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Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is LOVE

Faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is LOVE
(1 Corinthians 13:13)

Love is a word that is difficult to define
Hand crafted by God from the beginning of time
He created this wonderful world for man
So we could love one another and live by his plan 

It has the healing power to drive away pain
Even just a smile would bring a broken heart gain
It is an emotion which man can hardly live without 
And though it is FREE, it’s scarce and circled in doubt

As sunshine makes the flowers flourish
The warmth of love takes away man’s anguish
Keep hatred away as it bears a great weight
Instead spread love wherever you can show it.

We can learn a few tips from the animal kingdom
Where sharing, kindness, caring, loving are random
Prestige, power, riches may have a significant part
But we are nothing if we have no Love in our hearts.

Copyright © Mariette Ross | Year Posted 2015

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A Beautiful Woman

A Beautiful Woman

Beauty which is skin deep is fragile and easily destroyed
But character means power which sustains thru’ tides
A sight to behold – stunning, fabulous, striking, alluring
With no grace, charisma, expression she is reckoned as boring.
A beautiful woman is strong, respected, gentle as the morning breeze
Always wears a smile and extends a willing hand to please
Daughter, sister, mother, aunt, wife or friend she is a pride to discern
For commitment to whatever role God has placed her, she’s known
As a daughter she takes care of her young family members
To give mum and dad rest from their daily dilemmas
As a sister she patiently listens to the youngsters’ stories with good humour
And puts up with daring pranks from her brothers who are older.
As a mother she wakes up with the first ray of the morning light
From end to end she makes it her concern to make the day go right
She sacrifices her wants so her children get the best
To see them flourish, succeed, prosper is her first interest
As an aunt she is full of good advice when mother isn’t there
Watching over nephews and nieces whenever she has the time to spare
As a wife she proves herself very capable and is much loved by her man
He adores her, praises her and knows she is a part of God’s plan
A woman of beauty is a joy to withhold
She is worth much more than diamonds and gold
For diamonds and gold cannot comfort or befriend
If you find a beautiful woman, make her your best friend.

Copyright © Mariette Ross | Year Posted 2015

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True Friendship is a Gift from God

True Friendship is a gift from God

Among the many gifts I have received
Friendship is the best one I perceive
True friends don’t just come in passing
You've got to be one too, to make that happen.

In the world, treasures abound in plenty
What good are they, for in love and care, they seem empty?
When you are down and need an uplifting word
Not to treasures but to friends you look toward.

Sharing deep secrets and feelings which hurt
The merging of the two brings relief and comfort 
In their presence you find cosiness and joy
‘Cause that is a communion true friends enjoy!

In life’s busy paths many folk come your way
Though finding new friends seems like a breath of fresh air
Do not forget the old faithful for the new
God sent them to lend you their ear and shoulder too.

By Mariette Ross
All rights reserved

Copyright © Mariette Ross | Year Posted 2015

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The Legacy

The Legacy

Teenaged girl of only eighteen years she was when
Hastily betrothed to a man who was twice her age then
By parents who were overwhelmed with fear and worry
About four daughters who they had to send off to marry

My Mother, she was the eldest of the four sisters
With the responsibilities to care for even her brothers
From early childhood she learnt the wearisome ropes
Which proved opportune training for her in future to cope

With a foreboding dad and a frail mum such as theirs
She had very little option but to take the reins in her cares
 Persistence, sacrifice, self-denial were on the top of the list
Cleaning pots and pans in comparison was the very least

The man she was betrothed to had neither status nor treasure
His assets being mainly kindness and love in great measure
With the little money honestly earned, toiling together 
Bonding and building each other, in preparation for a future

My mother was a self-taught seamstress and dad a talented tailor
When the days’ earning weren’t enough, they burnt the midnight oil together
Amidst complains and criticisms they humbly took their stride
In delivering their goods to satisfy their customers with pride 

Their nest now filled with warmth of their love and happiness
Together they looked forward to God given marital bliss
One by one their off springs then came along
To dwell in this place called home, for years, to belong

The little that they owned in material worth
Became even less but we for sure, added to their mirth
Never a day went by when we were in want
Cause their love was abundant and that’s all we cared about

The Legacy they left was not diamonds nor pearls
But virtues and values which would hold us up in coming years
And the lessons we learnt over the hard times we went through
Helped build our characters, in retrospection I view

They taught us to love and care for each other
And also those less fortunate, who we ought to call ‘sister ‘or ‘brother’
Share whatever you have they would kind-heartedly say
God is watching and will send fresh blessings your way

So mum and dad though you are not here anymore
In spirit your constant presence surrounds us, your Legacy is right here
The three children you have raised are mirroring your ways
Mum, you always said, “It is God’s guiding hand in the first place”.

Copyright © Mariette Ross | Year Posted 2016

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A Plea to President Joko Widodo

A Plea to President Joko Widodo

Forgiveness is a fragrance of only the strong
The weak seek vengeance for all that is wrong
Though laws are made for all citizens to abide
Compassion is the language of the heart not the mind.

For Compassion, Kindness and Humility
Come mainly from a much felt core called Empathy
With these qualities you can be completely assured
You will be a revered by your political peers

Dear President Joko Widodo, compassion, kindness and humility
In some corner of your heart I am sure you can find these three
Take a minute to look into the agony of the victims’ families
Then imagine what IT would be like to have your own, placed similarly

We plead to your authority to forgive Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran
‘Cause if you do, the world who is fearfully watching and waiting on
Will have profound Admiration, Respect and Gratitude towards you.
And in that Forgiveness, you will find a sweet-scented Freedom too.

As the ‘Noble’ ‘Exalted’ Hero in History you’ll go down 
Your Fragrance of Forgiveness will be forever lingering on
You’ll be known as the greatest Indonesian President who showed his Might
And just think about not having blood on your hands or a sleepless night.

So Your Excellency, President Widodo we plead you to re-think,
“Do I yield to the unforgiving Law or stir my compassionate being
To forgive these two mortal men who have no doubt showed remorse
And the Kindness and Humility shown will rid me of the weighty “Bloody” curse.

                                                     By Mariette Ross

Copyright © Mariette Ross | Year Posted 2015

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Take it to the Lord

Take it to the Lord

Sad and troubled feelings are upon us in different hues 
Deeply disturbed but brave it, showing little or no clues
Bottled inside, turmoil within – the grief only multiplies
The malady when shared with Him, is guaranteed to minimize.

Shed the shyness, the inhibition, the reservation, the ego
Unlock those chains to bring the calm that you forego
Lift the lid of that urn that has long been steaming
Share those locked up feelings with Him who is good at listening.

Friends, family, siblings, peers, neighbors are all too busy
With their load of problems which they also find hard to carry
God who seems so far away in his heavenly abode
Is waiting to extend his comforting hand; to take off your load.

Sincerely seek His protection, His guiding hand never doubt
You need not utter long and complicated prayers aloud
Join your hands in simple conversation and make your requests
Then wait patiently for Him to show how He bequests.

He will give you what you’ve asked for and much much more
You’ll be astounded, ecstatic by His grace and generous measure
After prayers are answered, and you tarry away unburdened
To thank Him and praise His Holy name to others, be certain.

Inspired by my life circumstances.
By Mariette Ross  (2017)

Copyright © Mariette Ross | Year Posted 2017

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To awaken me I need no alarms
A new day has dawned after a night of calm.
The sunlight streams from the open window
Through the transparent drapes it finds its way indoor.

There is a multitude of things I need to be ever grateful for
Things which I take for granted, which many may not have by far
Each day I will think of something to thank the Creator
And that way I will teach myself to end my bicker

Today I am grateful for being able to ‘see’
The beauty of God’s hand all around me
I stop for a moment and think of the blind
Who see the world through another’s mind.

I join my hands in grateful Prayer
And look heavenward to the One who’s there
Then I thank Him for giving me ‘sight’
And all the other privileges which make my life a delight. 

By Mariette Ross
So blessed (2017)

Copyright © Mariette Ross | Year Posted 2017