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The loss of my sister

                            When you lose a sister there are no words to describe,
                             The emptiness and pain your heart holds inside.

                               Your best friends gone in the blink of an eye,
                                Without any warning she has just died.

                                   Remembering the past as the years drift through,
                                    It seems they would get easier, but they never do.

                                     The only thing that will really keep you sane,
                                       Is knowing in heaven you'll see her sweet face again.

Copyright © Monica Barrows | Year Posted 2014

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                                    On the outside things have changed so much. No more makeup, no more dancing, no more curling her hair and such.
                                     She laughs that jolly laugh, and smiles that beautiful smile. There's an emptiness in her eyes that's been there awhile.

                                     It's hard to see my grandma so different than she was, but one thing that has remained is that wonderful grandma love.

                                      Her hands are wrinkled now, her hair has turned gray, but that sparkle in her eyes is truly there to stay.

                                       I hope each day she wakes she knows that I have prayed, that god holds her close, and makes her worries fade.

                                       So if you have the chance call her and say, grandma I wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you today.

                                        I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!! 

Copyright © Monica Barrows | Year Posted 2014

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Thank you

                       Thank you for standing by my side,
                        For saying she's my daughter with so much pride.

                         Thank you for having it in your heart,
                          Thank you for being there from the start.

                           Thank you for the silly things you say,
                             Thank you for saying I love you everday.

                            I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
                             Thank you for stepping up and playing the part.

                             Just know I appreciate everything you do,
                              Happy Birthday Daddy I love you!!


Copyright © Monica Barrows | Year Posted 2014

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It's not ok

                             She stay's silent for the fear of him getting mad,
                              Though he's so stuck on himself he don't care if she's sad.

                              He cares about himself his wants and needs,
                               Off of her fear his angry soul feeds.

                              He waits to pounce like an animal on a hunt,
                               His daggers sticking out waiting to cut.

                              The words are sharp but he don't give a damn,
                               How in the world can he think he's a man?

                              Some women live this hell everyday,
                               Yet they make every excuse as to why they should stay.

                              Are they that broken down can they not see?
                               That they're life is worth more than misery.

                               If they put a little faith back in their heart,
                                 Will they see they deserve a brand new start?

                               A life of no worries not being controlled,
                                Is what they could have if they would just let go.

Copyright © Monica Barrows | Year Posted 2015