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Best Poems Written by Nicole Jooste

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To Let Go

The waterfall, overflowing
So calm and content.
The wake into reality
Is time well spent

We release what others cannot
Yet to remember is to not forget
The wonders that capture us
In our mind is set.

I cannot reveal the feeling
Of my heart letting go.
It’s a visual combination
Of what I could only know.

The desire for forbidden love
Is only a dream that has not yet come true
And the stabbed who followed aimlessly
Finds their heart’s misery only grew.

So to limit forgetting
What we know is meant to be
Is to escape the world
Of being the detainee.

I will not be captured by the sword
I choose to erase for the moment
Cause as I lay in a puddle of hurt
I pray for their atonement.

I will now ease my time alone
The waterfall never fails to know
The magnificent feeling
Of letting go

Copyright © Nicole Jooste | Year Posted 2020

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Tears of Blood

Your soul is blind
Your heart is empty
I imagine through intervals
Your attraction would seek me

Waves of emotion
Often not of insert
You could never imagine
Aches that swim beneath hurt

The graced heart has left
A solid pool of substance near
Red in shine, dark in color
Codes of trickled fear

I suspend outward
As the hurt tears at my soul
Ripping out the discoveries of life
Unearthing as a mole

The darkness has begun to consume
The burnt ripples within my heart
Creeping ever fast, ever near
To the core, to unstart

My life-giving form stutters
As i trip over your essence
Forgive me and forget me
Kill the reminiscence

The pain, the strike, the blow
Hard to cringe for air
Bled myself to sleep
Into the devil's lair

The angels calls my name, my love
Yet i try so hard to reach
The wet sand on common grounds
My hearts a silent speech

You have caused my lips silent
I'm left short of breath
Love chooses to mistake me
Tears of Blood or Sudden Death

Copyright © Nicole Jooste | Year Posted 2020

Details | Nicole Jooste Poem

Unspoken Burden

There’s a deep burning encumbrance
Lagging within my torso
Its lacerating my soul
No explanation, ask Picasso

Occasionally, I wish I never knew you
Un-acquainting my best friend
I bind fast and then I bruise
When I feel like I’m losing you again

I can’t express it verbally
And it’s something you wouldn’t comprehend too
You have human embroideries
And what I have is you

Cognizant of your concord
You’re taking my unique one too
It was like a smack in my face
Asking me for something, I didn’t want to do

How could you not know the backwash
That cracked my benevolence
I thought we were so adjacent 
Tout de suite moved my smile into spins.

No explanation, just “Picasso” the sense of my verse
I’m not devoted with love for you, I just feel demolished
Like a once colourful stained glass
Now gray and cannot be polished

Copyright © Nicole Jooste | Year Posted 2020

Details | Nicole Jooste Poem

A Warning

A heavenly being, a messenger
So graceful and divine
Came into view hesitantly
Her smile losing its shine

She yielded out her hand
To examine my porcelain face
Her expression becoming dull 
When resisting her secret embrace

Her unexpected look of discomfort
Replaced by grief and sorrow
Would race in my mind forever
Not forgetting by tomorrow

I saw her charming lips move
But couldn’t hear her speak
I turned my head sideways
For incase her voice was weak

The guardian with white wings
Became stormy and inflamed
Emotional distress
To her was not a game

I couldn’t grasp the meaning
Of her wet eyes so, so deep
Her piercing cry, the high-pitched voice
I’d now here in my sleep

She looked to a higher place
Closed her eyes in prayer
Reasoning for me to follow
I follow in despair

Something struck my heart
And she said, “My God, you defy
Repent and ask forgiveness
Or you will live to die.”

Copyright © Nicole Jooste | Year Posted 2020

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Can You Hear Me

My howl searches the moon
Yet the essence of it forbids me
Am I alone? Deserted on earth?
Has the gravel consumed me?

I'm craving the stench of true night
How much further can i go?
I'm gripped tight five tons deep
There is nowhere lower i know

I'm falling to the core
Clenching onto untold death
The cold fortells a fear
For i no longer keep my breath

I'm reaching from within
Can you hear me?
Dear Lord, restore my life
I need you to be near me

So lost, so alone,
So deserted, but don't forget me
My throat dry from crying 
and i know that you can't hear me!

I've replenished what i had
and cried myself to sleep
I forget how life remembers
Having only my soul to keep

My Jesus, Saviour, let me rest
As my face changes to a shade of blue
I've accepted fate, my voice is silent
To unexist is a greater deal to do.

Copyright © Nicole Jooste | Year Posted 2020

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Mystery Undone

Mystery Undone

Twists and turns in a foreign earth’s reign
Locked of a mystery within, I feel insane.
The length of Love is often untold
But the loss thereof I cannot hold.

The admired is ignorant but specific
And pretends not to hear my call
In the dark, my thoughts are left alone
Alone they cannot fall.

Dwelling on thoughts in the broken darkness
I seem to stumble on a step
I’ve lost my consciousness to my heart
But my heart is still unkept.

The bitter steal of love is yet another mystery
Only a soul could do without
But that too I’ve given
To you without a doubt

I’ve lost control of my heart
Something I no longer own
And although it’s nothing but empty
I’d still pick up the phone

It’s dangerous my love
It’s a sort of telekinesis
It brings you in my thoughts
And rips my heart to pieces

It’s not that I want to be hurt
But comparison that keeps me here
I know now where the darkness kept me
It was in a mysterical fear

The realization of what I wanted
Was only a stare at the sun
What I wish for most right now
Is that the mystery be undone

Copyright © Nicole Jooste | Year Posted 2020

Details | Nicole Jooste Poem

The Disappointing Dream Man

I come into existence
With memories of you
As I un-exist to become a time of rest
I lapse to forget your warmth too

I favour pleasant midnight
With the sugar-sweet night scent
I’m so unhappy I breathe uneasy 
So I search for a vent

You’re my quest
Immovable love that must be found
Illusion of love is not enough
By your unknown love I am bound

I have not yet met you
Because you exist in my dreams
Immune to existence
Or only mine it seems

I require your presence
As an escape from reality
You’re my only vent
Only you can free me

So to discover you one more time
I need to seize un-existence
I need to inhale sweet night ecstasy
And forget your previous resistance

It’s hard to sleep
When all I think of is love
So the doorbell awakes me
With the sound of a dove

I close my eyes 
And count to seven
Un-imaginable belief
I’m going to heaven

I’m walking with the King
But unsure of his arrival
Disappointed, I asked him why he’d come
Hoping for longer survival

He thanked me for my prayers  
And told me not to be sad
That I shouldn’t worry
His love I always had

My search for a distant dream was my end
Even though I’d found love for which I’d begged 
I thought it would be in realities bend
This ecstasy caused my unsatisfied death

Copyright © Nicole Jooste | Year Posted 2020