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Best Poems Written by Stormy Smith

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Loves Sensual Caress

To hold you close, to have you near,
to have my breath, against your ear. 
Whispering the words I long to say,
to show you my passion, in that special way.

The loving, the kissing would feel so right,
expressing our love, right through the night.
Our bodies come together in pure ecstasy, 
Kissing and moaning, You become part of me.

Reaching that point there is no turning back,
our bodies explode together with love.
Now, cuddling and laughing, we've done it all,
I look up and smile, Oh! It's you I love.

 I Love you,  Michaela Dean

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Time VS Love

Lost and drifting in time,
The captain gives the hourglass a turn.
It’s been months that the ship has wandered the waves;
Each dip is followed by a swelling rise.
Each day becomes another journal’s page.
“Another day lost at sea” is how the book tends to flow.

The crew dreams at night; the distant memories flow.
They’re brought back to a better time.
A lover’s kiss or a gilded page
in a family bible fill their heads, each in turn.
But once the morning lights rise,
their joy is drowned beneath the waves.

Such was my life without you. But your love brought waves
of joy that sent my sorrows on to flow
out and away. I let my aspirations rise
and cherished each sweet second of the time
we had together. This was our turn
to be happy. Your love was the pen and my heart was the page.

And so the ink dripped and blotted the journal’s page.
The crewman cried, “Land ho!” and, beyond wind and waves,
the sight of golden shores made each sailor’s eyes turn
skyward. Upward, thankful prayers flow,
from salt-cracked lips, more used for cursing those in recent time.
Forgiveness seemed mutual as the crew heard the cry of seagulls rise.

Now home for years, each day he would rise
and look anew on his journal’s last, unfinished page.
The captain remembers not the dreary, hopeless time,
but rather the harbor’s colors in the breeze. “It waves
for me,” he thinks, and onward the years flow.
No one is so forsaken that their fortune cannot turn.

And so I bless the day we met, for it marks the turn
of my sadness to joy. My spirits rise
With passions that flow
From my heart onto this page.
You rescued me from being tossed about on misery’s waves.
May our love that saved me outlast even time.

In life’s great book, we turn together each golden page.
Side by side, we rise above the mountains; together we dive beneath the waves.
Our ship may flow where it will, but my heart will be yours for all of time.

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Love Is Salvation

Voices screeching, fingers pointing
A cruel world made for strangers.
Blame is crushing, guilt is haunting
A prison that no one escapes.
There’s nowhere safe
For a refugee
Like you
Like me.
Loneliness is a monster
From which you cannot run.
Where you go,
It already waits.
Where you hide,
All ready, it lurks.
You are my hope
In the darkness.
I believe in love
Because of you.
Together we are
Free from sadness.
Because “you and me”
Only has room
For two.

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Honesty and Devotion

A gentle word like a spark of light,
 Illuminates my soul
 And as each sound goes deeper,
 It's YOU that makes me whole

 There is no corner, no dark place,
 YOUR LOVE cannot fill
 And if the world starts causing waves,
 It's your devotion that makes them still

 And yes you always speak to me,
 In sweet honesty and truth
 Your caring heart keeps out the rain,
 YOUR LOVE, the ultimate roof

 So thank you my Love for being there,
 For supporting me, my life
 I'll do the same for you, you know,
 My Beautiful, Darling Fiance.

To my loving Fiance, Michaela Dean

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Rage Fueled Monster

Anger rises like bile in my throat
It’s burning through my veins, squeezing my heart
A smile plays on your lips as you gloat
I must stop before I rip you apart

Sweet ecstasy of the rage controls me
It seeps in my mind, I tear through my skin
Smile gone, you see me, your worst enemy
Do not bother running, you will not win

The forbidden taste of fury so sweet
Again I warn you don’t bother running
You my prey are in for a special treat
You are fast but I am still more cunning

You’re no match for my monstrous bulk
Hear me roar, for i'm the untamed Silverstorm

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Each scar tells a story.
The story of my life and of the pain.
Every scar has a story.
A single wound in the heart.
Each scar tells of my struggles.
A story of my agony.
They tell a story of how I survived each day
carrying my brusies around
just trying to survive.
Every scar tells a story
of how I was used.
Of how I was battered and bruised.
They tell a story of how I was left to die.
And each scar tells the story of the woman that
I will NEVER forget.....

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Warrior Of Darkness

Her eyes where of darkness
 Reflected from her soul
 Her heart had been shattered
 Left broken and cold
She was a warrior of evil
 Fighting for what was wrong
 She came to me one night
 When she heard my deadly song
Under the red moon we met
 Fell into an icy embrace
 It sent shivers up my spine
 Just to stare upon her face
She held me so tightly
 Fighting against my will
 Using her power to control me
 All I could do was stand still
She kissed my lips 
Sending fear through me
 Making my mind race
 As she watched my body
I glared at her
 Fire in my eyes
 She saw right through
 My helpless disguise
My smile made her afraid
 She thought he was in control
 My eyes and hair turned black
 Darkened like mine and her soul
My skin went pale
 Like the moons glow
 And in the darkness
 My true colours did show
We stared at eachother
 Moving closer than before
 She saw in my eyes
 I was not afraid anymore 

Once again she kissed me
 This time I kissed her back
 Two dark souls together
 Both evil and black

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Your the One

My darling, my dear
The love of my life
I only want you to know

That when I am struggling 
Or dealing with strife
To you is where I always go

When trouble is looming
When problems draw near
Just know that you’ll always be

The one who I turn to
The one who I call for
The one I pull closest to me 

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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My Sweet Savior

I felt so rejected, alone and sad
like an abandoned puppy left to wander a street
it was then that I realized, that my life was real bad
so I disowned every challenge I happened to meet
I just gave up on trying to make others happy
so I fell in a hole that was too deep to climb
I sure didn't care if others felt crappy
people got on my nerves for such a long time
'til that day I saw someone who changed my ways
it was someone who I knew and liked so much
but the way that I felt when my eyes met her gaze
I forgot all my troubles, my sorrows and such
she helped pull me out of that hellish, dark hole
I got all my thoughts back on track and my heart set in place
she filled up this feeling, one that never felt full
she got rid of my hatred, which I’ll never re-trace
it was then that I noticed, how my life would get better
she became my sweet savior, a gift from above
my life would be nothing, had I never met her
I’m glad that I have someone now that I love.

 Dedicated to my Sweet Michaela,  who shattered the darkness around me.

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013

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I shall hate you
Like a dart of singing steel
Shot through still air
At even-tide,
Or solemnly
As pines are sober
When they stand etched
Against the sky.
Hating you shall be a game
Played with cool hands
And slim fingers.
Your heart will yearn
For the lonely splendor
Of the pine tree
While rekindled fires
In my eyes
Shall wound you like swift arrows.
Memory will lay its hands
Upon your breast
And you will understand
My hatred.

Dedicated to the one who is trying to tear my love from me.

Copyright © Stormy Smith | Year Posted 2013