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Darkness only prevails for a while
But light eventually prevails forever
The revenge of an embittered woman 
Is more than the fury of a thousand army.

There are women of substance 
And there are women of superlative substance
In size we grow
In wisdom we surpass
He who can fly
Needs not flying whiskers
For a short while alone
Does iniquity reign

I am my husband’s pillar
A shelter for my children
An envy of all Nation
A symbol of creation
An endurer of pain
The patient dog in human form
A mortal among immortals
A vision beyond the present
I am a virtuous woman
A heiress
A leader
A great instrument
A completion of creations
Mighty in my own way

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2013

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Look at the floor of heaven 
Laid with patterns of bright gold
For us they are but little orbs 
But in his motion
Like angels they sing
So many songs of harmony
To the souls of immortals 
And while this muddy vesture of decay
Does gross in them
We mortals cannot hear it.
Hold your fortune for your bliss
A gentle scroll
A diamond ring 
All gone
Loss upon loss
Life upon life
Death upon death
Pain upon pain
A man of the people
The villainy the beasts taught him
That he executed
Until things fell apart

Judge him not
And mourn him a legend
For whose sake
The Arrow of the gods granted justice.
Christopher Okigbo called them beasts
David Diop called them vultures
For me 
They were weeds on our soil
Colonial masters 
Who awakened our sleeping lions

Achebe threw the bomb 
And died before it exploded 
This cooled his friends
And awakened his enemies
They laughed at his losses
And scorned all his gains
He seeked not revenge
Yet his silence scrapped all nations
Thwarted their bargains
And with two heads of fools 
He repaid them for one
And then There was a Country

He chose not what many men desired
And rejected the barbarous multitude;
Crystallized the inferiority complex
And fought back to back 
For Africa.
No ill-luck stirred at first
No tears but of our shedding
No sighs but of our breathing
Various creditors sprang
Enemies arose
Yet he'd give up nothing for the wilderness of monkeys
Nor for the generation of wolves

An ambassador of love rarely seen
His pleas were for the taunted and corrupt 
And with his graciously seasoned works
He obscured the shows of evil

What damned error!
But some superior would bless and approve it with a text
Hiding the grossness with faint ornaments. 
Look on beauty
And you shall see
It is purchased by the weight

Often have you been told
That all that glitters is not gold
Farewell, the hope of Africa
For now your suit is cold
We love and miss you
But our prayers with you shall be

Oh lord
Arise and await
For his gentle spirit 
Unto you dear god 
Commits itself to be directed
The Beautyful ones are indeed not yet born 
But the born indeed are most beautifully precious
Adieu Albert!

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2013

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Love infected
Lust invested
The one you hold close to your heart 
Is the one always trying to tear you apart
Royalty to royalty
Vanity upon vanity
Life is so unjust
So you need to know whom to trust

The one you think loves you
Is the one who seeks to destroy you
Just like raindrops 
Falls from my eyes
I see a blessing in disguise
All hope ain't lost

Be careful and think twice
Lest you fail to realize
For all sacrifice 
Comes a price.

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2014

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There is a place call heaven
Where everyone is even
And a place called hell 
Where evil hearts dwell.

There’s a place call earth
Where people give birth
And there is a person call death
Who takes them after birth

There is a word called joy
That comes when they are born
And there is his enemy called sorrow
Who comes up when death shows.

There’s a word called beginning
That brings about our coming,
Then there is a friend
Called end
Which everything and everyone must reach.

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2014

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An innocent cry
A desperate Cry 
All imbibed in one
Beautiful God's creation
Blessed to be born 
An abandoned baby 
Barely one
All alone in the face of famine 
No one to call mother
No man to name father
No food to eat
No water to quench the fire of thirst
Stranded all alone in a barren land 
Helpless and lonely
Malnourished and unkept
Legs and hands more like a bamboo stick
Veins struggling to carry weak blood 
Oh God! What more can i say?
My heart is weak with the mere thought of it
I cannot think it 
Nor dream it
A brand new dawn
A vampire vulture arrives
Waiting patiently
Eager to end its hunger! 
Weeping I screamed 'God save a soul'
And next
A loud wail
Why oh lord should the innocent cry?
Life is a mystery

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2014

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Suddenly the words came at last
'Would you lend me your garden this season?' 
Your face lit up with surprise
'I want no seeds on them but your plant will I water' 

Oh what a terrible answer 
At such perfect hour?
Curiosity may kill a cat
But the truth its heart had seeked
I bet it did find 

A castle filled with dreams unattained
You grab the water kettle 
And head straight for my garden

Water in hand, 
Plant in another,
Minds racing 
With selective myopia
I try to stop you from stepping on it
And yet I stopped
For all I want is to have you water the plant in my garden

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2015

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I have a disease
It's called a desperation of the heart
It is dangerous 
Yet could give you a high degree of sweetness 
Such sweetness that could leave one with a high sugar level

I'm not a doctor but I know the cure
The drug is near yet far-fetched
No other doctor can heal this except one with the crown of a king
One with furious passion that can reduce this high sugar level to nought in a glimpse

The ecstasy of being locked up in love's oblivion can only be true
When my doctor satisfies my sight with his presence 
And my body with his caresses.

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2015

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Oh what sight my eyes behold
What charisma she carries
Her warm, luscious figure I long to hold
Would she accept these berries?

She beams with chastity
Hope she be so
A none replaceable beauty
Different from all I know

Why come up now you coy spirit?
When I don’t need you most
Depart! For it’s my time for merit
I will take her to the coast.

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2014

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A man of high quality
A man of the people
A pioneer of borrowed language
A man of bombastic projectiles
One with pride
And boastful charisma

Run-on-lines never cease
To exist in his speeches
Off-points are his best friends
Over-speeding is his motto
I don't care attitude is his logo
An idiot of no imagination
A half-baked speedy typewriter in human form
A pimple-faced nymph 
Manufacturer of words
A man of brilliance
And excellence
He was my lecturer.

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2014

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Captured by your charm
Lost in your gaze
Scared of no harm
Yet shaking at the feel of your warmth
Begging time to stand still
Asking the stars to capture this memory eternally
Yes, I was caught 
Lost in love's web

The night echoed our secrets
The day read up our history
Every one told our love story
No one tried to come to my rescue
For the reports clearly painted the picture
Yes, I was caught, 
But this time I was caught
Begging to remain a captive in love's web.

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2015