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Have You Looked up at The Sky Today

Have you looked up at the sky today and watched the birds that flew pass?                                     Did you notice the white fluffy clouds and a beautiful rising sun so vast?

Have you looked at the trees around and noticed the fruits and flowers that bares?                           A variety of beautiful colours that it displays.  Do me a favour, just stop and stare.

Have you looked around your home today and saw all that you achieved?                                         or did you rush out as normal again and forget the office keys?

Have you looked around work today and noticed every one stressed?                                               Most of them in such a bad mood and some of them in a complete mess.

Have you listened to the radio today and sang along to some of the songs?                                       Even though you might sing out of tune or sometimes get the words wrong.

Have you looked up at the sky tonight and saw the beauty that it holds?                                           Or where you afraid to go outside that late in case you caught a cold?

Down the road could be a man who was born without sight.                                                           Yet thee most humble being and “hears” everything in delight.

On the other side could be a woman who will never be able to hear.                                                 But full of love to everyone cause she sees their love so clear.

Someone out there has no family or friends and someone will never be able to walk                           Someone out there has no job or home and someone will never be able to talk.

I guess that the problem with society today is not appreciating what’s already been given.               
Simple yet priceless gifts from above, that’s always in front of us, never hidden.

Look around, appreciate and see how you have been blessed.                                                         Family and friends surround you, yes even though your life could be a mess.

A home, a job, a car to drive, clothes and food to eat.                                                                     Remind me once again why you are never upbeat?

So have you looked up at the sky today and noticed the beauty that surrounds?                                 And thanked God for all you have or did you rush out and started the day with a frown?

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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Butterfly Kisses

In her room decorated like a princess’s, she sat quietly on the floor.
Carefully wrapping a small gold box and keeping an eye on the door. 
She twirled the silver ribbons and tied it on the wrapped box. 
Made a pretty bow and hid the gift in the draw with her socks. 

On the Morning of his birthday, she jumped up on his bed
And smothered him with butterfly kisses on his cheeks and forehead
“Happy Birthday Dad” she said excitedly and handed out her present.
He sat up and hugged his little girl who was definitely God sent.

He slowly undid the wrappings and admired her creativeness.
For it was the little things she did that made his life full of bliss.
But when he opened the box there was nothing there that he could see
A little confused he said “my angel, the box seems empty”.

With her soft angelic voice, came the most priceless reply
“They’re Butterfly Kisses I blew for you, dad, for when I’m not nearby.
I know you can’t see them, but it’s filled with my love too                                                                                   for every time you have a bad day at work and when you are feeling blue.” 

He smiled and hugged her tight and tried to hide the tears.
For his little girl of six years old is wise beyond her years.
And whenever he has a bad day and his little girl he misses.
he just opens the little gold box to receive her love and butterfly kisses. 

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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May Love RIP

I passed away last night.
This morning I buried my soul.
Love died inside of me
My story left untold.

The funeral was attended
by Hurt, Anger and Pain
While Solitude and Despair 
Slowly comforted me in the rain.

The mundane atmosphere,
Coincided with the mood.
I was dressed in a black outfit
With my head covered in a hood. 

Black birds circled above
As the box lowered into the ground
Then descended on surrounding dead trees.
Mourning cries the only sound.

A heart shattered in pieces
Was scattered into the dismal dark sea
And drifted many miles away,
For the entire world to see.

Hope, Faith and Never Give Up,
Engraved on every piece.
A heart that held strong for many years.
Ends off as a ravenous feast.

Tears have finally run dry.
Emotions are stone cold.
Love died of natural causes,
Yet could have been consoled.

I passed away last night.
This morning I buried my soul.
A heart once full of love,
Leaves in its place a Black Hole… 

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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Alone on a mountain top, she quietly sits.
Looking down below lies a dark pit.
On the other side runs a river next to a valley so green.
Pretty flowers everywhere, it’s the most beautiful scene

Overhead the birds are singing as they all fly by.
The setting of the sun adds a beautiful contrast to the colour of the sky.
Animals on the field playing around all so carefree.
This is the place she calls her own, a place to escape reality.

She closes her eyes for a minute, n the memories come flooding in.
Memories of her childhood days, life then was like a dream.
Climbing on the mango trees, making swings out of old tyres
Hide and seek in the garden and playing with toys made outta wires.

Sliding down the banks with old crates and cardboards.
Not missing an episode of star wars and playing with toy swords.
Running around bare feet n not worried about any cuts n bruises.
Having fun in all our games no matter who wins or loses.

Rushing home after school to catch her fav cartoons.
Sunday morning trips to the beach n been there till late in the afternoon.
Holidays and special occasions always celebrated with family and friends.
She opened her eyes n wished those days had never ended.

The sun had finally set, it was time for her to go.
But she will be back here soon, of that she sure knows.
For this is where she finds serenity, her place to be alone.
A place she feels free and far away from home.

She heads on back, an hour’s drive away.
She felt reluctant to leave, she wished she cud of stayed.
But she enjoys the long drive home as she passes a forest of trees
This is how she forgets about her pain by reliving the special memories. . 

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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Angry Afraid Alone - The Story of Her Life

Thoughts of suicide running through her head. 
Feels like she’s at the edge of a cliff hanging by a thread. 
Want to so badly escape the reality she faces. 
Even when she’s with people she still feels outta place. 

Angry. Afraid. Alone, she stood out in the cold 
Wondering how did she get to be less bold? 
Is this a test we all go through in life? 
Coz she seems to be failing  each day with strife. 

Her smile and happiness seems to fade away. 
She’s losing her strength each passing day. 
How can she explain the feeling inside? 
It’s like part of her has completely died. 

She’s tired of the façade she keeps putting on. 
Pretending to be happy all day long. 
Deep inside she’s hurting real bad. 
Anger taking control over her, she thinks she’s going mad. 

Friends and family are all nearby. 
But lately all she wants to do is just cry. 
Feeling alone in this big world 
She’s nobody special just an ordinary gal. 

So Y me? She questioned in the open air. 
Hoping to get an answer from up there. 
But all she heard was the wind as it passed by, 
She looked on down with a huge sigh. 

She closed her eyes n pictured herself far away. 
Escaping all her thorts to visions of a sunny day. 
A place she was happy at, no worries in sight. 
Just clear blue waters and beautiful sand so white. 

The vision was short lived as it started to rain 
But she just stood there hoping it would wash away the pain. 
Falling to her knees as the rain washed her tears. 
This is the story of her life each and every year......

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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I have to confess, as I can't handle the guilt any more.
I ran over Blue Eyed Tom, sweet Mrs Maggie's favorite cat from next door.
It's been 3 months to the day and she believes he is still alive. 
I even helped her put up posters, seen her smile with tears in her eyes. 

I've decided to go by with some cookies and a bottle of Old Brown Sherry
Explain what I had done and apologise profousely.
But im not going alone as I have a huge surprise
Two little furball kittens with mesmerising blue eyes... 

Date:- 14-03-2016

Contest:- Its time to 'fess up

Sponsor:- Lin Lane

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2016

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My Simple Wish

The simple things in life are what I want most.
A pretty flower, instead of a beautiful rose. 
A little house n garden, instead of a mansion by the sea.
An ordinary car to drive, instead of a BMW M3. 

Shopping at our locals, instead of Parie or Dubai.
Eating healthy foods, instead of burger and fries. 
Holding hands in public n not feeling shy. 
Blowing kisses in the air as we say our goodbyes. 

Walking in flip flops, instead of expensive high heels. 
Wearing jeans and a sweat shirt instead of a dress from oversees. 
Working as a cashier, instead of a P.A at a fancy fashion mag.
Walking in the rain ,instead of calling for a limo cab. 

Candle lit dinner in the garden, instead of at a restaurant to eat. 
Cuddling at home on a Friday night, instead of dancing at a club to disco beats. 
A hand written note or letter, instead of those fancy bought cards, 
A box of precious memories, instead of expensive rewards. 

Yes, I’m that simple gal with the simple things in life.
Believing in shooting stars, wishing one day to be your wife. 
For the only gift you can give me, is something money can’t buy. 
A gift shared between only You and I. 

A priceless gift of your Love, Understanding n Care,
Your loyalty n devotion to me, that we both would share. 
Been there when I need you or at times when I am down. 
A hug to comfort me n take away my frown. 

A smile to reassure me that nothing will go wrong. 
Dancing in the rain with me humming our favorite songs. 
A kiss to reassure me that in your only One. 
Wiping away my tear n holding me all night long. 

This is just a simple wish from a simple gal.
Someone who loves you dearly n thinks you are her World.
I pray n hope my simple wish come true for me someday. 
For You are the one I wanna spend my life with n in your arms forever stay….. 

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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A Brother's Bond

The sun was slowly setting mixed with an atmosphere of peace and calm.
He sat as his usual place, knowing he is in no harm.
All he heard was the rustling of the trees and the birds that flew by.
He placed the flowers next to him as he wiped a tear from his eye.

He began to speak, starting off about his day.
The only person he could talk to, when he had much to say. 
He knew he wouldn’t be interrupted as he carried on.
He wouldn’t be judged, even if he was wrong.

He soon became quiet, as he couldn’t stop the tears.
Saying “I really miss you bro and wish you were still here.”
He removed the old flowers and replaced them with the ones he bought
He sat there for hours with his six pack, deep into thought.

He reminisced about the days when they were young.
Laughed a little at the silly songs they once sung.
The mischief they got up to and the girls they use to date.
Two Casanovas you really couldn't hate. 

Riding their motorbikes, popping a wheelie down the road.
No one dared to mess with them in their own abode. 
How he wished he could relive those memorable days
And spend more time with his Bro, instead of at his grave.  

The sun had disappeared, leaving an orange glow behind
He stood up, said a prayer and quietly sighed.
He wiped away the tears and pretended to be strong again.
And left his brother’s grave site filled with the same amount of pain.

RIP Uncle Owen 
23 / 09 / 1966 – 05 / 09 / 1985

Written for my dear uncle who visits his brother’s grave on a daily basis. 
I never got to meet him but I know he was an awesome person.

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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Angels in The Form of Friends

The road may seem tough right now like an endless uphill climb.
And you may feel that all lifes struggles is one big waste of time. 
Everyone around you seems happy and not stressed
Yet each and everyday you can’t help but feel more depressed. 

Even though the sun may shine and the day is really bright
All you see is dark clouds looming with only moonless nights.
Looking all around, you see people who pretend to care
And when you wana speak it feels like they wish they weren’t there. 

You build up hate and anger and get frustrated with everyone around
You isolate yourself from the world and in your own sorrows you begin to drown. 
You feel like you are all alone and there’s nobody that you can rely on
It seems like another endless battle that just can’t be won. 

You feel like giving up and so start losing all your faith. 
Wishing that your life would somehow end without the entire wait. 
This is where you have to believe and restore faith in yourself again
And realize you are not alone, there are many who will help ease the pain. 

I know you’ll find it hard to believe that what I’m saying is true
But when the dark clouds break away, the sun will shine right through. 
They will make that up hill climb easier for you to take
and then u will find a smooth road that will cause you no more heartache.

They will be there to hug you tight and listen to all you have to say
Even if you don’t wana speak, they will by your side each day. 
You don’t have to be alone or pretend that you’re okay. 
They can see your fears and help to end the feeling of dismay.

They will never let you go through another difficult path.
But should you cross that way again, they’ll carry you from the start.
So my dear friend, whenever you feel really down.
Remember you have people here to help you keep strong.
They are no superheroes or have powers of any sort.
But they are just ordinary people, who will be here to always support. 
They are people who genuinely care and will bring those tears to an end.
Sent with love from God above, they are Angels in the form of Friends….

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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My Guardian Angel

I have an Angel guiding and watching over me, every day and every night
When I’m alone and sad, I can feel the Angel hugging me tight.

My tears are been wiped away before they can even fall.
If only heaven had a telephone, I would make an everyday call.

My fears have been diminished for He is always at my side.
When I have no one to talk to, He’s the one that I confide.

This was His promise that He had made to me.
That He will always be here for me no matter what may be.

And till this very day, that promise is kept true,
For my Dad is my Guardian Angel still protecting me like He use to do.

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013