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Best Poems Written by Steve Lavelle

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The Turn of The Screw

There was a time I swear it’s true
When all the roads that led to you
Were leafy lanes and sunlit avenues

And every bird in every tree
Announced this joy triumphantly
The world had a perfect symmetry

It ends just like it begins
I feel the ground under me spin
Until I’m on the outside looking in

As the penny drops into a slot
It turns a key that fits a lock
And opens up a door right under me

And suddenly

I’m falling

And as all colours lose their hue
As all lines fall out of true
The only sound I can hear
Is the slow, slow turn of the screw
Is the slow, slow turn of the screw

Copyright © Steve Lavelle | Year Posted 2014

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Modern Life

Housewives peer from behind dirty windows
Catching signs of the scurrying nightlife
They know killing time is really a sin, 
Though they can be absolved by watching Ellen and her wife
Where you can rediscover the inner you
She’s got one so you’ll want one too
Can’t call that greed it’s already yours
And coming up after this’s the daily chores

Stacy cowers beneath the roar of her make up
Had her eyes opened now she just prays she would wake up
Every nerve exposed to the daytime jury
An army in skirts, ‘hell hath no fury’
While next to her sits the great unwashed
He took all her dreams and had them squashed
So she’ll take the tea and sympathy
She just don’t like her slice......Of Modern life

Meanwhile a demi god is sulking in rehab
His powers gone his plumage so drab
He ponders how his life took this nose dive
Was it that third album? 
The stuff they found on his hard drive?
And now his life’s laid bare for all to see
He’s the poster boy for grim reality
But he’ll turn this round, he’ll be back you’ll see
If he can just keep down this slice….of Modern life

And there through a gap in the trees
You thought you saw Albion
Endless rolling fields
Under a golden sun
There through a crack in the wall 
You thought you saw paradise
But when you looked again
It was only
Your modern life

Copyright © Steve Lavelle | Year Posted 2014

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Tomorrow is postponed

My days of walking on the moon are over
I've put away my cape and belt
I'm done with saving dying planets
Just let the Polar ice caps melt

Let all the oceans rise
Let toxic waste fall from the skies
Let endless rain Reign endlessly

Let rivers burst their banks
Let floods of tears swell the ranks
And form a mighty Tsunami

Then let it all come down my street
Let it all burst through my front door
It still wouldn't fill this hole in me

'cos until you come home tomorrow's postponed indefinitely
can't move from this spot I think they're messing around with gravity
Just answer your phone and i'll make this right now you'll see
'cos until you come home tomorrow is postponed......indefinitely

Copyright © Steve Lavelle | Year Posted 2014