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Wood Stages

I Death Wood

My skeleton, the trembling tree,
hit by the axes of ambulances
due to the decay of disease.
My muscles languish as wilted leaves.
My organs are rotting red apples.
My soul is the searing wind, while
my thoughts tick like termites.

The ivy of MS illness wraps with
waste around my twisted trunk.
Suddenly, spiders of suicide 
descend onto my branches.
They crawl across my broken bark,
crackling my rustic eyesight.

The sun, a golden unicorn, gone
into the forest of healthy laughter.
My wilted wood wanes in a cloud coma
with no moon, stars or watercolor sky.
Where are my wildflowers? 
Where is my green gleam?
I wait and wish for black lighting.

II Birth Wood

My family, the fog where most
float in the underworld as veiled
ghosts along the grassy grounds.
My thirsty roots reach for them
like wild hands hungry in ebony soil.
Sometimes their memory perfumes
and pollinates my heart with prayers.

My friends are a flock of birds that
become singing bracelets upon my bark.
Their feathers grace me like silk hope.
Their beaks devour the suicide spiders
on my weak wood, and their cheerful 
songs encourage me to bloom once again. 

Full moon flashes as a white wizard,
wearing a cloak of competitive clouds,
while moody night smolders as his black hat.
Spirals of opal light make my bark bright.
Spirit moonbeams weave within my wood,
healing hollow shadows, and allowing me to 
taste the monthly midnight milk of magic.

III Rain Wood

Spring steams with saturating rainfall,
sealing my splinters, washing away webs,
and the dirt of daily depression. 
My sap slides like a slow moving sea.
My tree bends and bows in all
directions, sprouting with joy.
Jade fire erupts along my branches.

Raindrops beat like crystal hearts
upon my boughs and my blossoms.
These clear spheres of nature inspire 
rebirth and germination of all life.
My apples sing as flutes, my leaves
clap hands, and my trunk plays harp.

My lover, the lone eagle, appears and flaps
his feathered wings upon my wooden nest.
Our love is best lived in traveling weather.
My limbs taste the last drops of dissipating dew
as the crocheting clouds release final rivers.
Deer court in the fermenting forest,
while golden unicorn grazes upon me.

February 7th 2008

Sponsor: Natasha L Scragg
Contest: The Throw Back Challenge 

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2015

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Steam of Consciousness

Soul jewels rise with Spring’s arrival of chromatic shawls
Waterfalls of the wise arise from crackling crust of earth
Rebirth within our beating being where our spirits sway as
Ideas boil from our bubbling brains and poetry rains while
Our enlightenment stretches forth as galloping sunsets
Sentences prance as wild cats and our collective minds
Burst into bountiful mountains where we align with moon
Every year we gallantly gear into worship, wisdom and the Word
Alas, we have the talented task to swim through our soul skins
And release regal mastery of internal doctrine and step forward 
With ivy wrapped dance displaying our relationship trinity
As the season rejoices with regaling seeds of spiritual coloration 
We as the exalted expression of imprinting our self-knowledge 
Unto future flummox feathers awaiting flight from life itself 
We transition into first day of Spring itself in every God-like direction 

February 15th 2019
POTD February 17th 2019
Published in PS: It's Poetry 2020

Contest: Encourage Poetry 
Sponsor: Regina McIntosh 

Contest:Old Poems, Free Verse (003)
A Poet Destroyer

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2019

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Thunderstorms of Love

lighting love laces my midnight heart in shadows your potent presence melts my murk madness my soul lives behind the moon your sunset smile awakens me now seeps into my chaos clouds thunder silencing we dance in rogue rain droplets of dreamy dew splash upon our steamed souls August 30th 2020 POTD September 1st 2020

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2020

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cloak of the oak

sunset souls seep sighs our eyes as blue butterflies leaves...God's love letters August 2nd 2021 POTW Contest: Haiku Sponsor: Regina McIntosh 5th Place

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2021

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Trinity Phoenix

I Phoenix Mind 

My masked mind with blinding binding doubts and regrets…
I swirl in suffocating quick sand over splintering thinking 
for grinded rocks rough up my reality with remorse
Enough! Silence. Mindfulness. Prayers. 
I conquer corrupt conversations in my bedraggled brain 
Wondrous word waterfalls wash me with purity peace
searing my intellect back into interests of enlightenment 
Ash ambers ignite to flight freedom with formulating fires 
My synapses snap with gemstone appeal where my thoughts 
transform into treasures and float freely as feathers 

II Phoenix Heart

The rusty red casket door opens with the rasping of my heart
My wild rose piercing me with no acknowledgement 
Enough! Love God. Love self. Love others. 
As dewy drips of dancing blood delight in filling my heart
with rebuilding the broken crimson pieces into a mosaic 
My heart’s ruby eyes open with serenity surprises 
reaching with regal rainbow hands to mind…to soul
Ashes agree that my heart’s anger fueled by failures 
Promising potent pleasures where expression is exalted 
My harmony heart beats with beautiful balance

III Phoenix Soul

Sorrow seeds slip through my soul and weave shadows that 
surround my sullen spirit where wicked wants consume me
I carve the core of the isolation cave and hide in horror 
Enough! Soul giving. Soul helping. Soul creating. 
As my spirit bleeds back into my body with readjustment 
I discover silver sensations that lead into luxury life
Ashes arise as pewter petals placing themselves on my soul
Together with chiming time I alas overcome obstacles 
My mind, heart and soul…woven into a wonderment of
flying Trinity Phoenix soaring with gossamer glory!

March 22nd 2021
Contest : Phoenix Rising 
Sponsor: Unseeking Seeker
First Place Trophy Win

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2021

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Pearls Upon My Brain

Multiple Sclerosis 
Disease pleases itself by attacking my immune system 

Paragraphs of pain drain my body and brain 
Sentences swirling around my blood stream
Of negative nationality negate my rationality 
Though I appear normal my internal reactions are informal 
The book of life shows me endless strife
How I wish I did not look drunk or act out like a foolish punk
I strive for infinity strength but alas have an abnormal trinity 

Bipolar disorder I 
Mental illness occludes my moods

Syllables of sadness, madness or overhyped gladness 
Overwhelm my oscillating memory and mind to bind
By bleak and weak emotions that are almost witched potions
Through therapy and mindfulness I strive for being alive
Suicide attempts, blown money, where it’s poison honey
Has leached my worthiness where I wish for a calm dish
So I can preach my good reach of staying true and not blue

His cold breath has taken most of my loves

Loneliness letters written from heart tear me apart 
Only in dreams I can touch them and be together as teams
Sun stages, moon phases are where I see their souls
Lighting is their voice and it must be my choice to listen
Thunder represents my roaring angst and soaring prayers
Clouds release cool characters, giving me peace
I am garden now with seeds of daily deeds of duty

August 24th 2019
Contest: If You Only Knew
Sponsor: Silent One 
Second Place 

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2019

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Breathing Beauty

Elegance falls from her electric expressions in art and poetry 
Beautiful bountiful boldness blossoms into a benthos aura
She swirls upon pearl clouds and diamond moonlight 
Sharing her starry soul which soothes all with soft sentiments 
Love laces her lineage by linking her lenity landscapes 
Grace, gentleness of genuine care slip through her skilled hands
For she is the book of trees and Venus upon wildflowers 
Her darling designs dance through the fields of our soul 
She embodies all four seasons within the chapters of her heart
Where rainbows rush as rivers throughout her blood 
For she understands universal pain and desires to cease it
Throughout the countryside of anyone’s backyard 
I am blessed to know her honorable honey personality 
Victorious throughout centuries where she will be studied 
For her everlasting exotic expressionism in her lifetime!

For Line Gauthier 
Thank you for everything 
March 11th 2020

Contest: Strand Choice E Any Theme, Any Form
Sponsor: Brian Strand 
Honorable Mention 

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2020

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white ribbons ascending upward,
becoming breath of blue sky.

shadows of angels shooting arrows
into the proprietor of daily peril.

silhouettes of songs circumnavigation
the moat around everyone's heart.

the areola around the moon's sphere,
and April's evaporation from morning rain.

the lattice of the earth encompassing 
and collecting the goodness of all.

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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Mother Nature's Jade Ink

The dragon of disease captured and cremated my mother 
from the criminal cancer.
Oh, how I mourn her enchanting emerald eyes!
Her favorite color was the silky sheen of green, still is I 
should say since her spirit stirs within me and within the 
Here in the novel nourishing Northwest, reminders of her
regal royalty prosper in a pea green puzzle.
The giddy glaucous Fir Douglas branches float as friendly
feathers, reminding me of her hardworking artistic hands
and humble hugs.
The virescent veil of copious serene green fosters the
fertile foundation for flowers, stems, buds, leaves, trees,
pines, giddy grasses, ivy and the jubilant jungles.
Within mother nature's jade ink, my mother eyes and 
essence still exists!

March 2 2016

Contest: Mother
Sponsor: Constance La France
First Place

Contest: Absolutely Anything 
Sponsor: Shreya LN

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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Midnight Milkshake

Sunset cooks with jelly bean colors,
powdering Earth with burnt sugar.

A bittersweet butter cream cresent 
chip rises crusty from the dough of dusk.

Out pops lollipop moon swaying over
sights of Nature's sweet delights.

Cotton candy clouds sweep over
caramel trees and candied leaves.

Pink pastry landscape thickens into 
a sky pie to cover and bake young moon.

In licorice evening, sugar stars shimmer
against this chewy and tangy texture.

Planets glisten as nocturnal nuts in
the peanut clustered galaxy.

Full blood moon toasts as the cherry
sitting atop the sundae of darkness. 

Moonlight drips like melting ice cream 
upon chocolate covered mountains. 

Time pulls on vanilla light like toffee,
transforming it from lunar stretches.

Waning moon disappears like toasted
marshmallows into night's bite of s'mores.

Chantelle Anne Cooke 
August 14th 2007

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2015