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Best Poems Written by Conor Oneill

Below are the all-time best Conor Oneill poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Maria's Canto

'Maria's Canto' 

 You bestir me, Aztec Princess 
 Awakening me from slumbers forsaken 
 Taking me on the path to your Caribbean haven 
 To my existence you grant sense. 

 Your mind is keen, shown by a sharp intelligence 
 On your countenance, your honey skin a godly sheen 
 In all you've been, as woman and goddess 
 Heaven and Earth will you rule as queen, but to me 

 To me you are the premiere enchantress.

Copyright © Conor ONeill | Year Posted 2014

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Music and Women

'Music and Women'

 Music is furniture

 A subtle presence to detain silence's torture

 The best piece being the understated overture.

 Women begin to inflict me

 Prick at me with clawing felinity

 Hurting me, murdering me slowly.

 My mind is unkempt

 Desires and whims are thus left

 Ne'er to be sated, adding to acute discontent.

 Bereft and spiritually in debt

 I'm trapped in penning many a tedious triplet

 One after the other, minute by minute.

 Their sole purposes to decorate time

 Embellish space, fill a line

 But nothing more, nothing else to consign.

 Ringing in unison to a bell's chime.

Copyright © Conor ONeill | Year Posted 2014

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Pinup Girls

'Pinup Girls'

A pinup girl is a kind of cartoon character

With a disproportionate mind and figure.

She has this facial expression, the same one constantly,

As if to say wow, a birthday cake, just for me?

She lives in a fantasy world

In which everyone's soul has been sold

Living lives of raucous absurdity

Macho men ogle at the pinup girls in the city.


A pinup girl, upon noticing she's being noticed,

Will keep on walking but will look back with mock embarrassment.

If she carries one, she'll twirl her umbrella

Blinking long black lashes till someone shouts hey, ragazza bella!


Her walk is a sight to behold, a sight quite comic at least,

Waddling, high heeled, well tapered legs clumsily a-jut from a wasp thin waist.

A streetwalker, but not a whore, as innocent as a virgin but not an angel,

She's a pinup girl.

Copyright © Conor ONeill | Year Posted 2014

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The Pianist and the Senorita

'The Pianist and the Senorita' 

 Of tobacco and perfume was her scent, 
 She of beauty without relent, 
 She of soul full-blooded, 
 In body and spirit, 
 My immortal beloved. 
 For her I compose 
 Sonatas and nocturnos, 
 In the hope my strings and hers will entwine, 
 So that my heart I may consign 

 To her, the Spanish seductress, comely by design.

Copyright © Conor ONeill | Year Posted 2014

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Pain and Pleasure

'Pain and Pleasure'

 At the sound of Bach

 My ears do bleed

 On account of its beauty.

 These reactions do I have

 Pain due to pleasure

 Art's tremulous toll.

 If only the world

 Outside of art could be as wondrous

 As full of mounting passion and awe.

 But so many are stiff and square

 They claim to be truth seekers

 And pursue perfection with imperfect means.

 The artist can revel in imperfection

 Thrive in chaos, strive in distress

 Assuaging audiences the world over

 With the exhibition of uselessness and expressivity.  

Copyright © Conor ONeill | Year Posted 2014