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Part 2 What If

Part two... again sorry I'm new so I don't know how what to classify this as but it's a for a class poetry slam.

Now let's do a bit of a role play for all the straight people here./ Now What If you were you,/ but WHAT IF everyone around you, your parents, family, friends, EVERYONE/
was gay/ It is the norm./ 
You know you're different and finally decide to come out to some friends as "Hetero";/ but WHAT IF they don't accept you, what if they turn their backs on you and you are alone./
What If that night you cry yourself to sleep in the realization that there will always be someone who won't accept you or who will even HATE you for who you are/
All because you're different./ 
What If you woke up every day dreading the moment someone will feel the NEED to drown you in hate because you're queer./
What If the day comes where you're scared to even walk in to your religious sanctuary because you fear they wont accept you.../

What If.../

What If the time comes where you finally think your ready to tell your 2 dads or moms./ You THINK you've gone over every possible scenario in your head,/ you're ready, you are prepared./
You sit them down as your heart and mind start to race, going over every scenario one last time./ It all stops./ Although your heart knows it won't happen your minds starts flippin', 
"What If?! What If?! What If?! What If?!" WHAT IF/ they don't accept you for who you are/ What If they don't understand and SOMEHOW their love recedes./
The only love you have ever felt unconditionally,/ is gone./ These are the pains and fears of a homosexual./
So What If every single straight person on Earth heard this little insight on what it's like to be homosexual, gay, lesbian, queer/ how would it all change?/
Not even getting into the idea of how people FEAR change.../

What If?

Copyright © Ian Garcia | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ian Garcia Poem

Withering Away Before My Eyes

 About my mother who survived breast cancer. One of my heros.

You laid there motionless as I sat, crying, by your bed./
I watched as the chemo dripped into your vains.../
They were poisoning you.../

Every night you used to tuck me in,/ tell me how my stuffed animals would go out on adventures while I slept.../
I knew those days were gone.../

I still remember the day it all started./ Average day at that hell of a middle school./
You pulled up, I got in the car, it was quiet, I knew something was wrong, then the words came out of your mouth.../
You had cancer./

From that moment forth, day after day, week after week, Treatment After Treatment./
I saw you withering away before my eyes./
What used to be a beautiful head of hair,/ had become skin./ You aged, my mother was changed./

Now although my mother is better now,/ I've watched as several people left this world by the hand of this disease.../
Too many children have had to watch a parent wither away before their eyes,/
And lost them./

My Heart Goes Out To You,/ Live On.../ It's all they want for you.

Copyright © Ian Garcia | Year Posted 2014