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Who is this man who has come into my life
Where did he come from?
Why is he here?

Looking into his gentle face I see a light a love and grace
His hands touch me and reach into my soul 
His voice is reassuring, yet still I do not know.  

Who is this man who has come into my life
Where did he come from? 
Why is he here?

Candle lit rooms, soft music, sweet words, touching from the heart, 
Feeling things I have never felt before, 
Frighten when he walks out the door. 

Who is this man who has come into my life?
Where did he come from?
Why is he here?

Passion, touching speaking words of love, kissing and moving closer.
Making love sounds that can not be spoken, yet for a moment, yet forever.
A joining, caressing, feeling whole again.  

Who is this man who has come into my life?
Where did he come from?
Why is he here?

Only time will reveal the purpose and the plans of this union with this 
man for good or for bad I do not know, but for this time I will stop 
to enjoy him.

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2006

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Let Down One More Time

Relationships can drag us down
They can take us to the ground

Sad how people can make you feel
Finding out what's in their heart for you is not real

They talk a talk you want to hear
You thinking they are sincere.

Really not trying to hide, yet hiding
Really not loving but lying

How will I ever know when the real thing comes along
Without having doubts from being wronged

Walking down this path at times is very hard
Winding down this path that has been so scarred

Afraid to love again not sure I can
Afraid to feel the pain where I have been.  .   

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2007

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When Two Hearts Come Together

Can we call it destiny? Perhaps it is just fate finding each other.  
How did we meet, this man and I? 
A picture, a phone call, a conversation that brought us close to each other. 
Sharing our thoughts, our experiences, laughing and enjoying each other

Even before we met love was taking hold.  Our hearts began to blend, 
Strong emotions of love began to grow.  
Yet never seeing each other, yet knowing we somehow belong to one another.
How could this be?

We come from different places, he and I
Two people who once belonged to someone else
Two people who lost a marriage we dearly wanted to keep
Two people moving on, looking for change for new opportunities. 

Been through years of pain, endured great hardships
Taking care of those whom we loved but could not love us back.  
Making mistakes trying to make sense,  
Finding each other, really hearing each other and realizing we both understand.

Meeting each other for the first time feeling nervous excitement. 
We felt a connection the very first moment we met.
Sweet kisses we shared, speaking to each other words meaningful and real.   
We knew then that this was a start of something good, he and I. 
Months have flown by, hearts yearning to be together, obstacles in the way from 
past situation, learning to wait them out.  Frustration, wanting to give up, but 
could not give up this love we felt, he and I.   
No one would understand, no one could understand what and who we are to one 

Love is a funny thing, real love can wait, it can wait to see.  Love does believe, 
Love can endure,  I know and have experienced it. It will not let me move on, not 
yet, no never it seems. .    

Our two hearts have come together, melting and fusing with each passing day. 
Destiny?  Fate? Providence? God?  
All I know is there is this something that keeps us wanting and needing each 
other.  Loving each other. Missing each other, he and I.  

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2006

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A Lovers Dialogue

Your silhouette fills my head,  
Your perfume fills the air
The sound of your voice touches my heart, your words spoken sweetly like honey 
dripping off your tender lips.  My love, my precious one, you are with me always.  
In the dark hours of the night, in the earlier morning before the sun breaks the 
eastern sky, you are on my mind.  

My lover, my friend, my confidant, I feel you with me always.  Your strength 
overwhelms me, over powers my thoughts, my man, my hero, my soul.  I love to 
feel your touch, so tender, so sweet, making my body tremble and my heart 
quake with quiet excitement, the sound of your voice moves me closer, makes 
me smile with delight, my lover, my man.  

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2008

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The Degenerated The regenerated

DARKNESS, EMPTINESS, HOLLOWNESS, DESPAIR                             
LONELINESS, AWKWARDNESS, SILLINESS, SHAME                             
FEELING LESS, UGLINESS, SADNESS, DISGUST                             
CHAOTIC NESS, REBELLIOUS, RIOTOUS, EXTREME                             
TRUTHFUL, MEANINGFUL, THANKFUL, REAL                                   

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2006

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Seasons Come and Go

Listening to the wind, hearing sounds whirling all around
Watching the leaves spinning and twirling dancing to the whisper of the wind
Feeling the coolness of the changes that are about to come

Seasons come and go, some quietly unnoticed until you feel the change in the air
Some with great introduction, with a blast of cold air. 

Enmeshed in all the many changes that life has brought, knowing that some 
things will only last for a time, then will pass like the wind. 

Experiencing every moment, cherishing times and places, people and faces, 
voices and tears, laughter and pleasure, all things we hold dear.
Life holds for us many seasons, many that seem similar, but oh so different as 
they pass us by.  

Capturing those moments, the phrases, the looks, the touches, the kind 
gestures that makes life tolerable. 

Those are the things we pull from each season that envelope us, that encircles 

One cannot plan, nor one can know what to expect, but you can be sure that out 
of each season there will be moments we will hold dear like precious stones in 
a soft red velvety bag, with shiny golden drawstrings pulled tightly. 

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2007

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Backing Away

Backing away from a person
Someone I love very much
Wanted to be there always 
Wanted to feel their touch

Backing away letting them do what they feel they must 
Knowing the outcome may turn into dust
Cannot watch them, can not listen to their termoil again 
Cannot help them figure it out, this journey that must come to an end.   

I have been there in different ways
I have had to do what I felt against all grain
Stand alone groping for answers, yet not hearing them
There were those who reached out a hand that I could not hold. 

I must back away, I must allow him to be free 
I cannot feel for him and I cannot make him feel what I feel
He can only deal with his own heart and his own choices
He is a man after all, vulnerable, sometimes beaten with many blows 

He must pick up his own feet, he must hear the sound of them
He can only follow where his heart is leading
Even if at times he can see a glimpse of something better
Something richer, he must do what he must

I cannot birth in him what is in me
Unless he can see and unless he knows
I must back away and let him go free
This man in whom I thought I knew, I suppose.  

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2006

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Cataclysmic Change

Do you see the dark clouds coming, a menacing in the air
Do you hear the voices of many saying who shall hear
Do you feel your own heart beating erratically and loud
For we know what is ahead of us will soon twill bring us down.  

Oh Babylon, Oh Babylon, your destruction must repeat,
History upon history it must complete
Time is shortening, that time again is so near
The trumpet is blowing in our ears

We’ve been watching, We’ve been hearing
Many decades now gone by
Like sheep to the slaughter
No one to turn the tide

We’ve been talking with no avail 
The world enmeshed in our sorrow, connected we have become
Money’s hemorrhaging, greed’s belaboring
Strangers from a estrange places to bail us out

With these uncertain alignments
Indebted we’ve become
Powers exchanging, soon retreating
No longer number one

Once a great country free yes and brave
The glory days are over now for times have changed
Is there an answer we have yet come upon?
To halt this spinning wheel

In our desperation what answer will we take?
We’ve been primed we’ve been prepared 
New World Order is  becoming our fare?
Time will tell just watch and see.  

So keep watching and keep praying 

Some things must surely come to pass 

Remember, our only hope is in Him who forever will last.

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2008

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Loves Cruel Arrows

I feel like a delicate flower all torn apart.  
Stomped on smashed into the ground. 
I opened my heart and I opened my person
I disregarded the sanctity of who I am 
And traded it for an illusion of grandeur.
Lying to myself, telling myself this must be real
Knowing that this is not how it should be or how it should go. 
But I did not want it to stop, I did not want it to end.  
Yet I knew it would end all too soon.
Men have this need to conquer, have this need to overtake
Men do not know how to truly love a women, nor do they really want to. 
They like a challenge, they do not want it to come to them easy.
Easy for them means they have not won it.  If it is given to them freely, they feel it 
must be nothing. It has no meaning, 
I am a delicate flower who has been torn apart and smashed into the ground.  
My heart is now broken again, and torn by loves cruel arrows, that pierce through 
the heart and leave it to bleed.  I do not understand the pain I feel nor do I want to 
know.  Leave me now and never return to me for I can not go through this again.

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2006

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When I Look at You

When I Look at You

When I look at you, my heart warms like when the sun is beaming down on me 
on a bright summer day.
When I look at you I see your strength, I see your gentle caring eyes
When I look at you I hear the sound of the rhythm of your soul flowing like a 
crystal clear river splashing against the rocks singing their song.
This man whose soul has reached the depths and widths of what life has given 
When I look at you, my heart say I want to explore the hidden parts, the sacred 
chamber of his heart.  
Will he let me come in?

Written by Diana Jackson

November 12, 2006

Copyright © diana jackson | Year Posted 2006