesque, 
Usually, it is so hard to find. 

Give to those you don’t even know
Share all the kindness that you have 
Because the mystery of love
Comes in a limited quantity 
Use it, before it dries up and go
With the fresh morning dew.

Life is precious, don’t lose it, 
A little bit of love comes to much 
Before the breath is relinquish 

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2017

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Peace of Mind

You hear about holidays that people hate
Rarely of exotic taste, finding the better fare, 
Cheap enough for travel agents to promote
Such resorts which they advertise with flair.
A visa to start will set your mind at ease. 
Most controls need to see your passport, 
Wait a little longer in queues to get the air    
But when you see the clouds from up there.

You think you are almost down there, 
And can feel the landing gear quickly bite, 
Into the dust with the wind rushing clear, 
As keen concierge are prone to take delight 
And provide the right service to a customer, 
Looking for a treat to make them feel please, 
Gratuitous tips will set their mind at ease.  

Though experts give advice on legal matters, 
The request that you must weigh points inside, 
To set your mind at ease with desired answers, 
You may not like files in briefcase discreetly hide 
Risk disk others have confided their passions known,
The spiced taste of medicine given in health advice,
A hot desert to match the hazardous pursuit, 
Of pleasures snuggled up with stress and hurt.

Of course, there are great professionals out there, 
Who practice every day in quite another mode? 
Rest assured the church and state is well secure, 
Legislation at the door, favor is a governing code, 
Making the cost of living rise, equity values more, 
You will concur, and welcome another substitute, 
From the top of the basic list offering you peace, 
In hope of setting your mind at ease. 

Life has no guarantee in giving enormous overview,
Take another look, see what you miss in the mirror,
Try to find a younger picture but if you see a shadow,
Humble and mute coming around towards you, 
What you see is a reflection of a time and not another.
Set your mind at ease the taunts will not last forever.
Dilemma or demise a prayer brings you to your knees; 
Other trading places will set your mind at ease.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2017

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Africa Arise

The past has painted a dreary history 
with emblems of bittersweet memories, 
Benign soaring deeds in almost everything, 
but generations to come will be a surprise. 

When worlds far apart ceremoniously unite, 
to leave the lowered frown of awful gloom. 
Deplume made Africa arise from trampled dirt, 
to be admired in fiercer clouds coming down.

With every drapery breath changing place, 
Destiny hands over the elusive realms in time, 
Casting crowns to a forgotten race of eminence, 
To Bring them out from the labyrinth of decline.

Into a glorious sunshine far and high as the stars, 
Joyful alliance made combined nations proud, 
in greater orbits, their planets have no slaves, 
Wearing paradise on their heart under a shroud.

Africa arise out of the screen of banners forgotten, 
In the distant sphere, see a reign less radiant now, 
Could that vapour be a drop of monotint dream? 
With Caribbean faces looking through the window.

Narrowing the refit gap, brace for future impact, 
although hope seems very far away, 
Africa will arise to stand upon the mountain top, 
when the vision becomes light as the day.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2016

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Miners turn to face the cold

The mass production of coal is dead,
Buried infer lamps carried on the head,
Halogen miners sang the unforgiving dirge,
With fragments of flaky particles emerge,
Drilling hammers that smote the ground,
Never again to hear its rumbling sound.
Voices roar like dragons in damp vapour,
Highlighted the dangerous drudgery caper.
Its miners turn to face the cold idle breeze
Lusty diggers of cave brought to their knees.
Dust off running tears in nocturnal eyes
Sparkled pay in dissonant redundancies.
Tipping poison pouring out of their coat,
Coals brightly burn diamonds in the heat.
Hem and skirt tossed away in good wave,
The blockade collapsing stairs of the brave.
Sad hearts dramatically ending the way of life,
Kiss the face pioneers abandon with cheek.
Dirty power of bygone industrial revolution,
The demise ends centuries of veiled tradition.
Looks that is lost on the cloudy grey glare,
Tunnels bearing signature of the slender tear.
Tattoo rippled down on jagged wall mirrors,
Romantic fires to stare at the mantle towers. 
Underground roads in loops of fuel suspended,
Prison row of tombs lay silently on the cold bed.
Rock fractals calling from cold depth of earth,
Snuffed out the foggy union in oblivious wrath.
Dripping tar brooms lay on the dormant floor,
Once supplied daily ration meals for the poor.
Now the pit is shut leaving the empty trucks,
Pulling the souvenirs bearing burden buckets.
Into the nostril part of murky breath exhale,
Indifference steps crystallised among the stubble.
Can we face climate change of clean living?
In the beautiful candescent global warming.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2015

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Winter, get out of my way its time for you to go astray,
Let spring come and give the showers for which we pray
make flowers bloom and turn roses head high in the air, 
keep the icicles under our feet until the cold disappear.

Winter go away, you may leave the trees naked and bare 
Spring will have turned livid and clear away the icy stare, 
So, don’t be sad, but wipe away your crystalline tears, 
A new bossing rain is falling on the grass and the flowers.

Winter has a few more days in the place to linger on
As its shadows quietly disappear with the coming of dawn,
Sunrise draws near replacing darkness with a beautiful light,
Floating like a cloud towards an untangled silhouette.

Summer is where I want to go to laugh and embrace sunshine, 
Leave the shadows behind and renew the spirit in my mind, 
feel the sunrise ray of lights appearing in its familiars,  
Keeping the promises and believe we have grasp among fears.

A roaring fire, deaths desire piercing our blinked soul
Propaganda flames of torment engulfing the matric world. 
There is no escape from its illustrious and demise fate,
Media blustery screams in our ears all the tragedies we hate.  

The Ashes of fear controlling life with a slow burn, 
Sunrise waiting, fast as the wind blows, a new season turn,
Leave the scorn, struggles, and harm, enjoy the present charm 
and feel the sunrise warmth where death had dawn.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2018

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What is Love

What is love? Love is a portrait of art and love is precious.
Love is amazing poetry, simple imagery of alluring beauty, 
Love is wonderful presentation filled with nice surprises, 
Love is the first duel in the field to conquer honour and duty.

Love comes at dawn with welcome arms full of charm.
Love lives in the land of glory, by bristly heroic sacrifices, 
Love is a language the conscious noun use of genres from, 
Love is a life light until our soul eclipses the eternal skies.

Before pall bears, shadows fall smouldering ashes in a fire, 
Love is the vows we make and the vows that we will shun, 
Requiem powers of the dead lend strength to the survivor, 
Love is in colours of the rainbow that glows for every nation, 

Love is the scroll on which romantics wrote symphony of notes, 
Love is the road on which they walk towards elusive goal, 
Love is the boat on which they serenade carnival floats, 
Love is in the air on streets of gold catching snow and windfall.

Love is many laughs and as many cries, we treasured most, 
Love is risk and adventures floundering in the sleepless night, 
In a chasm of abyss leap the soul above incarceration mist, 
Clasped the fantasy that yearns for passion in secret delight.

Love is a cloud on which birth surprisingly thrives on earth, 
In time, our emotions tear down the walls on which it stood, 
Until we go back in reincarnation blur along the same path.
And consume the hearts splitting off into tiny pieces of good.

Love is a mixture hidden deep in faith, of belief small or great, 
Unhinged the carriage driven by mortals in athleticism flame, 
The contagious nectar of taste refined more palatable than hate, 
In rhapsody of human glory, the acumen brings no shame.

If you had love? Would you give it away or keep it as a gift? 
Finding ways through prison bars up the stairs and into the stars, 
Love is too costly to waste scratching your head tearing at yourself, 
From the almighty plan, it is our needful breath of joy and tears.

Copyright © Gerald Legister | Year Posted 2015