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I wish to array again,
Somebody touch my hurts,
I wanna be happy again,
Somebody extend hand to take my sorrows,
I wanna float in the wave of romance again
Keeping head on the bosom of somebody.

In fact none is willing to touch hurt,
All wanna the realm of happiness!
What fault would I owe to you,
To so serving the glee's taken in the heart
The basket is even standing empty today,
What more can I give you say,
Without the blood stained hurt.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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Moonshine Woman

I owe you my love to live the human life,
Settle on your lap like children,
Sleep and hear the story of loner dome,
Fall asleep by the affection of your soft hand.

I shall be the companion of your heart in the rainy night,
Embracing and listen the song flown from beyond of the cloud,
Sip the raindrop from your lower lip,
Touch your heart keeping ear on your bosom.

I will pass across a life with you,
Create a garden with romance of so loving pairs,
Sitting there in moonshine, hear the tune of magic flute,
Keeping head on your bosom, breath on the fragrance of Hasnahena.

I shall be your company on the way in winter morning so calm with dew drops,
Have color on the door to heart and love from way to way,
Shall I be the rhyme of natural beauty in your heart,
Wipe the sun sweat by soft hand.

Human life, shall I screen my life with you,
Build the kingdom of love like heaven,
Being the king, put crown on your head,
Return at the dark night by the ray of full moon sweeping your body.

Shall I be the wave in your heart on ocean sway in full-moon,
Swim in your heart under the cast of water shine,
Deliver a cozy soft touch to the agitation in your heart,
Dye the moonshine in the heart take smell of your beauty.

I will pass across a life with you.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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In A Boishakh

On your forehead is a red Tip,
Worn in Boishakhi Shari,
The bracelets are also arrayed nicely,
You are looking so beautiful.
I did not wear Panjabi ever,
Though today I am putting on it only for you,
In the crowed of the fair we are walking by hand to hand,
This is First-Boishakh.

You said, listen- take me
To Boishakhi fair every year,
Give me both handful of glass bracelet,
Red in one year, and blue in another,
Nothing more I want to you,
Even if you keep me in cottage
I will keep it lighting up,
Just buy for me bracelets in every year.

Floating over here from the stage behind the banyan’s root
The song of Boishakhi ‘come on hey Boishakh, come on come on’,
Over here men and women break down a mighty arrangement,
They put display of soak rice-Hilsha.
In the walking I hold your hand and say,
I will bring you back to the Boishakhi fair in every year;
You just stay by me,
Wipe up the hidden hurts in my heart by soft touch.

The past tempest turned havoc upon all of me,
Hath left dormant this my world,
Now I don’t get a vain Panjabee wear any longer,
And that one you pledged is also torn so untidy,
How many Boishakh come, and how many pass away;
I sit alone in waiting for you;
You are still right going to Boishakhi Fair
By holding the hand of other man!

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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Rise Yourself, Rise Others

Today our lord is in tyranny of the terra bound
Caught in barrier of the ruler,
From the hidden the maskers are engineering
And plotting,
The peoples being cursed of their rage
Are anti party one to other,
When to break up the chain of this sick society by the gentlemen! 
And their standing under treaty?

Hay, fool peoples- your lord is today
Caught in their jail,
For how long shall you be stop paralyzed 
In the pain of venom,
Just for once bring free that great soul
Who shall be the defendant,
And that great soul shall serve to all
The fragrance of red-green.

Oh! generous farmers labors youths
Oh! the joy of God,
Rise once again destroy
All their tricks,
They will never hear
To any your says of sorrow,
So, in the revitalization, rise yourself- rise others
Be the joy of dedicated leader.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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The Epic Of The Heart

You are not ……….. in childhood days
……….. A girl to play doll,
You are ……………… of a moon night
…….. A traveler of a hard way.

You are not ……………. of far horizon
…………… A flying bird,
You are ……………………… for living
…………. The dreamy eyes.

I am not ……………… of so long past
………. Any partly picture,
I am ………………………. of this time
…………. A failure poet.

You are not …………… of cloudy sky
... Restless rain falling continuously,
You are ………………… built by God
…. An innocent beautiful creation.

You are not …………... of silent night
……... The cry of a hungry child,
You are ……………….. of shiny days
… The crystal emerald of romance.

I am not ………………….. devastator
……... Erosion of angry river,
I am ……….. of the twentieth century
……… Tie of hands of time.

You are not ………… of lost memory
………. Any sleeping agony,
You are … surrounded by mountains
…. A brisk water fall of the nature.

You are not ……………. a flowerless
…………… Deep forest,
You are ……. bath in the moonshine
…….. Beauty of the starry night.

I am not ……….. at the dreamy door
…….. Any imaginary Cuckoo,
I am ………………….. of this society
…….. A revolutionary youth.

You have …… of the sea of romance
… The tender innumerable softness,
I have ……………. of the pretty heart
………. An epic poem.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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I Shall Bring You The Victory

If I shall not return-
Don’t be in waiting,
Don’t be so upset for me,
If you can, pet pigeon,
On the day when you forget
Fly them in the blue sky.

If I shall not come back never-
Don’t fly kite in the sky of your heart,
If you feel so lonely walking on the way at twilight
Don’t be sad,
Know, there is me walking side by side you
With hand to hand.

If shall I not return-
Fleet in the sea
All those my gifts,
In the juvenile light of the new day
Have a bath in cool water,
Don’t worry; I shall remain shadow of you.

If I shall not come back never-
Don’t stay awaken night for me,
Go asleep in the southern breeze
Lighting the bloody candle of love,
Know, I am sitting upside the bed
Looking at you all over the night.

If shall I not return-
Keep up the dreams,
Not everything is gained in a life,
Nor everybody returns from the battle field,
If shall I not return, don’t pay homage to my grave
Having so agony inside the heart.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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The Enticement Of Love

When the sharp addiction of love
Thrust the illuminate sense at the door of heart,
The poisonous fallen memories then
Arrive and gather all around.

When in silent cry for failure
The tear roams streaking down,
The waves of crazy love then
Stand like a peacock screening tail.

When the power of bodily sensation
Raise stimulation in every blood cell,
The dew bath white flowers then
Fall by the ruthless desperation of time.

When the strong enticement of love
Invokes romance making tune in the air,
In the unrest mind then
Is blowing wayward storm of the time.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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Bloody Emptiness

Made dwelling at own home but living in emptiness,
The lumbered dreams are dying, what a heave is that;
Setting fire in water so fool wish, 
What hell have you done to me, what a damn is that.

Heart shakes by high heat the warmth protest,
Stars in the eyes shed tears, what a fatigue is that;
Inside of the heart at the seeping night, child’s whine pounds,
What hell have you done to me, what a deathtrap is that.

Sky colors up in romantic fashion, vain desire,
Blood sheds in extreme way, what a tyranny is that;
Darkness comedown by thunder strike, no way,
What hell have you done to me, what an injustice is that.

Lighting flame in juvenile mind so cursed penance,
The heart dances in the color hand, what a blood pressure is that;
Tears fall in the stream of rain, no measure,
What hell have you done to me, what a curse is that.

Darkness comes down by the call of death, so miser living,
Empty heart is full, what an abundant is that;
In the bloody addiction of love, distrust is only at all,
What hell have you done to me, what depose is that.

Arrayed the dreamy vessel live in mind an exotic migrant,
Lumbered obsession in passion, what an irony is that;
Gained at last damn twelve months full of pain,
What hell have you done to me, what a damn is that.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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Lover Forever

Heard your shriven whine from the mountain,
Here is me, just coming so close to you;
Thirsty stone in water fall stream to go on and on;
Bloody flower on shoot serves sweet fragrance,
You don’t know me!
Me the silver shine in far azure;
Cool rain coming down through the horizon,
You are blind though with eyes, could not see me;
Me the light of firefly in darkness;
The promise of shining sun emerged in the blue of azure,
She is my untouched love of my life forever.

Love is water color on canvas drawn by artist’s brush;
Crops that farmer gain at so sweating,
Love waking in the pen of poet so living poem;
Stress of life struggler rushing all the time,
Love on the eyes of lover tearing down in waiting;
The lover’s hour of worship shrouded by shine,
Love in soil emerging green field;
The very nectar water of thirsty served by mother’s hand,
Having on bosom the illusion of the soil’s affection;
The lover forever, ancient primeval man of the civilization.

I don’t come to pick up love, but only serve;
Not I even sought to find the agony of the lover;
Who had lost his torn cottage in the early war,
Bullet embedded heart to pain making all havoc;
Nobody wiped his tear,
On the crossing of mourn shadow, I still remain standing on blur field,
Love of grasshopper to have touch on bloody flower in hand,
My eyes looking oblivion;
Standing is victorious lover with red-green flag in the air,
Breezy air off stirring his calm eyes;
Poked sway of romance in the deep of love,
Love is fragrance from muddy earth;
On the rich green field full blossomed of humanities.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014

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Don't Be Lost

If you would get lost ever,
This beautiful world shall turn fade,
Every step shall be dormant,
Blood cells to get enthralled.
When all around become worse,
Love and romance fall to recall;
Eyes lull colorful dreams;
Awaken shall be the sleepless night,
Still then, you will exist in my heart so lighting;
In my love garden full of illusion,
You will remain for eras
Lighting the bloody flame of love.

If you would ever go far away,
I will get lost in my own oblivion,
Draw hermitage in the heart,
For you, only for you;
Find you in the mob of thousands of peoples.
Will get lost? Go!
I will discover you in poems,
Someday the poems
Shall break the sleep of failure.

Night will disappear by the crack of dawn,
Chirping shall break sleep,
So a new day shall begin;
So it will raise a new hope.
You are still then recalled,
You will survive in my essence,
Live in my torment heart;
Return back to the door of dream over and over again,
You will come back being the red sun of the white dawn;
To touch my sleeping heart.

If someday, you go away to the far;
I will find you from the other end of the world,
Find you out in the cool bracing with rain,
Else, possibly you will be there in the azure
Sometime in the calm beauty of the nature, or
On the silver moon of the night of worship,
I will find you- only you;
Still you are pleased not to go out,
Never, in any time, by any reason.

Copyright © A K Das Mridul | Year Posted 2014