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I always want to be good and not bad
But sometimes I have to be bad
Each and every one of us know what is right
But how do we execute the right?
That’s is why I am not you

I always want to be white and not black
But sometimes I have to be grey
So you don’t have to judge me
Circumstances of thing demanded for it
That is why we are not the same

If people are going to be the same
Since genesis God wouldn’t have created male and female
We would have just be the same
Why can’t everyone be like me?
No, it’s not possible!

Universe will be boring and monotonous
And there won’t we be variety
That is why we are not the same
If you can’t take me for whom I am
I bet you, you can’t find another person like me

Because we are not the same
We are different, so that we can complement each other
Just like bread and beans
I’m not saying you shouldn’t ‘correct me’
But know that we can never be the same

I am not you and you are not me
Because my name is different from yours
I am not you and you are not me
Because my age is different from yours
I can be introvert and you can be extrovert

I am not you and you are not me
Because my face is not the same as yours
I am not you and you are not me
Because my voice is not the same as yours
Then why do you expect our character to be the same?

The best, we can do is to harmonize each other
That is why I need you and you need
That is why I need your bread and you need my beans
That is why I need your love and you need my peace
That is why I need your courage and you need my strength

That is why I need your music because I can dance
That is why I need your prayer and you need my fasting
That is why I’m say this  because you need to listen
I am not you and you are not me
But we can synchronize each other!

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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Towards the land

In arcade of rigorousness
that brought the use of scrupulousness
walking in the valley of rectitudeness
with a pure mind of purity

which truncate not, witting truthfulness
to a steadfast adherence of walking uprightness
showing the way to an unfailing trustworthiness
in the great mind of Chastity

road to life for righteousness
with moral ethics of great sense
truthful footstep of Kosher dispense
the land that makes a good person’s life easy

 the real estate of deed in geniuses
giving the pathway to a man of faithfulness
bringing the concord of a sincere hearts to the apex of wholeness
connecting the plainness and condor in harmony

location where everyone should be and dwell in virtuousness
through the conduit of righteousness
gathering station for the board of trustees
discussing on the role of decency

Watch! insincere hinkers will scorn you because of your uprightness
but be of good cheer in your doings
for the light shatters every plan of the scorners
this is not just word but an homily

that’s what it takes to get to the promise land of trusty
if you are not on the road yet, quickly change your theory
but if you are one the road already
Welcome! to the land of HONESTY

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2015

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Oh Arise

Oh Arise! 
the city with wonderful natural resources
country where all are loyals 
Country where peace and unity are our watchwords 
leaders are serving in good manners 
masters and servants are truthful to themselves 
in seeing each other as brothers and sisters 
children future are care for in parents' hands 
fundamental human rights lives
country where thou gripe corruptions
education is the greatest for all of us 

Oh Arise! 
suddenly you become a changer
country where no one wants to be truster 
what a quarter! 
servant is not trustworthy to master
helpless is useless to the helper
parent is not faithful to the shaver 
thy children are not surer 
everyone now become a gamer 
when will the future be brighter?
corruption reignth in thy pastoral 

Oh Arise! 
thy lie is thy precision 
peace and unity is not fashion
fundamental human rights in consumption 
shedding of blood is thy ambition 
not even planning for the next generation
frivolous has taken our education
to be educated is not for misappropriation
different between truth and lie is truth use you intuition
let us try to be positive exception
arise to the positive direction
Oh Arise! to peace and justice oh ye nation
Oh Arise! 

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2015

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Chuckle I say Chuckle

Why thou Frown?
Express you mirth
Your pleasure, derision
nervousness with an audible vocal expulsion
don't at expense of others

either for pleasure or for intimidation
try to make someone happy
Chuckle, I say Chuckle
if you think it's hard
get the best medicine

Comedy, I guess
the situation is not forever
rather it's gonna be end one day
be happy and optimistic
not only your face smiling

also, your mind
never try to be vicious
never try to be barbarous
nor try to be vicious
Sadist is not allowed

try not to be moody
always be cheery.

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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Vrai Foi I

Forth, backward he espies
Soaked in the state of melancholy
Dwindle out of joy
Looking sluggish somber, sulky

Seems fidelity is gone
affiliated with termination cum uncertainty
baffled of what tomorrow will behoove
pondering on apparel and edibility

Thither, I apparition
seeing him gloomy dejected
now I began to pronounce
an elongated vocalization

all you need is a little faith
unstoppable force ever
elastic, static never
obliterate all cavity

nodding in affirmation
…but still jumbled.

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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Supremacy permitted to carry out his work
greatly loved by heavenly beings
disaffection spirit, ripened into revolt
once again, get caution of the supremacy
thou refused to be cautioned 

sophistry and fraud pioneer
hard to discern, genesis deceiver
supreme neither deceit nor flatter
that, he imbibed
apparently, waged dishonour was highly honoured

veering rectitudness cum fidelity
delve the frail of humanity
getting men similitude you 
the thing himself, unmasked deceiver 
why is thy path zigzager

manufacturer of sin and his clang
extirpate spirit of rebellion
modified the given tenet
against divine government
nature of sinful nurture

come on!  you longing to rule? 
no obligation, rule the caliber of your sinful nature 
forget not the allegiance of God's creature
rest upon a conviction of his justice

we are all acquainted where you will end
heavenly infernos
peerless you, with your clans
caliber of sinful nature
tainted sinister folks

ponder not, am not a stakeholder in your entity
not single I,  but multiple dextral folks
solid rock I stand, not to be betake
prepare, zillions depart thy darkful cage
enter lightful space

... the hour has come to liberate the world! 
divine inferno is thy ward
collectively citizenry crowd
greatest controversy ever seen
black snake under the black grass

Oh! death knell of yours was rung
Haaa! "it is finished"

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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A pharmacon was not be, God saw you confiscating drowsy

He mantled him in his loving arms and whispered come with me 

The Family has minus one gentle fervor and heaven one angel more

Fathomless in my heart  your memory is kept of one i admired and shall never obliterate 

Oh! The duress of life; death which has taken you away and impeded me to see you no more 

And has made a veracious soul at composure 

You fell asleep without goodbye but memories of you will always stay

Thank you for the foothold,  care and love

I will miss you!

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2015

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Purer and whiter than snow, thicker than water
protecting His people from the plans of the doer
if not for the one thing I wonder
for the love of the working ways wonder

where will you and I be for the past years 
from age to age, years to years?
performing great job for the righteous
unto those that know His ways

cleanse away all predicament
with a genuine heart of commitment 
guiding for the future betterment
putting the antagonist into an open embarrassment

have you been to cleanse by it?
Cos it is great to experience such work of it
the one that freely flows from Calvary home
that can never dry till years to come 

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2015

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 Never seen a day light for quondam
impediment in abdicate quitdaim
auctioning what thinks best incessantly
believing it’s a good stomping realm
eatoboree and drinkoboree in deterioration with chum

struggling in all his days with felicity
is there another life better than? This in quandary
on that stunch day exert
in getting what to eatoboree and drinkoboree as customary
a step beyond his terrene, mistakenly

Alas! Sees the day light
back to his terrene and step out in plaudit
seeing same thing, no surrogates
moving around, the different is bright
on himself, passes arraignment

A step out of my zone is what I need these days
exhausting all these pasts in lapses
believing he has best domain ever in history
not knowing, it is the best in disguise
was that life or is this life? He grills

such is life, I parry
someone’s house is another person’s poultry
how much will it cost? He grum
the ransom has been likely
not there; here is the liberty

liberate the paid ransom
here I will stay till eternity
exultant in seeing the light
enjoying without no constrains
summoning his crony

freedom is premium!

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2016

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Aperture in thy face

Aperture in thy face
Why thou deprive life with vocal sounds?
Although rescue with your voice
Through thee we taken substance to maintain life and growth,
both spices of sweetness and bitterness
Distinctive in every living without you homo sapiens are
Thou giveth man different voice but the same structure

Emit communication of sounds
Your creator is awesome
Through thee we utter our mind
Why thou generate smelling saliva and also defective odour
when we don't clean you?

Aperture in thy face
Well your saliva helps in digesting our food
Agent of biting, chewing and vocal organ
Origin of truth and lie
Why can't you give us a different voice for truth and lie?
There where soft voice come from, that where hard voice also

You show one the sign of tiredness and feel sleepy when we
Sometimes you look dirty when you allow the substances we
taken eject through thee
You incarnate of teeth, tongue and lips
How am I going to look without you

Copyright © Afolabi Oluwaseun | Year Posted 2015