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Gunpoint Liberty

They all have their guns Aimed at the face of freedom There's nowhere to run.

Copyright © Jake Ponce | Year Posted 2017

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I'm one to talk about forgetting it all But I feel like I haven't moved at all I put too much ice on my broken arm. I'm now numb to my hollow core. Dear lost soul, I'm here and still strong Scarlet feathers and unfinished songs I prayed that I'd reach you somehow. A chasm still exists between us. Quite some time still has to pass Can you see and touch my fire? I burn for things that will never be mine Like the beauty I lost when you died Or the darkness that once welcomed me In its innocent warmth What peculiar fate to carry the weight Of a world that will never know love My stories speak about how your teeth Lures me in when you smile I was aware of how I wanted to be Who you'll chase and understand

Copyright © Jake Ponce | Year Posted 2018

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I was For a moment Convinced That I've fallen in love With another Wounded soul Flightless heart Weeping past But I found Out That you were worse Than a concealed blade A gaping wound An aching emptiness That has S l o w l y Invaded My being like a Colony of Rogue Minds But it was I Who willingly left The Door Ajar It was I Who willingly Let You In And set me on Fire

Copyright © Jake Ponce | Year Posted 2020