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An object 
Forms the marks on my skin
They are permanently engraved
They are part of who I am

Artistic lines
Form my entire shoulder blade
Artistic, natural, and exotic
My ancestor's connected roots reassembled as something symbolic

A hummingbird
Forms a single warrior in the Aztec parade
My blood that runs through my veins now enhances color to the hummingbird's brain

A flower
Forms conflict between beauty and mass destruction
The flower wars was what my ancestors called it
They fought for what they thought was right
Believing in their gods and believing in their king with all their might

An object
To whomever else that sees it
To me
A rare and unique piece of history through a line of blood's memories

Copyright © Crystal Brown | Year Posted 2013

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The Color Green

A green eyed beauty living the life of luxury
A woman who only wants one thing
Green money

A green eyed beauty living the life of passion
A woman who strives on being perfect
Green envy

A green eyed beauty living the life of lies
A woman who is powerful and rich
Green money

A woman who only wants one thing but knows nothing
A woman who only wants to spend the truth
A woman who knows what to buy, but not what to own
A woman who knows no limits
Green envy and Green money

A life of madness
A life of passion
A life of lies
Green money, Green money, Green money

Copyright © Crystal Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Summer's Love

Sun kissed skin glows in the bright rays
Sitting on the green grass on a warm summer’s day
You look at me
You only smile for a second and mumble the words “you’re beautiful”
A chuckle bursts between us as you look up at the big blue sky
You close your eyes and then open them again
As you tilt your head and breathe in summer’s air

You look at me
You look straight into my eyes and manage to blurt out “wow”
I close my bright green eyes playfully almost in a flirtatious way to make you suffer
I smile with no words to say
I smile and open my eyes to the world
I bring my view to our hands, looking down at your hand in mine

You look at me
As a flashback crosses my mind 
You hold the hand that used to tremble, the hand that shook too many goodbyes
As I sit there trying not to remember painful thoughts and bad memories
You come in close and hug me tight

I didn’t believe love existed
I didn’t want to be believe in finding true love because I didn’t believe I would ever find one
I didn’t think that I could ever be so happy
Looking down at our hands and feeling your touch I somehow felt so comfortable
And when you looked into my eyes I felt a feeling I never felt before 
I knew in that instant it had to be the feeling of someone falling in love 

You look at me
I look at you
I know I am in love
I know I found the one
The one who can make me smile on a warm summer’s day under the sun

Copyright © Crystal Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Our Poem

My green eyes were struck beneath the moon light
They watched as red butterflies flew across the night sky
On this warm summer night
I watched as they fluttered out of sight

Meeting you was like a love story
Your delicate kisses send my heart pounding
Our romance make shooting stars crash land 
Yet sparkle like star dust

Champagne is bursting as we laugh on the beach
A toast to a good life and a kiss on the cheek
This beautiful moment slowly sinks
It is forever cherished between our memories

I still remember the first time we kissed
Those red butterflies came back from the abyss
They made speaking hard to resist
They made my heart stop and stomach twist

The night is young and so are we
Squeeze some lime and drink until three
A night for spice and sweet poetry
A night for breaking into heaven with a bottle of tequila

As we swim into blue waves that once touched rock bottom
Sunlight breaks through to cover the beauty of darkness
Our skin bathed into the salty depths of the sea
Feeling the cold of this enchanted breeze

I am in love with the way you look at me

Copyright © Crystal Brown | Year Posted 2014