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bond of love

 Bond of love


Green coloured haze, a planet called earth,
Full of good and bad people, into core a burning hearth..

Join up, dive in, sync down the charity within,
Have fun, have a place for admirers crawling in..

She flew down to the very era too to her amaze,
And met a poised guy indisguised an angel in blaze..

To her astonishment, he offered her a mythical quest,
With no delay she accepted to find more of his behest..

Then, He was in her's, she was in his good people list,
Still they never conversated like she could always wish..

For her, he was shining sand others were just stones n mud..
She often met him in green field’s akin normal bud,

She waited and waited for his presence to blink,
One fine day he called her with a sublime wink..

She was more than happy yet confused,
Thinking how enchantingly is she diffused..

Might she been thinking he was a guy of storm,
But nonetheless, trivially he was just a norm..

Pretending to be devious, but envious inside,
A severe bulk of pretentious melancholy aside..

Not all to her's that she was to be an after effect,
But unaware she was of how much he wanted her to reflect..

Ultimately it happened that was bound to,
Their friendship bloomed as the years flew..

They conversed with each other day and night,
On face, in letters, in the dim, forth the bright..

As the winters approached, summers passed by..
And they never slept without wishing lovely good bye..

But time did have its moment to infiltrate,
Neither it turned to love, nor could they hate..

An infringed bridge took them to severance,
All to bring along was a slew of remembrance...

Her chaste could only make a windless smile,
As to him dismay it was a lamentable vile...

Walking alone, they set off to their hoods,
She went down the ocean, he went into the woods..

Still now when the forest's winds awake,
Rise up the tides in the ocean, they make..

To touch him again her sprinklets scatter,
As the gloomy airways slide and shatter..

To all that is manifested to the souls above,
No one knows they still have a bond of love..


Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2013

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Tere Naam

Tere Naam
-- S.I.Khan

Tu ek baar jo mujhe ijazat de to puri shayeri tere naam kar du..
Aashiq hu teri is raat, kaho to dil ke saath, jaan bhi tere naam kar du!

Munkar si hesiyat hai meri jisko naaz se dekh raha hai tu,
Jo rabb na mujhse khafa ho to apni rooh bhi tere naam kar du 

Tujhe paane ki justaju me na jaane kitne dil thukra diye...
Tu thaam le jo haath mera, faqat yeh zindagi tere naam kr du

Na jaane kitne aansu beghar hogaye, tere is raat ke intezaar-e-ittefaaq me...
Jo aaj raat se tu bewafa hojaye, us falak ki wafa mai tere naam kar du

Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2013

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Ghar bohot yaad ayega

Yeh ghar na chheeno, jahan bachpan guzra hai..
Yeh ghar na cheeeno, jahan bitaya ek arsa hai...

Yaha dekha humne har khushi har ghum hai
Phir bhi jaane lagta kyu abhi kuch kam hai..
Abhi ruk jao, kay kuch lamhe or bitane hain
Mere bhai behen bhi to laut kar yahin aane hain...

Is ghar ko maa baap ne sincha hai
Ek nanha bhai bhi to yahi mila hai
Is ghar ko na chheeno
Kay yahi ek ek sapna buna hai..

Yeh ghar abhi na chheeno
Kay bhai isko puchega
Naukri par hi to gaya hai
Laut kr kya woh sochega..        

Bachpan ki yaadein yahan basti hai
Meri maa inse hi to hasti hai
Baap mera ek ek lamha dhundega
Yeh ghar hai hamara, na koi kagaz ki kashti hai

Woh carrom ki mehfil, woh chhoti baato pr jhagadna
Phir woh badmashiya, phir woh abbu ka daantna
Bhai ki shirt me thande paer dalna
Phir uska woh khoob chillana...
Ek dusre ki bado se shikayat lagana
To kabhi jhoot bol kr ghalti chhupana
Yeh sab bohot tadpayega
abhi yeh ghar na chheeno
Kay ghar bohot yaad ayega...

Thhoda thehar jao, ek lamha or guzar jayega..
Hum khud chale jayege, jab dil zara sambhal jayega               
Hamara ghar abhi na chheeno
Kay ghar bohot yaad ayega..

--Saba I Khan

Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2016

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Pretty Differences

Pretty Differences

I remember the night; I was talking to you all silly...
Never did I know, would fall for u so easily...
But you were someone so unique to me...
I couldn't hold on to myself but with u, to be...
Although I knew, between us...
It was the best of times; it is the worst of times,
It was the age of wisdom; it is the age of foolishness
It was the epoch of belief; it’s the epoch of incredulity
It was the season of light; it is the season of darkness
It was the spring of hope; it is the winter of despair
It was minute of togetherness; it is the ages of estrangement
We had everything before us; we have nothing forth us...
I was everything to you; I’m nothing for you...
In you, I had my world, now I don't have you...
I’m so lost still lost in you...

Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2013

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Baffle Life

'Baffle Life'

Like all others she was born too
Of no realization how life goes thru
Either to extant it or to understand it
With such bewilderness she grew

School, college, academy, institution
Were life's phases with no substitution
Never did she dare to commit an affair
To avert an ancillary clamorous attribution

Such a charismatic lassie she be grown to
Maneuver only to affirm that’s charmingly blue
Still with unsolved bewilderment of existence
In cloak erotically white, she bids bye as a shrew.


Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2013

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Love, I'm sorry

Love,  I'm Sorry...

Oh my love, I'm awfully sorry,
I wonder how could I be so silly
To not to inform you
If I have to be busy recently. ..

Im asking apology first
Im asking apology last
Honey, im asking apology for present
Im asking for it for the past

Im the stupid one, I let u down
Couldn't understand it makes u frown
You've been worrying all day long
Im sorry for being such a blond

If I could turn the clock back accordingly
I wouldn't hurt you so badly
I'd revert to you fast and at once
Which would make u happy more than tons
Im no perfect, I make many mistakes
But to be away from you, is what I can't take                              
Hurt me once hurt me twice  
But talk to me in ur way that's so nice

My thoughts for you are so many
As I want to make it up to you quickly         
Im now hoping fervently
For you to give me this opportunity
Pls accept my sincere apology 
For making u worried n so angry
I know it won't make me feel less guilty
Its just that I can't see you anymore unhappy       

Baby I promise to change things to normal
Pls forgive me instead any farewell
Im sorry if apology is not what u want
Still take it, else ur unhappiness will haunt

--Saba I Khan

Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2016

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Factualism Of Life

Factualism Of Life

The life we live
Is the life so erratic
To some, it's boundless beauty
But to rest, it's lethally traumatic

As blissful canopy, scorching sun, and tsunami waves 
Are some countless eternal bits that our life plays

Some cries, some laughter, some successes, some disaster
Collars off entirety, to some, bestows like petals of aster...

Witnesses some tales brimming with bemoaning tears
To a new land, a saline smile of a damsel that it shares...

Somewhere it’s an ocean full of angelic blessings
Somewhere life is spoken words of unsaid confessings.

Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2013

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Why me

   'Why me?'
-- S.I. Khan

None inquires the luscious solitary wandering moon
What amaze ‘em my dawdling in angelic maroon 

Enthralling weep they often do though camouflage
What vex ‘em my cold grief which they try to sabotage
I know, lust for true love is at gross
What bothers ‘em my casual dream as morose

World’s callous appetite for light is endless
What angst ‘em for my desire for darkness

My longing to amour him in this titillating life
What worries ‘em to have this warm soul no strife 

Charm of togetherness invaded their euphoric minds
What alarms ‘em if I desire solitude of it kinds

None inquires the luscious solitary wandering moon
What amaze ‘em my dawdling in angelic maroon


Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2013

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Dear Love

Dear love, 
The love I have for you will never die
I swear baby, this is no lie
I love you with all my heart
How do I hope we never part   

Dear love,
You're my reason to live
Anything for you, im ready to give
Hope for together forever
Wish you'd hurt me never

Dear Love,
You're the only one for me
This I hope you see   
I don't ever want to lose you
I hope you feel this way too

Dear Love,
You're perfect in every way
No matter what the world say
You've opened up my heart
You've given my life a new start

Dear Love,
You'd always be my cuddly teddy bear
I want you to realize how much do I care
Drenched in your love, im so much
Our love story makes the world so jealous

Dear Love,
I love you so much
You surely have a magical touch
You're a purest love diety in a shrine
Head to heels, you'll always be just mine.

--Saba I Khan

Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2016

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The lost soul

 The lost soul
-- S.I.Khan

Let him know, the slow besprinkling of my life
I was completely drenched with his love in rife...
His existence meant heavens to me
Let him know, I’ll be no more without him, to strife

It’s hard to pass lonely days in lights so dim
Even harder to spent nights lost in dreams of him
Calling out his name aloud or presenting him with a visit...
Are the days seems nowhere to return, yet alive in me..., tell him!

Still if he doesn't wanna be a part of me, in me...around me...
My lad let him know the grave I’m going thru, gruesome cries I make...
Tell him, I’m letting him win all the wins he couldn't take
And accepting defeat for him every face of life...
Let him know, I lost ...lost his life soul 
And I’m no more...

Copyright © saba Istifa | Year Posted 2013