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Unperfect together, perfect alone.

I've tried so hard to make things work between us. 
I was invisible to you. 
I didn't flirt with other guys, or cheat and lie. 
That wasn't the case for you. 

I felt my whole world was crashing.
I didn't know what to do. 
I wanted to spend forever with you, but you always made some excuse. 
We seemed so perfect together, perfect to the core. 
People didn't know how unperfect we were.

It had to end, the pain in my heart was unbearable. 
I made you disappear, yet your still here. 
It'll take time to finally see past you. 
Past all the lying and cheating. 
Past the pain, and the anger. 

Our unperfectness together is now perfect alone. 

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem

Secret pain

I'll bury my pain deep inside
so no one can see it
so no one feels sorry for me
I don't need your pity.

I'll just go about life like usual
fake a smile, laugh it off
when deep down inside
I can hardly breathe

It's like ten million pounds on my chest
ten million scars that reopen and bleed
they cut so deep into my flesh
it's like deadly hands grasping at my throat
suffocating me, killing me

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem

what goes on in my mind when i see you.

i hate it how my life stays in place and falls apart
and how all i ever wanted was to stay in your heart
we've let each other go as painful as it was
but you dont realize what seeing you does

it brings back memories of the good and the bad
each of these make me happy yet sad
what we had was real, or so we thought
until all the lies were seen and caught

all the plans we made, all the things we thought
when we realized it wouldn't happen, it broke our heart
remembering how i prayed for those chances stuck in my mind
now knowing that we could never together bind

we've both found someone new to please our hearts
yet when we see each other, memories of us tear it apart
we thought we could last forever, but we  were wrong
we should have known we wouldn't make it, we weren't that strong.

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem


I thought we could be
Just you and me
But I was greatly mistaken
You stole my heart
You tore it in two
The pieces on the ground
Keep reminding me of you

I wanted to die
I was told not to cry
It’s just a phase
And I’ll be alright
The memories of you
Still haunt me at night
I wish you could leave me alone,
Get out of sight.

The damage is done
You’ve already won
What else do you need?
You still control me,
And all that I do
Still reminds me of you.

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2010

Details | Angie Tesla Poem

Dear blue..

Dear blue eyes,
you make me melt
looking at you,
I cannot breathe

Mr Blue eyes,
you dont know what you do to me
I promised myself I wouldn't feel this way,
but it happened anyway

Blue, I dont know what to do
I'm going crazy for you
The bond that brings us together
also has a barrier in between

Break the wall that holds us back
we keep trying to hold our feelings in tact
let them out, let things be said
or we'll never know if what we feel is dead.

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem

Holding on

I don't know who I am anymore.
I don't feel right, I don't feel good.
I don't feel like I should.

Things seem stupid
things seem pointless
I'm starting to feel worthless.

I hate what's happening
I hate that I can't control
anything thats going on anymore

I feel like Im holding on
to my life by a thread
and if I let go, I'll be dead

I'm on the bare minimum
things are going insane
everytime i hear your name.

I want to give up
I want to let go
I want to be somewhere that no one's been before.

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem


  It was once just me,
wondering how things could be.
  I was alone and empty.

  I've been hurt,
treated like dirt.
  I planned on giving up.

  Then you came along,
emotions went strong.
  You've completed me.

  It's unbelievable how it turned out,
now I just can't live without (you).
  You're my everything, the only sense in life.

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem

One day

That night we shared
lying in the grass,
Not caring that
time would pass.

We kissed in the rain,
my heart had no pain.
It was sweet
a memory I cannot delete.

We laughed and we smiled,
our future memories we compiled
A day that brought us together
even when we had bad weather.

It was perfect to me
as perfect as can be
It was that one day,
that put our true feelings on display.

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem

What you love, you learn to hate.

I hate the fact I love you,
I hate it that I care.
I hate you for not knowing this.
I hate that your not here.
I mostly hate our memories,
That make me cry each night.
I hate how all these come about,
Each time you are in sight.
I hate how when I see you,
My heart just breaks in two.
And yet with all the pieces,
I know I'll always love you.
I hate how your life goes on,
When mine just stays in place.
I hate how my world shatters,
Each time I see your face.
I hate it how you did this,
And that you dont know how much I care.
I hate how you just bring me down.
With every little stare.
I hate it how you think,
That none of this is true.
Even though I'm hurting,
I can't hate the fact that I love you!

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006

Details | Angie Tesla Poem

I dont even know

I'm confused
How can you tell someone
something so important
then disregard it a short time later?

Is it me? 
How can you say you're happy with me
but then turn around and break it off?
It is me..

I took this all too serious right?
I seem to like you more then you like me..
but I wont get you wrong, you DO like me
So why did this all happen?

You wanted to make me happy
but in the process you weren't
So why do something that doesn't make you smile?
Even if it's just for a while, we'd get over it.

So we're not broken up
but we're not official
So what are we? we're nothing.
Or are we? You tell me. 

Maybe Im getting this all wrong, and missing the real message
The fact that you only want a cutesy flirty thing, but nothing serious
Cutesy flirty you can have with more then one person
Am I just one of many? Most likely.

I'm really confused
and hurt at the fact
that you made me believe
that you actually wanted to be with me.

I dont know anymore, about anything.
Im just lost, so confused
Do I give up?
Or wait til u finally decide what YOU want?

I dont know.. I really dont.
I sit here and think that i did it all again
And I did. And same story as always
girl falls for guy, guy lies. Girl's heart breaks.

Copyright © Angie Tesla | Year Posted 2006