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Best Poems Written by Elsie Berg

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Walking Down Memory Lane

Walking through a library,
Walking down the stairs.
Walking past pedestrians,
Realizing no one cares.

I see a man
Rambling on
About all he can.
He passes me by,
Looks me in the eye
and says:

I walked down memory lane;
I didn't come back.
I walked through all of the pain
I wish to take back.

Sure, I've laughed at all the first times,
But I cried at all the last times.
Now I site
Just what I have done
And who I've become,
Walking down memory lane.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2016

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The Girl with the Happy Eyes

Before she was there,
I was so sad;
I did not care
For the self that I had.

We met in a golden van.
Her smile was bright,
But I did not plan
To fall in love that night.

She plays with my hair;
I hold her tight.
I can't help but stare
At the end that is in sight.

My home
Is where she lies.
The girl
With the happy eyes.

She's the sunshine
To my cloudy day,
The rhythm and rhyme
To the songs that I play.

But alas, it is not forever;
You must leave so soon.
I swear that I'll never
Fall as hard for anyone but you.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2016

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Blonde hair,
Beautiful smile,
But she's been hurting
For a long while.

Loud laugh,
Crazy eyes,
But in the meantime,
She still cries.

But she's in
A state of defeat.

Puts all sadness
To shame.

She laughs.
She cries.
She prays.
She lies.

She's amazing,
But shattered,
Thought she lost
All that mattered.

She's incredible,
God's amazing little girl,
Thinks she's nothing,
But she's the whole world.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2016

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The Lake

Waves of air frolic around me;
The trees stretch back.
All the colors I see…
Floating on the kayak.

The water shows its glimmer;
The sun caresses it.
Ignoring the trimmer,
I just float and sit.

This lake is my love;
This place is a safe haven,
Even to those above,
Even to the vengeful raven.

To the silent whispers of the night,
I have no name.
The winds take flight;
I have no pain.

Night or day,
No trouble,
No dismay.

This is where I belong.
Here alone I can be me!
I can scream out all air in my lung;
Only one to witness is the tree.

The birds sing
With a joyful trill.
Bees don't sting,
So I stay still.

I listen to the loon call,
To fish splash.
I feel no feel at all,
Looking to the grass's flower sash.

Close your eyes;
Listen to the wind sing.
Don't despise.
Forget every little thing.

Just listen;
Just feel.
Just love;
Just float.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2015

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Piano Boy

Voice deep and soothing,
Heart large and warm,
Humor quick and witty,
And not to mention his charm...

Hair hay blonde,
Eyes pale blue;
I've fallen.
What do I do?

Touch soft and tender,
Smile bright and kind.
Do I pursue,
Or leave my heart behind?

Lips moving along lyrics,
Fingers dancing upon piano keys.
It's safe to say,
He has enraptured me.

Tall like Everest,
Pale like the snow.
I wish I could control myself,
But, alas, it is not so.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2016

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Sense of Worth

Sense of worth is a treasure in a safe;
The key is confidence.
To unlock the power,
You must keep your chin up!

Say you are not a mistake,
But a triumph!
Then you will see,
You're worth much more than anticipated.

Look in the mirror and be proud!
The glass portrait is your key.
Is it the right one?
Does it give you the treasure?
Does your life give you a sense of worth?

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2015

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I am Very Cold

The cold that once chilled my bones
Is a dull ache to me now.
And my parents denied me phones!
I wish I had Cole Matthew's little at.oow.

A young man pulls a prank,
About fifty times.
"We were attacked by a tank!
Trust me, it's no lie."

My arm has a dull purple tint;
I can't really feel it anymore.
If I could get my hands on flint,
Holding in shivers would be not a chore.

Five o'clock,
Says the electronic pad.
Once in a while I rock,
That's not too bad.

"Study the vehicles' way, shape, and form"
Says my tiny inner voice.
"Anything to keep your thoughts warm"
I have not another choice.

To be warm is to be safe,
To be safe is to be warm.
At least snow doesn't chafe
Against me in a dreaded winter storm.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2016

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Filthy Addiction

The mattress has a wet spot.
I'm so far gone!
If only I had fought
Before it had begun.

I'm a horrible girl,
So sinful and wrong.
But I've been stuck in this whirl-
Wind of filth so long.

I used to have hope,
That I could overcome.
Spiritual soap
Could leave it undone.

But I've lost all joy.
What harm will some pleasure do?
I deserve it. Boy,
If you had seen what I went through.

Ruined jeans are on the floor.
I cry and cry,

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2016

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I Pretend not to Notice

I pretend not to notice 
When there's nothing for me,
When there's no sharing.
I act as though I can't see.

I pretend not to notice
When the refrigerator's bare,
So I don't sift through it;
I don't stare.

I pretend not to notice
My weight dropping,
My stomach shrinking,
My bones popping.

I pretend not to notice
My stomach growling.
Water helps,
So now I'm drowning.

I pretend not to notice
The way they look at the mail,
Praying for a lack of bills,
Crying when the prayers fail.

I pretend not to notice
That we're dying.
I ignore
My mother's crying.
I mean,
At least they're trying.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2016

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Be Weak for Me, Father

I see the pain
Leaking out your eyes,
Because your sister
Has met her demise.

You don't have to be strong.
I know that it hurts;
I know that she's gone,
Soon to be coated in dirt.

The heart attack took her,
But she's alive in your heart.
The nightmares may stir,
But don't let them tear you apart.

Be weak!
Be fragile for me!
Her funeral is near,
So cry until you can't see!

Remember her love,
How she cared.
Now she lives in a land above,
In God's lair.

Father be weak!
Father just cry!
Let your eyes leak,
Because your big sister just died.

Copyright © Elsie Berg | Year Posted 2015