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Hands trembling 
Mind disoriented
Wondering through dark forests
Laced with confusion

Clear visions distorted 
Far sight a blur 
Darkness defining dreams of a future

Weakness in sobriety 
Or so is the delusion 
Last in the race 
Or so the mind has deceived. 

Give me a drink
Liquid courage they say
Abolish this fear my heart has so embraced
Let it teach me the art of life
Let it show me the science of love
Only till sobriety reenters

Day break, head is pounding 
Stomach a knot 
My spirit not fazed 
Courage for the night I did embrace.

Give me a fix 
The perfect escape
Woken night mares materialised  
Less fright than of clarity
Subconscious mind taunting 
Tune of the head so daunting 
Less pain than characterised by sobriety 

Day break, head is pounding 
Focus altered 
My spirit not fazed 
My perfect escape was indeed sedative 

Hands trembling 
Mind disoriented
Give me back my liquid courage
Take me back to my perfect escape.

Copyright © Sinothando Ndebele | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sinothando Ndebele Poem


There he walked, glistening.
A reflection of pure perfection. 
Words so eloquent, 
Smeared with truths of untold tales.
The half she found missing in hers.

He who she would seek and without fail find
A sufficient and abundant fulfiller of all she could need.
Only from afar.

How the wages of her love 
Have translated to her bleeding heart.
Tears hugging her pillow night,
After looming night.
How the hand that used to love,
Has become the same hand to scar her.

Her words he find so untrue,
Through the deception of his own illusions.
A boy haunted by love he never knew, 
Deprived by those entrusted with his heart so pure.
A boy scarred by the errors of those who came before.

He was paying for sins uncommitted,
Sins of the ones that gave him life.
The same sins that have captured him in his own mind prison,
Untrusting of the world so taunting,
Childhood pain unresolved,
Directed to the one who gave him hers.

Her love so strong, 
His blameless heart with her found absolution.
And his excuse- If you only listened.
And her excuse- his faults my love will alter.
A love so futile,
A love so toxic.
Her own physical prison.

There he walked, melancholic.
Leaving behind him dust of broken hearts.
Words eloquently hurtful,
Symbolised by false truths.


Copyright © Sinothando Ndebele | Year Posted 2015